10 Best Backpacking Tent 2019 (Great Dream at the Camp)

Trying to locate a comfortable and easy-to-carry tent for your next trip’s inventory? These backpacking tents will be more than perfect for that…

Tents are awesome in many ways, for their high-quality performance in difficult environments as well as for the incredible protection and comfort they offer when you go camping or on a similar outdoor activity. Yet, they can be really hard to carry and to travel with, especially when they are big or too bulky. But that’s for only a few of them, there are tents that can be easily carried anywhere at any time without any problem.

These tents are called backpacking tents, wonderfully designed tents that offer high-quality performance and protection without leaving behind the lightweight construction for a more convenient and easy carrying experience. Want to know where you can find some of these? Take a look further to find out…

10 Best Backpacking Tent Review 2019

BFULL Portable Folding Dome

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The designs that are best for backpacking are the lightweight ones, yet this tent not only offers that but an incredible portable construction with a double layer design. This means that the tent is not only easy to carry but incredibly resistant and durable. The materials are also well-ventilated, making it really cool and comfortable at all times.

Made of polyester 190T and a waterproof and moisture coating, the tent will last not only longer but resist all types of weather conditions without any problem. And of course, it comes with its own rain fly for even better protection when the weather gets rough.

  • Incredibly Resistant
  • Well-Made Comfortable Design
  • Really Comfortable and Easy-to-Carry

  • Fiberglass Poles Could be Better

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Toogh 3 Season Backpacking Tent

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You won’t have any problem with this tent, not only it offers a really easy-to-carry experience for whatever trip you need to make, it will also be resistant and protective at all times. The tent is made of high-quality 210T Oxford fabric for more resistance against all weather conditions; from the top to the bottom you will have a good-quality tent protecting you from the exterior conditions easily.

It is easy to assembly, weighs less than 6 pounds and comes with a wonderfully comfortable carrying bag that can be attached to your backpack easily. The tent, when assembled, is well-ventilated, mesh for protection against bugs, and really spacious despite being a 2-person tent. The zippers design and overall pole construction are resistant and durable too.


  • Spacious Design
  • Comfortable & Easy-to-Carry
  • Really Easy to Assembly

  • Not To Resistant Against Hard Winds

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Yodo Lightweight 2 Person Tent

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An incredibly cheap option for those on a low budget, the Yodo Lightweight 2-Person tent is really well-made entirely. With a polyester construction and waterproof coating, the tent lasts longer and resists all types of conditions, from hard sun rays to light rains. It is big enough to fit 2 people comfortably, offers a comfortable front door and thanks to a mesh design, it is well-ventilated too.

The lightweight construction is the thing that makes it a better option for this list, coming with its own carrying bag and a backpacking size to attach to any backpack without any problem. Additionally, the metal poles make it more resistant and sturdy.

  • Incredibly Cheap
  • Much More Comfortable and Efficient
  • Well-Made Resistant Polyester Construction

  • Less Durable Than Others

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Eureka! Solitaire

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A 1-person tent as it name says, this Solitaire design from Eureka! Is a long-lasting and incredibly high-quality model that will last for years thanks to a durable fiberglass frame and a lightweight design for easier portability. The tent comes with a nylon poles pockets for more stability, offers 3 storm flyes and can be easily used in many different ways without harming comfort or stability.

The design of the fabric is both well-ventilated and resistant. It comes with a mesh design to keep bugs out alongside an attached rain fly for better protection when needed. The Bivy Style makes it really good-looking and comfortable from one person, and if you want storage space, it comes with 2 additional spaces inside.

  • Comfortable and Convenient for 1 Person
  • Much Easier Portability
  • Wonderfully Resistant and Stable

  • A Little Space-Deficient

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Coleman Sundome 2

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The Sundome 2 is a tent that can be used for practically any type of condition, from the harsh sun to windy or rainy environments without any problems. However, what makes it a good backpacking tent is the great comfortable and utterly portable design and easy-to-build construction for 2 people.

Made of polyester and metal poles with a resistant frame, the Sundome from Coleman is a perfect addition to anyone’s camping adventures, offering a comfortable interior design, great protection, well-made durability and a perfect resistance to all types of conditions. Additionally, the tent is really stable in the windiest of conditions and offers great ventilation in the driest ones.

  • Durable & Resistant
  • Easy-to-Build & Convenient Design
  • Comfortable, Spacious and Efficient

  • A Little Heavier Than Most

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MSR Hubba Hubba NX

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The Hubba Hubba NX tent from MSR is a perfect choice for those loners or couples who want a lightweight, efficient, easy to build and still really durable and resistant choice for their camping or hiking trips. It is made of ripstop nylon with part nylon mesh, offering great protection and durability at the same time.

The tent doesn’t weigh more than just a little more than 3 pounds, making it easy to carry and convenient for hard and demanding hikes or trips. The tent offers the StayDry technology for a more effective waterproof feature, also comes with a ventilating rain fly and a really stable and durable pole system.

  • Incredibly Lightweight Design
  • Comfortable for Two People
  • Well-Ventilated and Effectively Protected

  • Can Create Condensation

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TETON Sports Mountain Ultra

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The Mountain Ultra from TETON Sports is a wonderfully made tent for those who look for a more conventional construction, a lightweight performance and still give the highest-quality durability and resistant out there. It is practically built to last longer and be much more resistant than the majority of backpacking tents out there.

