10 Best Camping Tent 2017

Would you like to go camping and have the most interesting time of your life? It may all fall down to the type of tent you choose. That’s why we are going to show you everything you need to know about camping tents and more…

Tents for camping are one of the most useful, if not the most important item we need to bring with us every time we go camping. This item will maintain us away from the dangers of nature while being in the environment at the same time. It’s like a little house we can bring with us everywhere we go that also works as a way of connecting us more to the environment as well. A camping tent can be our best friend too.

But choosing a tent that offers efficiency, reliability and a good experience falls entirely on what you know about them. So take a look further into this article and find out everything you need to know and more…

10 Best Camping Tent Review 2017

theNORTHblu 2 people Pop Up Tent

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A Pop-up tent that is ready-to-use as soon as you get it out of its packaging. It can be easily folded and built up without the use of annoying clippers or poles, you just need to unfold it and get it to its form and that’s it. And the quality is really good as well, with a 190T polyester fabric that makes it incredibly resistant and durable as well.

On the other hand, this incredible tend offers great ventilation with 3 different holes that make it really comfortable and totally well-made. It comes with a carrying bag as well so you can carry it wherever you go without any worries.

  • Great Price
  • Really Resistant and Reliable
  • Comfortable and Well-Made

  • Needs To Be Taken Care Of Occasionally

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Ozark Trail 12-Person 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent

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This 12-person camping tent is a wonderful option for those who need a big and easy-to-set-up option for their travels. It is incredibly resistant, spacious and so comfortable that goes beyond what you can think of. It is an instant tent you just simply need to get it out of its packaging and thanks to built-in poles then you just give it the form you want and that’s it.

It is incredibly large and high enough to support a medium-height person to stand without any problem. At least 10 people can use it up to 13 or 14 easily. And if you have an air conditioner or any other additional device to use it with – this tent will be more than helpful.

  • Incredibly Spacious for 12 People
  • Easy To Set Up Built-in Poles
  • Really Comfortable and Travel-Efficient

  • Not As Reliable

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G4Free Large Pop Up Tent

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A Large pop-up tent that allows up to 4 people inside, the G4 Free is a large option for those who need comfortability and reliability at the same time. It is made of K-Oxford fabric that offers a water resistant feature. The poles are built-in and made of the highest-quality fiberglass out there. They are easily folded up and with the hook stakes, you won’t have to invest too much effort in setting it up.

Additionally, it offers 2 D-doors and two windows for air entrance. It offers double reliable zippers and overall comfortable design. It is lightweight and offers good carry options due to an additional carrying bag.

  • Wonderfully Comfortable and Spacious
  • Easy To Set Up and Easy to carry
  • Really Well-Made and Reliable

  • May Feel A Little Overpriced

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Yodo Lightweight 2 Person Camping Tent

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If on the other hand, you are looking for a smaller option for 1 or 2 people, the Yodo Lightweight is a great option for you. It is simply travel-efficient, greatly reliable, travel efficient and made of the best materials like glass-fiber poles, metal stakes, and durable waterproof polyester with PU coating.

It is mainly recommended to use for hiking and backpacking due to being really lightweight and easy-to-carry. It offers a great and comfortable carry bag that makes it really easy to bring it with wherever you go. You will also enjoy a 2-way zippered window for air ventilation and mosquito mesh.

  • Reliable Materials and Construction
  • Really Lightweight and Easy to Carry
  • Recommended for Backpackaging

  • Recommended For Only 1 Person

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Wenzel Alpine Tent – 3 Person

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Wenzel is a brand that has always offered its clients quality, reliability, efficiency and overall great performances. And that’s exactly what the Alpine 3-person tent offers and much more. With this tent, you will be able to travel wherever you want without worrying about the weather or any other environmental issue. It is simply all-terrain and an all-conditions tent that is also spacious and easy to set up.

The poles are made of corded fiberglass along with the frame and the entire tent is made of armor polyester that makes it much more resistant to all types of weather. The tent also offers an internal mud mat to avoid dirty external factors to affect the experience and offers many other features for more versatility and comfortability for a tent.

  • Space and Comfortability First
  • Offers Many Features and Additional Items
  • Reliable, Well-Made and Incredibly Weather-Resistant

  • A Little Expensive

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SEMOO Large Door 3-Person Tent

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With the SEMOO 3-person tent, you can be sure that there are not many better options out there as soon as you try it. This wonderful tent is a simple magnificent creation that is made from polyester, polyurethane, polyethylene, and fiberglass so you can enjoy from a better construction and overall resistant design. It is of course really easy to carry and to set up, as well as incredibly comfortable and spacious.

The tent is recommended for people who like a good design alongside great comfortability and resistant against all weathers. It is recommended for 2 people and packages but can be used for up to 4 to 5 people if well-organized. The tent comes with its own carry bag and ten steel stakes for a better set up.

  • Great High-Quality Construction and Design
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Comfortable And Spacious

  • A Little Uncomfortable To Carry

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ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

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The Lynx Tent from ALPS is a wonderful option for those hiking adventurers who love hiking at least once a month. This wonderful tent offers great durability and less wearing with constant use. And without a doubt, it is incredibly comfortable for one person who doesn’t have many items to carry.

