10 Best Beach Tent 2019 (Great Strong and Comfortable)

Getting frustrated for not finding a tent when going to the beach? You won’t have to worry anymore, now you can bring your own with one of these wonderful beach tents…

Yes, as simple as having you own, you will be able to avoid having to look for a tent in the perfect place on the beach, now you just need to assemble your own wherever you desire and that’s it. These wonderful products are helpful, convenient and really comfortable to use – improving your experience exponentially.

The only problem is that these tents are not always as good as they seem. Sometimes, they may not even be worth the money. That’s why you need to take a look at what the market offers, making sure you know which the ones you should be looking for are. Here you have everything you need to know:

10 Best Beach Tent Review 2019

TuTu Sun Shade Shelter Summer

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The Sun shade shelter from TuTu Outdoors will make a great addition to anyone’s beach gear without problems. It is pretty easy to assembly, really durable, resistant, looks good, offers great comfort and will maintain the interior cool enough even in the hardest sun. And it also comes with its own sandbags to add stability and balance to the tent.

When it comes to ventilation, it is also very well-made, with two windows on each side and great design. It offers additional storage pockets, great polyethylene floor, and polyurethane construction. And thanks to the 210T polyester fabric, the tent is both breathable and waterproof.

  • Well-Made Design
  • Resistant and Durable Construction
  • Great Comfort and Balance

  • Not as Spacious as it Seems

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BATTOP Pop Up Beach Shelter

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A smaller yet incredibly comfortable option for those who are on a short budget, the BATTOP is not only really affordable but high quality despite its price. You will be able to fit alongside two other people without any problem, it will maintain the interior cool enough with a great ventilation and will allow you to use it for long times thanks to a great construction, durable frame, strong design and wonderful long-lasting fabric.

It comes with its own carrying bag for more portability, helps you make an easy assembly and will offer enough comfort to make it incredibly good for many different uses, from the beach to lake or whatever.

  • Incredible Price
  • Well-Made Long-Lasting Construction
  • Comfortable and Easy to Assembly

  • Fabric Is Not Too Reliable

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AUGYMER UV Pop Up Sun Shelter

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Made of 190T polyester, this wonderful tent is great both for sun protection and waterproof, offering an increased performance for all types of weathers, no matter where you are. However, it performs a lot better in sun-rich environments, as it is specially designed to resist the hardest of sun rays without problems.

The tent is real to carry as well, it comes with its own carrying bag and offers an easy-to-assemble experience. And of course, it is spacious and comfortable, especially for kids. It comes with mesh windows and 2 internal pockets for additional storage.

  • Really Convenient Construction
  • Highly Resistant from UV Rays
  • Comfortable Despite its Size

  • Smaller Than Most

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Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Canopy Tent

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Want a bigger, longer, taller and much more comfortable option in its entirety? The Lightspeed Canopy tent is the perfect choice for you without any doubt. It is not only more spacious and comfortable; it is also incredibly resistant and durable. It will maintain the interior much fresher and cooler thanks to an open design yet it is protective enough against the forces of nature.

The tent is really easy to build, the construction is really durable and strong, and despite its quality – the tent is really lightweight and easy to carry. Additionally, the polyethylene floor and the polyurethane fabric on the design make it one of the most recommended in the market, easily.

  • Much More Quality-Oriented
  • Durable and Resistant Design
  • Comfortable and Incredibly Spacious

  • Not Too Resistant Against Rain

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Texsport Calypso Canopy Shelter

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The canopy model is always more comfortable than any other type of tent, it offers a lot of space to store your items, put any type of seat and even fit yourself a nice bed if you desire without a problem. However, this design offers a lot more, with an increase UV protection thanks to the great polyurethane construction, and a wonderful cool feeling with great ventilation in its design.

This option is a little smaller than others, yet it is spacious enough to fit 3 people without a problem. The building system is easy, comes with its own high-quality frame and fiberglass poles. It is easy to carry with its bag and offers sand bags for more stability.

  • Offers a Great Easy-to-Install Construction
  • Durable and Quality-Oriented
  • Spacious and Convenient Design

  • Fabric Is Not Too Resistant Against Water

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Coleman DayTripper

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Coleman always makes some of the highest-quality products for outdoor activities, and there’s no doubt that when it comes to tents, especially the ones that are specifically designed for a fixed purpose – they also offer great products. This one, for example, is a perfect product that will make anyone have the best experience at the beach, both for its quality, the perfect comfort, a really good design and durability in all its versions.

The shade that is created by this DayTripper tent for the beach is really good, offers decent comfort and it is really convenient as well. It is easy to assemble and will not make any impact in your pocket either. Simply, this is one of the first options to take into consideration without a doubt.

  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • More Durable, Resistant and Overall Reliability
  • Really Good Price for Its Awesome Quality

  • Less Ventilation Makes It Hotter Inside

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CORE Instant Cabin Tent

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Even though it is not marketed as a beach tent or the like, it will work tremendously good for this type of use without a problem. This 9-person tent is mainly designed for camping, yet you can use it at the beach thanks to a really spacious, comfortable, utterly ventilated and a great sun protected roof.

