10 Best Baitcasting Reel 2017

Going fishing and want the perfect gear to catch the biggest specimen out there? You may need a good reel, like the ones we are going to show you now…

Specially made to catch larger and bass fish, the baitcasting reels are a wonderful partner to bring to fish tournaments and the like. Yet, if your only goal is to catch the biggest fish out there because you want to feed the whole family, one of these will also be perfect.

But why exactly are these devices so good? Well, that’s exactly what we want to let you know. And even though it is important, knowing how to choose a good reel is even more important, as there are hundreds of options with different qualities and constructions.

If you want to catch a good bass today, consider the following guide before you purchase your next fishing gear…

10 Best Baitcasting Reel Review 2017

Fishdrops Ultra Smooth The Perfect Warrior

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If you are an occasional fisher, someone who fishes from time to time and not for a sport but just because you like the experience at certain times each year, the Fishdrops Ultra Smooth with a wonderful price but a great quality will be the perfect option for you. It does not only look really good, made of aluminum with a dual braking system, it also prevents backlash and helps you have a smoother experience thanks to a better 17 corrosion shielded ball bearings gear ratio.

It is lightweight, aerodynamic, easy-to-use and incredibly comfortable. Among casting reels, the Fishdrops is a great option if you are low on budget and don’t really need an overall superior reel.

  • Good-Looking and Comfortable
  • Great 17-ball Bearing Smooth Gear Ratio
  • High-quality construction for its price

  • Not as Resistant as Other Models

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Noeby Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

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If you are on low budget, there’s also another great option you can opt for and still receive a high-quality product for your fishing – the Noeby Low-Profile Baitcasting reel. This product is simply wonderful, both for its price and for its quality. Among the many types of reels there are, this one offers a stronger body, a great stainless steel handle, high-quality EVA knobs and 10 steel bearings, a magnetic braking system and a more durable brass gear.

So, if your goal is to catch a great big fish – there’s no doubt this device will help you easily. Additionally, it is incredibly smooth and will help you catch a fish as big as 5KG – just imagine how big that is.

  • Great Quality for the Price
  • Low-profile Smooth and Easy Use
  • Incredibly Affordable

  • Low-Quality Construction

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Piscifun Black

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Piscifun has always been a major brand when it comes to fishing. Now, with the Piscifun Black Baitcasting reel, it makes its way into the market wonderfully. This piece of fishing gear is one of the better-engineered and sturdier devices out there, both in great construction and design. It is made of graphite so it’s heavier yet a lot more resistant and often, easier to use.

This Piscifun Black is mostly designed to work with bigger and heavier lures and will for sure deliver a high performance, at medium speed. It has incredibly comfortable and high-quality EVA knobs, plus a gear ration of 13+1 ball bearings. If you want a good-quality device and can afford it for a medium price – this is your best option.

  • Great Construction and Design
  • Mainly Designed for Bigger Lures
  • Left-Handed People will Find It Really Good

  • It is Heavier and Sometimes Harder to Use

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Lew’s Fishing Tournament Baitcasting reel

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Lew’s high-quality construction and performance delivers what every professional fisher desires – smooth casting and a lightweight but stronger body. This baitcasting reel, as it name says, is perfect for those fishers who like tournaments and are constantly using it in competitions thanks to its reliability and perfect performance.

It is normally made of anodized steel and carbon fiber. It comes with custom knobs and a 10 bearing system. Yet, the product delivers incredible results when it comes to fishing bigger fishes, as its backlash is almost zero and the power is greater than most models for the same price. If you can afford it, the Lew’s can be a perfect decision.

  • Overall Pro-Quality Construction
  • Incredible Performance
  • Offers Excellent Results

  • Can Be A Little Harder to Use

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Piscifun Torrent

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Now we come again with the Piscifun great models. This one, the Piscifun Torrent is a great option as well, yet a little better than the previous model reviewed. First, it is important to mention that it is mainly designed to offer a left-handed bearing system. Yet, it is very lightweight and pretty easy to use. It is incredibly comfortable and offers pretty good and reliable casting system for better and easier catches.

This device comes with a 13 ball bearing gear ratio system, something that offers smoother performances. Comes with double EVA knobs and offers a great aluminum plus graphite construction that makes it last longer than many other options. Simply, you won’t regret it if you choose this one.

  • Smoother 11 Ball Gearing System
  • Incredibly Lightweight Graphite and Aluminum Construction
  • Awesome Rate of Line Control

  • Specially Designed for Experienced Users

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Shimano Curado I

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Shimano is one of the most sought after brands out there when it comes to fishing gear, and now with the Curado I baitcasting reel, it repeats this wonderful fame. Not only it is a high-quality product, but a reliable and totally performance-oriented device that will help you catch the biggest fish without any problem. It is smoother than many other options and will also offer a longer lifespan of use.

It comes with a wonderful Infinity braking system, a Super Free Spool, S-A-RB bearing, a great pinion gear called X-Ship for better anglers. Additionally, its price is a lot better. Even though it is not low-budget, it is still a great option, both for the quality of product and quality of performance, no doubt about how great it is.

  • Really Well-Made and Lightweight Device
  • Various Models Available Including Left-Handed Ones
  • Smoother and Incredibly Reliable

  • Only 12 Pounds of Drag

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Daiwa Tatula

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When it comes to baitcasting reels that offer many options, the Daiwa Tatula is really well-known for that. Offering 4 different models with gear ratios from 6.3 to 7.3 and 8.1 to 1  – the Daiwa Tatula is a great model for those who like to experience different models whether you like smoother, larger, harder or even left handed baitcasting reels.

What really makes it good is the aluminum construction, great for being strong and lightweight at the same time. The bearing is corrosion-resistant, comes with Magforce-X brakes, and a T-Wing Casting System for a smoother and more reliable casting performance. Also, this casting system is also incredibly helpful, as it reduces friction and makes the casting a lot easier.

