10 Best Bushcraft Knife 2017

Want to have the most useful tool for your outdoor activities? A bushcraft knife can be the perfect help for any of your trips and sometimes much more than that…

With one of these wonderful knives you can do practically anything you want, from chopping wood to cutting your food and even starting a fire without a problem – they’re made to offer the most practicality when it comes to outdoor knives, and that makes them a really useful tool for any activity. Yet, bushcraft knives are don’t always offer the same quality, design, model or performance, so it is important to know which one is the one for you.

In order to find out, you need to learn more about them, and the only way to do that is by taking a look at some of the highest-quality bushcraft blades in the market as well as a good guide on how to choose correctly. Here’s everything you need to know and much more:

10 Best Bushcraft Knife Review 2017

Schrade SCHF36 Frontier Knife

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A little larger than a conventional bushcraft, this SCHF36 Frontier knife is not exactly what everyone looks for, yet it can deliver a high-quality performance without a problem. It is made of High-carbon steel with a drop point blade with a powder coating and finger choil. The blade delivers a superb cutting, working perfectly with the wonderful TPE handle that offers impressive grip thanks to the Spine Jimping and Lanyard hole.

The blade is 13 cm long, the handle is 13.5 cm, and the whole knife is almost 27 cm long, and it weighs almost one pound. This wonderful knife comes with its own sheath made of black polyester and a Ferro rod for fires and a sharpening stone for better blades.

  • Really Good Price for its Quality
  • Wonderfully Effective Steel Blade
  • Grip-Oriented TPE Handle

  • Longer Than Most

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Hoffman Richter Wolf Knife

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This fixed knife with a titanium coating on the sharp steel blade is a powerful and really good-looking choice for those who want both a great performance and make sure they look cool enough. The 440C steel makes it durable, resistant and incredibly sharp to cut practically anything. It is totally unbreakable, with a 5.5mm thickness. The blade is 4.5-inches long and the handle is 5 inches long for a total of 9.5-inches long knife made of steel entirely.

The knife comes with a cord tie that supports up to 300 lbs. easily, as well as a glass breaker for those emergency situations. It comes with its own sheath and holder. It will make a wonderful addition to any camper’s items and works perfectly both as a survival or bushcraft knife.

  • Durable and Reliable Steel Construction
  • Really Sharp 440C Steel Design
  • Indestructible 5.5mm Thickness

  • Unreliable Handle

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Buck Knives SELKIRK

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The Selkirk survival knife from Buck Knives is not exactly a Bushcraft, yet it can work easily as that, as it is exactly made as a bushcraft and can be used the same way without a problem. It is made of 420HC steel with a 9.5-inches length, good enough to be used for practically any type of knife activity.

The Micarta Handle makes it totally secure and grip-oriented; you won’t have any problem with it, being safer and much more comfortable when using it. It comes with its own fire starter to add more convenience and with its own carrying nylon sheath for easier portability.

  • Incredibly Performance-Oriented Knife
  • Much Easier to Use and Comfortable to Use
  • Looks Really Good and Offers Great Portability

  • Not as Sharp As Expected

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Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel

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Morakniv always makes some of the highest-quality products when it comes to knives and the line, and with this bushcraft, there’s no doubt they repeated a wonderful job. With a 3.2mm thick blade made of carbon steel and a black anti-corrosive coating, you can be assured it will offer a great performance at all times.

The blade is 4.3-inches long, with a 4.8-inches handle made of grip-oriented TPE rubber with a high-friction performance for a safer and much more effective use. The knife comes with its own plastic sheath and a diamond sharpener, and of course, it will also offer a fire starter for those who need to start a fire.

  • Really Convenient Design
  • Sharp and Great Performance
  • Grip-Oriented TPE Rubber Handle

  • Sheath Is Not Too Reliable

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Condor Bushlore CTK232-4.3HC

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This Bushlore knife from Condor is a perfect illustration of what a good knife should be, with a blasted satin blade finish that cuts everything without a problem, a walnut handle to add a classical look yet incredibly effective performance and a wonderful 100% leather sheath to have wonderful portability at all times.

If you are looking for a fine quality, this one is exactly what you need. It offers great performance and a really good-looking design, with a 10-inches length in its entirety, a 5.5-inches handle and a 4.5-inches long blade that will go through everything except metal.

  • Wonderful Quality Entirely
  • Looks Good and Offers Great Performance
  • Really Convenient and Comfortable Leather Sheath

  • A Little Uncomfortable to Use

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Columbia River KHunt’N Fisch

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A lightweight steel construction for superb performance and a G10 (Micarta with Carbon Fiber) Handle with a multi-colored design, the Columbia River KHunt’N Fisch knife is a perfect choice for anyone who loves great effectiveness and looks. The leather sheath increases its portability while also making it look a lot better when not using.

The knife is 7.25-inches long, with 3-inches blade and a 4.25-inches handle that offers superior grip thanks to the Friction Grooves it comes with. Easily, this knife can be the perfect knife for any outdoor enthusiast, as it will deliver the performance everyone’s looking for.

  • Really Good-Looking and Effective Design
  • Grip-Oriented G10 Handle
  • Incredibly Lightweight Construction

  • Unpractical Sheath

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TOPS Knives B.O.B. Brothers Fieldcraft Knife

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With a 10-inches length construction and a Tan Canvas Micarta handle, this knife can perform superbly wherever you want to use it, offering not only a good performance but a really good-looking design as well, especially when you use it alongside the Black Kydex sheath. The blade is 4.5-inches long and the handle is 5.5-inches, making it long enough to any type of activity.

