10 Best Duffel Bag 2019 (Make You Enjoy Travel with Perfect Carrier)

Tired of having to travel with many suitcases and backpacks? A duffel bag can without be the perfect travel companion for more comfort.

Don’t think a duffel bag is like any other type of bag, they are specifically made to offer a much more comfortable experience when traveling or doing whatever. With them, you have the opportunity to carry in a much more comfortable way whatever it is you need to travel with. Additionally, they tend to be much more spacious to help you bring anything you want more easily.

But not all duffels are the same, so it is important you choose them carefully in order to make the right choice. Here we have everything you need to do that – come and see…

10 Best Duffel Bag Review 2019

Herschel Supply Novel

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The Novel model from Herschel is a wonderful duffel bag that offers an incredible long-lasting quality when it comes to carrying products. It is extremely comfortable with a large shoulder strap and two handles to carry by hand. You will also be able to enjoy a spacious interior design and a wonderful polyester and nylon construction that makes it more resistant.

Every zipper on the bag is incredibly smooth and well-made, offering a great performance at all times. It comes with an additional shoe compartment at one side and it is incredibly good-looking so you don’t have a problem bringing it everywhere you go.

  • More Than 25 Different Good-Looking Designs to Choose
  • High-Quality Construction Throughout
  • Resistant, Durable and Incredibly Spacious

  • Too Expensive

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Shacke’s Express Weekender

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A much more affordable option, the Shacke’s Express Weekender is a really good option for anyone who wants a perfect quality, durability, and comfort, yet he wants the bag to be convenient and good-looking as well. It comes with many external pockets as well as a wonderful shoe space in one of the sides, making it really convenient.

Every zipper is YKK double, adding a much better quality and smoother experience. The shoulder strap is incredibly comfortable and well-made. The Trolley Strap made of Velcro is also resistant and convenient, making the bag be a lot easier to carry.

  • Wonderful Additional Shoe Pocket
  • Really Spacious and Comfortable Interior
  • Resistant and Durable

  • Waterproof Feature Not Reliable

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Aidonger Unisex

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If you choose to go for a more stylish option, the Aidonger bag is perfect for you. This wonderful choice can be one of the most accurate you can make if you like good looks on a bag that offers great canvas design with a cotton lining that looks just wonderful. And it is easy to clean as well, even though it should be cleaned carefully.

The canvas is thick and soft, strong and durable. You can carry the bag really easily thanks to an incredibly well-made pair of handles. In the exterior, you can enjoy from different zippered pockets that are both smooth and really convenient no matter the type of activity you want to perform with it.

  • Really Good-Looking
  • Spacious and Comfortable to Carry
  • Durable and Thick Canvas Design

  • Not Too Resistant

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Heavy Duty Cargo Rooftop Rack Bag

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If you’re looking for a more simple and traditional design for a bag, yet you also desire enough space and comfort – the Heavy Duty rack bag is perfect for you. Offering a superior construction that makes the bag much more spacious, you will also be able to enjoy a comfortable carrying experience, offering both a large shoulder strap as well as two handles.

On the other hand, the bag comes with a good fabric design, being simple looking but incredibly resistant and durable. And if you are short of budget, you won’t have to worry as this bag is incredibly affordable.

  • Three Different Resistant and Durable Designs to Choose
  • Incredibly Comfortable To Use
  • Bigger and More Spacious than Others

  • Zippers Are Not Reliable

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Everest Luggage Gear Bag

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Coming in 11 different colors, the Everest Luggage Gear bag is a wonderful option for anyone who just wants great performance and comfort. It doesn’t look as good as others yet it is incredibly durable and resistant. Thanks to a wonderful 600D polyester construction and a high-quality interior lining, the bag supports a lot of weight and all types of users without a problem.

Every compartment is protected by a dual-zipper technology, and offers great interior mesh pockets for more convenience. In the outside, you can also enjoy from additional pockets for your handy stuff and the interior is incredibly roomy for more comfort as well.

  • Really Spacious and Convenient
  • Durable and Resistant Construction
  • Simple but Sturdy Looking

  • A Little Uncomfortable to Carry

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Gonex 60L Foldable

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For those who want a more convenient type of bag, the Gonex Foldable option can be a perfect choice without a doubt. Offering a larger and much more flexible construction, this wonderful product offers additional storage space as well as a great lightweight design for even more comfort when using.

Yet, the thing that makes it incredibly convenient is its flexibility, being able to be folded when not using it and carry it as any other type of clothes without any problem. It comes with two handles to carry comfortable yet it doesn’t offer a shoulder strap.

  • Foldable and Flexible for More Convenience
  • Well-Made Zippers and Pockets
  • Spacious and Comfortable

  • Not as Resistant or Durable

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Nike Brasilia 6

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Everyone knows how professional all products from Nike are, and with the Brasilia 6 duffel bag, it is still making sure everyone keeps saying that. Made of polyester, the Brasilia 6 bag offers a high-quality construction for a lifetime durability, as well as a great performance for all types of users.