  • Several Options to Choose From Including Left-Handed Ones
  • Powerful and Smooth Drag System
  • Great T-Wing Feature for Better Performance

  • Low-gear Options not Available

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Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile

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Now, when it comes to top-notch performers, Abu Garcia is always there. No doubt about the quality and great performance, this Revo SX Low Profile is an incredibly high-quality performance casting reel that will make your fishing a lot easier, comfortable and incredibly fun.

It is expensive, but the price is all translated to a C6 carbon side plates, lightweight overall components but stronger in every way. It is more comfortable and compact thanks to an ergonomic design. And it allows users to catch a 20 pounds fish without any problem. It has a 10 bearing gear ration and offers a smoother but more reliable drag system.

  • Extremely Strong and Lightweight Product
  • Stronger and Much More Reliable
  • Smoother and More Compact Design

  • Expensive and No Low-Gear Options Available

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KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting reel

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KastKing is not a second-hand brand in any way. And you can affirm that by looking at this wonderful and incredibly high-quality performer Rover Round Baitcasting reel. Not only it will help you catch up to 9 kg of bass thanks to a smoother drag, it also offers to maintain a steadier hold on the bass while also offering a comfortable and easier-to-cast design.

The overall construction is well-made from aircraft aluminum making it a lot more durable and incredibly lightweight. It is a 6-balls bearing system casting reel that offers a more consistent and overall smoother performance. Additionally, it is known for lasting longer than many other options thanks to a saltwater protection and corrosion quality.

  • Professional Quality for Better Performance and Durability
  • Smoother But More Consistent Casting Drag
  • Up to 9KG And even More Bass Capacity

  • Harder To Use Than Most

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Abu Garcia BMAX 3

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There’s no doubt which is the most recommended baitcasting reel out there. Not only it comes from a great brand but offers a more interesting and fun name than others. The BMAX 3, as it is mostly known, is a wonderful high-quality reel that offers an excellent performance thanks to a better dragging and braking system, plus a great price than even when the product is top-notch premium quality, it still seems very affordable.

As a low-profile baitcasting reel, the BMAX 3 is almost perfect. It offers a durable and reliable construction, as well as a smoother system and a lightweight but consistent performance for easier use. Simply, a great option for professionals and amateurs alike thanks to a professional quality construction.

  • Comfortable and Reliable Construction
  • Great for Both Professionals and Beginners
  • Incredibly Affordable for Its Quality

  • Only 18 Pounds Capacity with 5 Bearings


The process of buying a good casting reel is not something easy in any way. We know that is you’re a beginner, for example, a baitcasting reel may seem like something normal, yet, it is actually a higher quality and more performance-oriented type of reel than others. Additionally, they are made differently and offer a different type of use as well. This means that if you are going to buy one of these, make sure you know everything you need before finishing the purchase…

  • What is a Baitcasting reel?

A Baitcasting reel is a better performer when it comes to fishing reels, offering a more accurate and stronger cast that allows users to catch bigger fishes more easily. However, these types of reels need to be harder to use but more comfortable, not only because they are specially designed for harder catches, yet they are eventually more efficient when the user knows how to do get the best from them. They are mostly used by professionals and veterans of fishing.

  • Types

There are only two types of baitcasting reels, both offering great performance at the same time, yet they are used differently and for different purposes. The most famous is the high-profile baitcasting reel, a type of reel that offers a more reliable and stronger performance for bigger fishes. The low profile, on the other hand, tends to be smoother, easier to use and allows users to catch little fishes more easily. Yet, both can work to all types of fishes and uses and still be really useful.

  • Body

A good baitcasting reel body will be made of either graphite or aluminum. Graphite is mostly known for being heavier yet more resistant against salt water. Aluminum is more lightweight and stronger to catch bigger fishes. Yet, there are models which offer both materials at the same time, so they are for sure more resistant, durable and better performers due to lightweight and strength.

  • Ball Bearings

The more ball bearings the reel system has, the smoother and powerful the reel will be. Nowadays, you can find a lot of ball bearings in budget friendly models that offer a stronger and smoother performance. Yet, the best performers are those which come with 6 ball bearings or more and are made of stainless steel. This helps for stability and comfortability when using.

  • Gear Ratio

The gear ratio is translated into power, speed, and strength of the reel. The better the gear ratio, the easier it will be to catch bigger fishes. The most common gear ratio is 4:1, yet there are 9.1, 8.1 and more models for a better and stronger performance. But if you are not looking to catch bigger fish and only want to catch for fun, a low gear ration would be more than enough.

  • Handles

EVA handles, the most common type there are, are anti-reverse handles that help users to do a more comfortable use of the baitcasting reel without getting a reverse effect from the casting. This is extremely important on each product, especially if you are a beginner. The better this anti-reverse handles system is, the most reliable the reel is as well.

  • Drag System

A good drag system is a smooth drag system. There’s no other way to choose a good reel. A drag system should be easy to drag both out and back, making it easier to catch fishes and bringing them back without any problem. A drag system should just be smooth, with a tightness option to adjust how much drag you want depending on how big the fish you want to catch is.

Catching big fishes is incredibly easier with a baitcasting reel but not all baitcasting reels will offer the performance and quality you’re looking for. That’s why it is totally recommended to take a look at this guide and choose according to your needs, desires, and level of experience. Remember, not all baitcasting reels are the same – so choose wisely.

There won’t be better options for you out there. Choose your next baitcasting reel from this list and make sure you choose a high-quality product without any doubt.

Don’t let fishes go away with these baitcasting reels, take a look at the wonderful quality and performance they offer and choose the best product for your fishing activities now.

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