The construction is lightweight, of course, but the 3-pole setup design makes it incredibly easy to build as well. Comes with its own rain fly and the micro mesh fabric makes it really protective and well-ventilated. The tent is made of Oxford canvas and reinforced frames for more stability and resistant.

  • Incredibly Resistant and Durable
  • Easy-to-Carry Lightweight Construction
  • More Convenient Design

  • A Little Expensive

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Kelty Grand Mesa 2

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Smaller than most tents yet incredibly space-efficient and wonderfully made to last longer and resist the harshest of conditions. The Grand Mesa 2 tent from Kelty is a well-made product in its entirety, offering a high-quality performance everywhere and being really effective for carrying and assembling.

Additionally, you are receiving and really stable frame and construction, with a functional and convenient design thanks to a 2-pole construction made of aluminum, a full-meshed body and resistant polyester built.

  • Resistant, Durable and Stable
  • Space-Efficient and Comfortable
  • Well-Made Entirely

  • Low-Quality Zippers

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Mountainsmith Morrison

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With a layout made to offer enough space to 2 people without any problem, the Mountainsmith Morrison tent for backpacking is incredibly effective, resistant, durable and wonderfully designed to be more comfortable as well. It is made of polyester, offers a great two-door and two-vestibule design and even comes with a bathtub floor additional feature.

It resists the windiest conditions as well as the hottest ones, offers great ventilation with an entirely meshed body and a great protection against hard rainy days thanks to a great additional rain fly. It is, easily, an option not to overlook.

  • Comfortable and Spacious Construction
  • Protective and Resistant
  • Convenient and Utterly Portable Construction

  • A Little Expensive

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ALPS Mountaineering Lynx

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ALPS Mountaineering offers some of the highest-quality products for outdoor activities, camping trips, and overall accessories for tent-oriented experiences – and with this Lynx 1-person tent, there’s no doubt they gave their best performance to provide one of the most wonderful products out there, both its lightweight construction and its durable and resistant design.

Mainly designed to be for 1 person, the aluminum poles and the polyester construction make it really stable and comfortable. The zippers are incredibly convenient and the mesh walls offer great ventilation as well as a great protection against almost all types of conditions. Additionally, the 2000mm floor makes it resistant and protective against the hardest of rains.

  • Wonderfully Made for More Resistant and Durability
  • Spacious Design Despite its Size
  • Incredibly Lightweight Solo Tent

  • Rain Fly Not Very Effective



All the fuss to choose a backpacking tent is to have a lightweight and easy-to-carry design so you can go wherever you want, even in the hardest of conditions, without having to lift extra weight or to be uncomfortable while doing it. That’s exactly what a good backpacking tent should offer, but not all of them are the same despite their main goal. This means that you will have to learn every important feature if you want to make a good choice, and that’s exactly what we want to show you here:

  • Weight

One of the most important features of a backpacking tent and maybe the one you must check before taking a look at anything else is the weight of the tent when packed. If you are planning to make a long hike, you will need a tent that doesn’t demand too much of your strength and endurance. Otherwise, a heavy tent can be much harder to hike with and sometimes even make it incredibly uncomfortable and deficient.

  • Size

Most backpacking tents tend to be for 2 or 4 person max. These tents are for sure smaller and much more space-effective. Also, they are made of lighter and often, less durable and resistant materials. This happens because bigger tents often need to be much more resistant, not only because they are big and more people may use it but because with a bigger size the need for resistance doubles – as a big size makes more pressure on the construction. A good backpacking tent shouldn’t be bigger than enough for 2 people, especially if you’re traveling alone.

  • Materials

If you thought about the weight and size, you may need to still check the materials of the tent. This feature will tell you how durable, resistant and stable can a tent be. Additionally, depending on the materials, the weight will change. The most common materials are polyester and nylon, while there are other materials which are mainly offered in the premium options like fabrics or mixes between fabric and nylon, normally much more resistant and durable than polyester.

  • Construction

The construction of a tent will also determine how space-effective it is, how easy-to-build it is and how lightweight it is as well. This mainly falls on the poles and frame, where the most common are the fiberglass poles, resistant and incredibly lightweight. Yet, the most effective and durable are the aluminum ones, especially the shortcode, which are normally better entirely for all types of users, offering more resistance against harder winds and much better stability too.

There are many other features you should check as well, like:

  • The shape of the tent will also have a big influence on how effective it is, there are domes, hubba hubba, Bivy style, pyramid and so on.
  • Doors tend to be less important, yet with a double-door construction, you have a more convenient and effective design than with just one.
  • Ventilation tends to be really important sometimes, especially in the hottest conditions. Look for mesh construction instead of totally protected ones.
  • Height and width are also important for weight and comfort. A 1-person shouldn’t be more than 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

But as you known, choosing a tent won’t be that hard of a job if you put yourself into learning every important feature of these wonderful outdoor products. Remember that the most important goal is to choose the one that will make your experience a lot more comfortable and joyful but at the same allowing yourself to know what you need and learning what tent offers exactly that.

You won’t choose the right tent by taking a look just at its price, make sure you know about each important feature and detail – then, the right tent for you will be easier to choose.

There are hundreds of different tents out there, but a good backpacking tent is not that easy to choose. Pick the right one by learning everything you need to know here.

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