10 Best Bug Out Bag 2017

Going in a really long and demanding hiking trip? You won’t believe how useful a bug-out bag can be throughout the whole experience, come and see why…

When going on long and challenging trips in the wilderness, it is always necessary to go with a backup for everything – from food to medical supplies so you can make sure nothing is missing, especially in cases when they are most needed. That’s what a good bug-out bag does, helping people when needed, so they can survive even in the hardest of environments without a problem.

But these bags are not always that useful, so it is necessary to check some of them, why do they offer what they offer and how you can use them more efficiently in pro of a more comfortable wild experience. Here’s every important option you should consider and more!

10 Best Bug Out Bag Review 2017

Sustain Supply Co. 72-Hour Preparedness Supplies

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Most survival bags are to offer supplies for a day or two, this one can last up to 72 hours or even more if efficiently managed. But what really makes it good is that it can sustain 4 people without any problem. It comes with everything needed for an emergency or any trip – comes with water, SnapLights, food servings, flashlights, blankets, bath wipes, a stove, bowls, utensils, a MorakKnive knife, a ferrocerium, a first aid kit, tinder, and whistles.

Wherever you are, wherever you go, whatever it is you are trying to do – this 4-people bug-out bag is a perfect survival choice without any doubt. If you want to be comfortable and prepared for stressful situations in the wilderness – this is an excellent choice.

  • Efficient 4-Person Items
  • Really Useful Pack of Fire Tools
  • Good-Looking Backpack

  • Really Expensive

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Tactical 365 Operation First Response

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Want a complete survival experience? The Tactical 365 First Response bug-out bag at Stage 3 level of usefulness can be a great addition to your survival items. It will help you in almost every way possible, as it features food, water rations, first aid kit, a knife, latex gloves, ponchos, work gloves, a cell-phone charger, paracord knife, tissues, hair comb and even a deck of poker style playing cards to have fun.

This is a really full backpack with every important item you could need in the most demanding emergency situations. And the pack itself is pretty resistant, durable and well-made to fit everything it comes with and more.

  • Really Useful and Long-Lasting
  • Useful for All Types of Situations
  • Substantially Durable Backpack

  • Expensive for Only 2 People

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Perfect Survival Kit Earthquake

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Not exactly a bug-out bag, but a beneficial and extremely convenient option for those who are not interested in an all-in-one backpack but only in a really useful first aid kit with food. You can practically survive everywhere with this kit, and will never find it difficult to carry or to use it, as it comes in a really travel-efficient mini bag.

The entire kit comes with food bars, a flashlight, light sticks, a whistle, a blanket, a poncho, a firestarter, a tissue pack and much more. Easily one of the most recommended options out there, especially for its really compact design.

  • Compact and Travel-Efficient
  • Last Up to 3 Days Despite its Size
  • Incredibly Affordable

  • Only Available for Individuals

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Food Insurance Bug-Out Bag

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Food Insurance makes this bug-out to be much more oriented to offer a food-efficient experience. It comes with everything a person could need in the wilderness when it comes to food. It features granola, rice & chicken, lasagna, and oatmeal for the fiber, the carbohydrates, the sugar, and the protein for a more complete package. It also offers a 4 liter water bottle and a coffee cup.

You can do whatever you want with this bag, as it will make sure you have everything you need for your nutrition if you ever get lost or get in an emergency. Are you feeling like going on a trip into the wildest environments? This backpack won’t let you suffer.

  • Lasts Up to 2 Weeks
  • Really Efficient Water Bottle
  • Completely Resistant Backpack

  • Only Features Food

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First My Family Premium Survival

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For 4 people, this bag would last 3 days without any problem, but if you are doing it with less – it may last up to a week or even more. This whole premium survival backpack comes with everything, from 2400-calories food rations to emergency water packs. It also comes with a handy first aid kit, a LED flashlight, glowsticks, ponchos, body warmers, a whistle, a compass, flint and firestarter, face masks, knife, and the sports backpack that offers a really compelling performance.

The perfect kit for any survival adventure, and the most efficient ones for those who are oriented for a more quality experience – this is that and much more.

  • Fantastic Complete Kit
  • Two Backpacks For Increased Convenience
  • Highly Effective Compass

  • Bags Are Unreliable

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Prepper’s Favorite Get Home Bag

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If you are looking for a more comfortable experience with your bug-out, this one is a perfect choice. You get almost everything you could need, from food with all the nutrients and vitamins required in the wild, to the most efficient anti-dehydration system available for survival hikers.

The kit also features 300 lumens flashlights, fire starting tools, tinder, sleeping bags, a first aid kit, and much more for increased convenience. Additionally, the backpack is really comfortable to use, as said before, making it a fantastic choice for those who don’t only want practicality for easier and a more efficient use.

  • Long-Lasting and Complete Survival Kit
  • Perfect for 1 Person
  • Really Cool Backpack

  • Backpack May Feel Too Small

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SurvivalKitsOnline Survival Kit Deluxe

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48 pouches of water, 12 packs of 200-calories food, a 2.5-gallon water bag, 5 emergency candles, purification tablets for water, multifunctional mini can-opener, full bathroom items, and a stove with fuel tables – plus a lot more. This bug-out bag is an incredible choice for anyone who wants to survive in an emergency or just want to have a great experience in the wild.