It is for sure very spacious inside and each zipper from the exterior pockets to the interior ones, are incredibly smooth and well-made. It comes with both a comfortable shoulder strap and an additional pair of handles for better carrying options. And if you want more convenience, it comes with an end pocket that offers breathability for wet items or shoes.

  • Incredibly Durable and Resistant Polyester Construction
  • Wonderfully Spacious and Convenient Design
  • Comes in 9 Different Color Designs

  • Looks Too Sporty for Casual Users

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Under Armour Storm Undeniable II

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Another perfect sports brand, Under Armour, also offers a great product for the type of users who love this type of bag. Made of incredibly resistant and durable polyester, the Storm Undeniable II is a great bag for those who love a tougher and more resistant option no matter the type of use.

Even though this bag looks sportier than other options, it is recommended for all users who desire a bag that can be used on all types of environments and activities without any problem. It is abrasion-resistant and thanks to a wonderful design, it is more spacious than many. Each zipper is of the highest quality out there and the HeatGear shoulder strap is wonderfully comfortable and convenient.

  • Wonderfully Convenient Carrying Design
  • Long-Lasting, Resistant and Performance-Oriented
  • Roomy and Comfortable for More Convenience

  • Not As Big As Most People Think

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Samsonite Tote-A-Ton

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In the world of travel and carrying bags, Samsonite has always been a major brand without a doubt. Today, the Tote-A-Ton is simply one of the highest-quality bags that is better than almost any other out there. Offering a 100% nylon construction and lining interior, this product is of higher quality than many and is more durable and resistant than most.

It offers two comfortable handles to carry the bag and it is also really lightweight even though it is one of the biggest and more spacious out there. Comes with two additional side pockets and offers a wonderful design to be cleaned more easily and without any problem. If you’re not using it, you can fold it and store it away for more comfort.

  • Offers 6 Different Great Colors to Choose From
  • Much More Durable And Resistant Than Most
  • Greatly Performance-Oriented Design

  • Uncomfortable Too Carry When Full

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Adidas Defender II

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With a wonderful polyester design and construction, the Defender II is simply one of the highest-quality products out there everyone should always take into account before making a choice.  It is more durable, resistant, performance-oriented and comfortable than any other bag out there.

It offers a main pocket that is incredibly spacious and comfortable to use as well as two exterior zippered pockets for augmented convenience. It offers a pair of handles for more carrying options, as well as an incredibly comfortable shoulder strap. Additionally, you can choose the size and design you desire, always looking good and being wonderfully efficient no matter what.

  • Incredibly Comfortable, Resistant and Durable Construction
  • Many Different Good-Looking and Efficient Designs to Choose
  • Wonderful Price for Its Quality

  • A Little Smaller Than Others


Learning to choose the right duffel bag for you can be an incredibly annoying task. Yet, you won’t have to worry if you are still confused on what option to go for as we are going to tell you everything you need to know and a little more so you can purchase the right bag for you.

  • Materials

The durability, resistance, and looks of a duffel bag fall strongly on the type of materials used. Most common bags use nylon or polyester, yet there are some that are made from canvas or even leather, offering a different type of comfort and use. But if you really want durability and good looks, always look for those made of nylon and polyester, yet it all comes down to the type of construction and design, as there some leather and canvas options that are also really good and high-quality.

  • Weight

Traveling is a common activity for those who use these bags, and for sure, the lighter the bag the more comfortable it will be. Choose a bag that is lightweight and at the same can hold more items. This will let you travel with it anywhere without getting tired or being uncomfortable.

  • Volume

The larger the bag, the more items you will be able to fit inside. When you choose a duffel bag, make sure that it is both spacious and convenient in the inside, this way you can fit more items inside without any problem. Yet, it is important to note that flexibility is also great to consider, as the more flexible a bag is, the additional items you will be able to fit in as well. However, it all comes down to the type of use you intend of doing, smaller bags work better for quick travels and uses.

  • Portability

There’s no doubt that a duffel must always be comfortable to carry. This means having the proper size to have at your side, comfortable grip and handles, and a wonderful quality of each strap for much more reliability and firmness.

Alpine-cut straps for shoulders are always the best option to choose from, as they much more comfortable and easy to use. The material is also important, nylon tends to be a little harsh on your skin sometimes, while polyester is even more. So the softer the material of the strap is, the better.

There are some bags that come with wheels, offering an even better traveling experience. Yet, these are less common and not everyone likes to carry a bag this way. Sometimes they are not even recommended, especially if you tend to do long walks.

We also recommend choosing the right bag for you taking into account your needs. You won’t like to buy a bag for the beach that does not have water resistance. But, as we said before, just remember to choose with care and always taking into account all your needs. This way your choice will, for sure, be a lot better.

If you are someone who likes good-looking, durable and resistant products, these duffel bags will be perfect for you. Consider each option and our recommendations so you can make a better choice.

Don’t choose low-quality duffel bags that will tear down after one use. Here we have the highest-quality bags and the most durable and resistant as well – come and see.

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