The 3.6mm millimeters thickness of the blade makes it practically indestructible and will last longer than any other as well. The handle offers a Thumb Scallops design for superior grip and comfort. Simply, you will get great performance, looks and the highest-quality you can expect without a doubt.

  • Totally Reliable Construction
  • Superior Micarta Handle
  • Really Good-Looking Design

  • Sheath Is a Little Uncomfortable

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Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion

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Offering superior performance, great looks and an incredibly reliable construction, the full-tang heavy duty BK2 Campanion is simply perfect for any outdoor activity. This knife will make the perfect companion for any camping trip, as it can cut practically anything without a problem and work for any type of use without having to push it.

The knife comes with its own sheath made of black nylon. The blade of this knife is made of 1095 cro-van steel, the handle is made from Grivory for more comfort and grip, and it easily offers the perfect dimensions for a more durable and effective performance.

  • Perfectly Useful for Any Shore
  • Much More Reliable Construction
  • Superior Cro-Van Steel Blade and Grivory Handle

  • Blade is Not as Sharp as Expected

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CDS-Survival MOVA-58

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A really beautiful knife can also be incredibly effective, exactly like this MOVA-58 knife from CDS-Survival, the perfect addition to anyone’s camping items. It will deliver the perfect performance everyone expects from a good knife thanks to the stainless steel molybdenum and vanadium construction, as well as offering incredible reliability thanks to the 4.15mm thick blade.

The entire knife is almost 11-inches long but offers an incredible 5.70-inches blade for superior performance, especially for demanding activities. The 5.10-inches handle is really good as well, with Cocobolo construction for better grip and comfort. And of course, it comes with a really good leather sheath and convenient sharpener stone and firestarter.

  • Incredibly Sharp and Reliable Stainless Steel Blade
  • Really Long and Effective Design
  • Superior Quality and Beautiful Cocobolo Handle

  • A Little Expensive

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Benchmade Bushcrafter 162

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For those who just want to get professional performance, reliability and make sure their knife will help them in their camping shores for decades – the Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 knife is the perfect choice without a doubt. This one, with 4.40-inches long and a drop-point style blade, will offer exactly what you’re looking for and much more.

The knife is totally lightweight as well, thanks to the premium stainless steel construction with corrosion resistant, superb quality, and well-balanced design. The G10 handle with help you be safer and much more comfortable when using it, and of course, it comes with its own sheath made of Kydex to protect the edge against any wrong use.

  • Much Better Quality than Any Other
  • Perfect Performance-Oriented Design
  • Superior Reliable Construction

  • Really Expensive



A good bushcraft knife should be good enough to be cut easy things like food and cords, but at the same time, it should be tough enough to cut wood and the like. Additionally, it should be comfortable enough, grip-oriented to avoid injuries and easy to use with the perfect dimensions. For this, it is important to consider certain aspects before buying, like these:

  • Dimensions

The dimensions of a bushcraft knife will tell you if it is comfortable to use, effective for different activities or whether it is easy to carry, lightweight or too long. For length, anything longer than 10 inches can feel too long and sometimes uncomfortable, unless it is made with a lightweight construction. For thickness, it shouldn’t go below 3mm or more than 5mm, a 4mm blade should be perfect. Lastly, it is always important for the handle to be larger than the blade, at least a 55% of the entire blade length for a more secure and reliable performance.

  • Handle

Really important to consider, the handle construction tells you how easy-to-use, comfortable and grip-oriented the knife is. It all comes down to the design and the material used, where wood-like materials like Cocobolo are the most comfortable and easy to use, and plastic materials like TPE or rubber are often the most reliable. There are also other materials like Micarta which is made of Resin and offers great performance, and Carbon Fiber which is often comfortable and easier to handle. Grivory and G10 handles are often really good as well but more expensive. Yet, the design is what tells you how effective the handle is, where it is always important to look for comfort and more grip than anything else.

  • Blade

Blades need to be at least 40% of the entire knife construction, and they should be made of nothing less reliable than stainless steel. The blades are often powder coated, with different levels of steel and often mixed with incredible materials like Vanadium or Titanium which increase the sharpness and reliability of the blade. A good bushcraft knife should offer a full-tang and fixed blade, and come with a drop-point or pointed design for superior performance.

  • Additional Features

Most bushcraft knives don’t offer many additional features, yet the majorities come with a sheath, a firestarter, and even a sharpener. These are really useful most of the time, offer great convenience and can help you in difficult situations. Most knives also offer a hole so you can attach a cord for more security and reliability, while others will offer an incredible design that looks just beautiful. These features won’t make the knife more effective but they can make it a lot more desirable.

So, do you need to buy a good bushcraft knife for your next camping adventure? You may find the perfect option here, especially if you consider each one of our recommendations and take good consideration of each important feature about them. Take a good look, consider with patience and let yourself enjoy from a perfect knife for your next outdoor activity.

Choose the perfect knife that offers the most beautiful design, better reliability and incredible performance by following our advice – you won’t believe how useful it can be.

Looking for a perfect camping companion? Don’t look anymore, here you have the right options for any outdoor activity you can image – check out each one of them now!

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