It is almost like a house on the beach, it is waterproof, offers a great easy-to-clean design for the beach and despite being bigger and larger than others – it is pretty easy to install. Additionally, it comes with a convenient rain fly and an electrical cord access so you can fit anything from an AC to an electrical kitchen or a lamp inside without a problem.

  • Easy To Assemble Despite its Size
  • Great Sun Protection and Ventilation
  • Really Big, Spacious and Comfortable

  • More Expensive Than Most

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Otentik SunShade

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For those who want a more effective yet easy to assembly item, the Otentik SunShade is perfect for that. You won’t have to spend more than just a few minutes installing it, as it is a simple fabric with two front tubes for stability and sand bags to maintain it in its place. It is cool as it doesn’t restrict air in any way, sun-protective with a big shade creation and incredibly comfortable as it doesn’t restrict space either.

It will last longer than any other too, as its design is more breathable, sand-repellant and wind resistant. It will also stay less humid and offers a great water repellant option too. Easily, this is the choice for anyone who wants more practicality.

  • Much More Comfortable and Convenient
  • Wonderfully Easy to Assembly
  • Lightweight and Really Easy-to-Carry

  • Less Protective Against Rain or Wind

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Sport-Brella Sun Umbrella.

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An 8-feet canopy made of 210D polyester that offers great durability, resistant and comfort – the Sport-Brella Sun Umbrella for the beach is also good-looking and makes a great addition to any person’s items thanks to an efficient design for a great price. It also offers great sun protection and it is big enough to help you keep your items protected at all times, from the sand, wind or even rain.

The construction is also greatly resistant, with steel ribs and a steel stretcher for a stronger design. It is really easy to carry, easy to install, will maintain the interior well-ventilated and will offer much more comfort than any other out there.

  • Durable, Resistant, Reliable and Protective
  • Good-Looking and Effective Design
  • Greatly Comfortable and Spacious

  • Not Recommended for Extreme Windy Conditions

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Pacific Breeze Deluxe XL

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A perfect product for the most demanding buyers, the Pacific Breeze Deluxe Tent will make a perfect choice without any doubt. It is everything you could expect from a great-quality product: easy-to-install design, comfortable construction, spacious and efficient, resistant, durable and incredibly well-made in its entirety – anyone will find the perfect choice with this one.

With a polyethylene floor and a polyurethane fabric construction, as well as a great lightweight frame and fiberglass design, the entire tent will get anyone to feel completely satisfied by the great experience it offers. Additionally, it comes with its own carrying case and 5 sand pockets for more storage space. Easily, you will find the perfect choice with this one – consider it before any other.

  • Incredible Quality
  • Much More Resistant And Durable Than Others
  • Wonderful Good-Looking and Efficient Design

  • A Little Unstable



Not every beach tent is perfect for your adventures. This means that you will have to learn about the many options out there, but most importantly, the many different features you need to learn about tents before making your choice. Here’s everything you need to know before buying:

  • Materials

Tents are made of plastic, polyethylene, polyurethane or nylon. That’s the most common and almost only materials used for the construction of tents. Yet, it all depends on the type of construction before the materials. Polyurethane tends to be much more resistant to UV rays, for example, but it is also a little heavier and harder to build and manage than nylon. Polyethylene, on the other hand, offers better floor construction and much more durable pockets and the like. But as said before, without the proper construction, fiberglass poles and good attaches won’t make the tent good no matter how resistant the materials are.

  •  Types

The most common types of beach tents are these:

  • Canopy: These are the most common type for beaches, offering great comfort and a big door for more convenient use in sandy environments.
  • Shade: These are the ones that are composed of a pole and a big piece of polyurethane or nylon fabric that is piece together by sandbags. Gets its name by the shade it leaves in the sand.
  • Tent: Normal tents are not so common for beaches, yet there are some models that are effective and efficient to use in these environments.
  • Umbrella: This type of tent looks like a canopy yet it commonly has no floor and it is much more resistant, balanced and easy to use than canopy models.

If you want more comfort, go for canopy or umbrella models. If you, on the other hand, need a much more resistant model against the wind, you will make the better choice with a normal tent. If you need more space and less protective but incredible comfort – the shade option will be perfect.

  • Size

The size for beach tents tends to be for 2 or 3 people normally. Most of these tents do not offer much space, just enough to protect against the sun and maintain your items away from the sand. However, there are some options that may even offer enough space for up to 10 people, especially the canopy and shade models. Normally, the biggest ones tend to be much more expensive and harder to install, so it is all about what you need in this case.

Choosing the right beach tent for your next travel won’t be a problem with this guide. Just remember that it is important to learn about each of your options as much as you can, this way you will make the best choice without having to rely on other’s reviews or unimportant features. As soon as you learn enough – the perfect tent is just a click away from you.

Learn everything you can about tents, decide what exactly you’re looking for, and make your choice according to that. You won’t make a mistake if you learn and choose accordingly.

Come and see which beach tents you can choose to increase your chances of having a better beach experience.

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