It is incredibly easy to carry and to set up. It is well ventilated and comfortable. And it doesn’t weight practically anything so you won’t have a problem when hiking or doing other demanding activities with the tent bagged up in your back. Simply, an option recommended for those lonely adventurers who will give it a constant use.

  • Incredibly Resistant, Reliable and Durable
  • Easy to Set up and To carry
  • Comfortable for 1 Person

  • Space for Only 1 Person

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WolfWise Lightweight Tent

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Looking for a lightweight and travel-efficient tent? The WolfWise will be a perfect option for sure. This wonderful design of tent offers a really easy-to-set-up construction as well as many different additional features that make it incredibly helpful. It is waterproof and weather resistant in its entirety as well, made of the highest-quality materials like 190T polyester and PU coating as well as breathable fabric interior and waterproof PE fabric floor.

On the other hand, the tent is incredibly comfortable and ventilated. You won’t have to worry about too much heat, cold or the wind, as you can configure it the way you want it without problems. And if you were expecting durability and reliability, this is your tent without a doubt.

  • Great Construction With Many Features
  • Comfortable and Well-Made
  • Easy to Assembly

  • A Little Smaller Than What It Says

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Coleman Evanston Tent

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Everyone knows how good Coleman is a brand of all things plastic. And this wonderful tent is not an exception in any way. The quality is simply perfect, with everything you could expect from a camping tent as well as an incredible reliability and overall travel-efficiency. It is also resistant and weather-efficient so you won’t have to worry as it can be used for 4 seasons without any problem.

It comes with 4 different windows, a screened porch, enough space for up to 7 or 8 people, and also offers a polyester 75D construction for even better reliability. If you are someone who’s thinking of traveling with at least 3 more people, with this tent you will all be set and more than comfortable without a problem.

  • Incredibly Spacious and Comfortable
  • Reliable, Weather Resistant and Durable
  • High-Quality Construction and Design

  • A Little Overpriced

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Chillbo Cabbins 2 Person Tent

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Now we have to present the top of the bunch tent that offers the most quality-oriented experience out there as well as a really well-made design for those who like a stylish tent. It is a wonderful option for anyone, both for its price and overall quality. And as you can see, it comes with a great exterior design that offers the opportunity to choose among 4 different models with different colors.

But what really makes this wonderful 2-person tent really great, is that despite its looks, it is actually totally resistant, Stormproof and waterproof, easy to carry, easy to assembly and overall well-made with the best materials like Oxford flooring, polyester, and cross-wound poles to make it much more reliable no matter the weather.

  • Incredible High-Quality Construction and Design
  • Offers 4 Different Good-Looking Models
  • Comfortable and Spacious for a 2-Person Tent

  • Needs To Be Taken Care Of Sporadically


As you’ve seen already with the previous wonderful tents for camping, choosing the right option may be an incredibly hard task. But you won’t have to worry. Here we have everything you need to know, from every aspect you need to take into consideration to different tips that will help you make a better decision.

  • Size

A camping tent should be really spacious-efficient. This means that the smaller it is the better but comfortable nonetheless. When you look for a good camping size you need to take into account the type of use you’re going to give it, how many people are going to use it and what type of travel, hiking or carrying will be needed. The biggest options are often much more comfortable but a lot heavier. Also, the bigger options tend to be less weather-efficient and much less reliable against environment issues like hard winds or storms.

  • Doors

The doors of a tent are also important but not as much. The doors will help you have a better control over your environment in difficult terrain or even help you maintain a different space inside the tent. It all comes down to what you need and what you find more comfortable. A normal tent will only come with one door, yet if the tent is for more than 2 or 3 people, a double-door tent would be the right option.

  • Vestibule

The vestibule of a camping tent is the central space inside the tent. This space is where most people sleep and will tell you how space-efficient and comfortable it is. However, there are tents like 2-person and 1-person tents that do not offer this space. They only come with enough space to sleep and put a backpack or the like.

  • Ventilation

The ventilation of a camping tent is also incredibly important. With enough ventilation windows, a tent will be much more comfortable and weather-efficient. In hot environments, enough ventilation would be more than recommended, yet if you use it in wet ones they will help you avoid condensation.

  • Footprint

The footprint is a great feature that adds more thickness to the floor of the tent, making it more stable and reliable as well. This footprint only comes with certain types of tents, yet the tents that bring this feature are normally heavier and a little less comfortable to carry. But there are options that offer a lightweight footprint for more comfortability.

Tips to take into consideration while buying tents for camping:

  • Always try to choose well-vented tents instead of closed ones unless you are going to camp in cold environments.
  • A tent should always come with a canopy or additional cover so you can avoid weather problems and water leaks.
  • The fabric and poles should always be highly reliable and strong yet they shouldn’t be too heavy.
  • If you plan to hike for a long time, choose the smallest and less heavy option available for more efficiency.
  • If you are going to use the tent with more people, always make sure that you can store your additional items inside by choosing a 3-person tent or a bigger one.

The process of buying the perfect tent for camping is not as easy as you think, that is for sure. So, why don’t trust the experts in the matter and take into consideration our tips and recommendations? Choose the tent for your next camping adventures among our reviewed options and you will for sure have the perfect tent for your travels.

Do not waste more of your time and start considering these wonderful options for your next camping travels. You won’t be disappointed in any way after your purchase.

The task of choosing the perfect camping tent is incredibly complex, but taking into account our guidance would make the process a lot easier. Come and see for yourself.

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