With the additional survival tools like the knife, light sticks, USB charger, sleeping bags and body warmers, you won’t have to thrive so much – you just need to open the bag and will have everything you need. The backpack is bigger than most.

  • Larger and More Spacious Backpack
  • Complete and Well-Made Survival Kit
  • Lasts More than 72 Hours for 4

  • Low-Quality First Aid Kit

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Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bag

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Designed for urban situations, it is still a pretty efficient and useful bag for natural environments. All the items are made in the US, from the food and water to the first aid and other miscellaneous tools. What really makes it good is the price, despite having really high-quality products like the duct tape, the multi-purpose knife, the flashlight and all the bathroom items.

What’s better, it comes with a weather protection kit for increased convenience, making special consideration for the tube tent. If you get lost, you won’t have to worry for a few days – about anything.

  • High-Quality Items Despite the Price
  • Spacious and Comfortable Multi-Pocketed Backpack
  • Truly Effective First Aid Kit

  • Only Works for 1 or 2 People

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Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack

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Marketed as a food survival bag, this one also offers many other additional items that can be really handy even in the hardest situations. The backpack is one of the most recommended out there, but the entire kit with a poncho, a whistle, the first aid kit, and the playing cards, can be an excellent choice.

It is mostly food-oriented, with 32 different food servings that can last more than a week for 1 person and up to 5 days for 2. It features milk, pasta, cinnamon cereal, tortillas, and the incredibly useful beans & rice. You may need something to cut wood, but you won’t get out of food at any time.

  • Complete Food Bug-Out Bag
  • Cool-Looking and Durable Backpack
  • Greatly Effective First Aid Kit

  • Lack of Multifunctional Tools

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Ready America Deluxe Emergency Kit

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Even though it looks more like an emergency kit, it can be easily used a bug-out bag for those who love to go into the wilderness in search of adrenaline-filled experiences. The entire kit costs less than any other in the market, yet the backpack is really durable despite its simple looks. And the whole kit comes really handy even in the hardest of survival situations in the wild.

This kit comes with everything you could need, especially if you are going alone. It can offer 72 hours for 4 people and more than a 1 week for one. The backpack comes with food, water, duct tape, multi-function tools, and a really excellent hand-crank power station that offers power no matter where you are.

  • Extremely Convenient Hand-Crank Power Station
  • Incredible Sustainability for 1 Person
  • Durable and Resistant Backpack

  • Everything Doesn’t Fit in the Backpack



Bug-out bags are those bags that come with everything you could need for a survival experience. Most of them are spacious, big and resistant to be used anywhere at any time. And what really matters, however, is the type of items it comes with. Here we will tell you how to choose a bug-out according to your needs, and make sure you also have a good backpack as well.

  • Types

There are four main types of backpacks for survival. The food bags are mostly oriented to offer more food than other functional items so they can provide the perfect nutrition and hydration in hard situations. Then there are the first aid bags, which are not too oriented to come with food but with medical and other additional items that come really handy in demanding situations, especially when injuries or sickness arise.

There are other bags which are more function-oriented and don’t come with many medical and food supplies. These often offer other items like knives, duct tapes, fire starting items, and so on. For a more handy experience, choose one of these.

However, some bags come with everything you could need. From food to water, first aid kits, functional tools and much more. These are kind of cool but are often much more expensive, so it is all up to you.

  • Backpacks

The interior of the bags matter, but the exterior is really significant as well. Most of these options do not offer a great bag to carry things, but the good ones may come with really cool designs, useful items, and durable and resistant bags to enjoy. These are really handy in most situations and can pretty much be used everywhere without any problem.

You should always go for those who are more spacious and that offer better durability. Try to make sure it looks useful and comfortable as well.

  • Quantity

The number of items the bags come with is really important at all times. Make sure a bug-out bag can offer at least 72-hours survival for one person without a problem. Anything less than that won’t be too good unless it is a purely functional-tools-filled bag. Otherwise, you would need the essential, like at least 10 packs of food, 10 liters of water, a flashlight, fire starting tools, and a knife.

Here are a few additional tips to help you choose the right one:

  • Most bug-out bags don’t offer a superior-quality backpack. Unless you want a pack without any type of kit.
  • Food supplies from these kits can last up to 3 months and even more. Some may last up to 2 years. Choose bags with durable food.
  • Take into account first aid kits. These are often really useful, especially when you go with other people. Injuries are not a thing to dismiss.
  • Most people choose kits with functional and first aid kits. Food is selected by them. This is really convenient, especially if you don’t like processed food.

Overall, choosing a good bug-out bag can be tough work. People may find it difficult when it comes to choosing what they really need, and that’s always something that takes time. So, take yours, choose with common sense and don’t let any survival situation win over your instincts.

Survival adventures tend to be wonderful experiences – and even better when you are totally prepared with a good bag like one of these…

Want to get the highest-quality bug-out bags out there? Here you have a pretty good list with additional advice on how to choose the right one. Check out and see for yourself!

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