10 Best Fishing Kayak 2017

Are you a fan of going kayaking and fishing at the same time? With the following kayaks, you will for sure find the perfect excuse to go every day…

A kayak is a type of boat for 1 or 2 people that offers a more fun and comfortable fishing in the middle of the lake, river or ocean. Normally, these kayaks are very movement-restraint yet some of them, like the fishing kayaks, are pretty comfortable and allow users to do activities like fishing.

But these kayaks are not in any way some of the easiest products to choose. Actually, if you don’t know what type of fishing kayak is better – you may make a buying decision you could regret. So take a look at our reviews from these fishing boats and get your own ideas…

10 Best Fishing Kayak Review 2017

Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90

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For a wonderful price, the Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 could be a great option for anyone who’s short on budget. It comes with 4 fishing rod holders, 4 carrying handles and a rear cargo storage so you can store anything from your gear to even fishes you’ve caught thanks to a bungee tie cooler system.

Additionally, it is very stable and maneuverable, it doesn’t get stuck too much and you can easily get impulse by simply paddling. It is also very lightweight, so you won’t have a problem while traveling or having to transport it. Finally, it is very well-made, resistant and even when it is little, it is still comfortable.

  • Great Construction
  • Very Affordable
  • Lightweight and Resistant

  • Very Little

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Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

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The inflatable K1 Challenge from Intex is a wonderful option for those who will not give the kayak a hard and demanding use. This means that the kayak is great, durable, resistant and well-made to offer a comfortable fishing experience. Yet, it is not made to be used in harder rivers or lakes where you need to travel too much. But as a whole, it is more than enough.

It looks very good, has a great welded material construction and comes with extra cargo storage for more space to store anything. It comes with a great inflatable seat and backrests as well as a hand pump so you can inflate it everywhere without any problem. It is rigid, easy to maneuverable and really easy to carry.

  • Well-Made Inflatable Kayak
  • Comfortable and Roomy for Fishing
  • Inflatable Seats with Backrests

  • Not Recommended for Demanding Environments

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Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak

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Among inflatable kayaks, the Sea Eagle 330 is another wonderful opportunity for those who don’t need completely resistant kayaks but just a simple platform to be comfortable, cozy and spacious enough for fishing. It can hold up to 2 persons at the same time and even though it is inflatable, the construction is perfect and very tough. Additionally, it comes with a storage bag and cargo space so you can save all your supplies easily.

The best of this kayak is that you can use it for almost anything, from fishing to skin-diving and even yacht tending without fearing for the kayak breaking up. It can even handle Class III whitewater. And of course, it comes with two AB30 paddles, two seats, and a foot pump.

  • Extremely Resistant for an Inflatable Kayak
  • Perfect Spacious and Comfortable Construction
  • polykrylar Material Offers Higher Durability

  • Hard to Assembly

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As it name says, this Airhead AHTK-2 is another inflatable option among fishing kayaks you can use for almost any type of activity. It is a perfect decision for those who like paddling a lot, yet it can also be used for fishing without any problem. The best of it is that, as any other inflatable kayak, it is incredibly portable and can be stored in a suitcase easily.

The kayak has an extra-safe PVC orange floor for more resistance and maintains the user in a more comfortable position no matter the activity. It offers inflatable seats with back support and it is incredibly easy to inflate, assembly, and deflate.

  • Utterly Comfortable and Spacious
  • Well-Made and Durable PVC Construction
  • Easy to Assembly, Inflate and Deflate

  • Not Resistant for Turbulent Waters

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Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

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Coming with two rod holders and a swivel rod holder, the Sun Dolphin Journey is a perfect fishing kayak for those who are low on budget but still need high-quality in every way. Not only it is durable, resistant and comfortable – it also offers a PAC for more storage and a wonderful DRY compartment so you can store more supplies. It also offers adjustable foot braces and a cooler for fishes or just anything.

On the other hand, the Sun Journey is completely good looking and durable. You won’t have to be afraid of turbulent waters or sun damage. Additionally, it comes with its own paddle. If you don’t expect miracles for its price, the Sun Journey will be a perfect option.

  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Good-Looking and Durable
  • Affordable Fishing Kayak

  • Bad-quality Paddles

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Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak

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Again with the inflatable kayaks, the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame is a wonderful option for those who like some kayaking and fishing at the same time. It is not only more durable, comfortable and good-looking, it is also more resistant and can be used in simply all types of water currents without any problem.

Thanks to being more rigid, it is also easier to paddle and to maneuver. It is portable as well for being inflatable and when it comes to inflating it you won’t have any problem. The kayak is made of 3 different materials in layers so any puncturing or shock won’t harm the kayak in any way.

  • Awesome Ride and Paddling
  • Easy to Maneuver and Extremely Resistant
  • Comfortable and Space-Efficient

  • Dissembling the Kayak Can Be Annoying

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Lifetime 10 Foot Sports Fisher Tandem Kayak

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Made with a wonderful polyethylene material of high density that offers more strength, durability, and resistance against shocks, the lifetime Fisher tandem kayak is a wonderful option for those who can afford it. It is designed to hold up to 3 persons at the same time and can offer a comfortable experience still.

The kayak also offers a multiple-footrest position design so riders with different sizes would fit easily and comfortably. It comes with 2 paddles, and even though it is heavy, it is one of the fastest and easy-to-maneuver kayaks out there. It is easy to carry as well even when it is heavier than other options.

  • Incredibly Resistant Polyethylene Construction
  • Comfortable and Holds up to 3 People
  • Easy to Maneuver and Really Fast

  • It is Heavier Than Most

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BKC UH-TK181 12.5 foot Sit On Top

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Fishing kayaks are wonderful for two things: they’re able to be comfortable for activities that demand a lot of sitting time and because they let you attach your rods without having to be holding it all the time. And that’s exactly what this wonderful BKC sit on top kayak with seats and backrests offers. It simply is a wonderful option for those who like comfortable and completely useful kayaks.

But this is not all; it also comes with two seats for 2 people as well as 7 rod holders and perfect paddles to move easily in the water. It comes, of course, with 3 waterproof compartments and a cooler so you can store fishes or just anything. And the construction is just perfect, offering more maneuverability, speed, and durability.

  • Greatly Constructed Fishing Kayak
  • Completely Comfortable and Useful with 7 Rod Holders
  • Offers 4 Different Good-Looking Models

  • It has to Be Carry by Two People (Heavy)

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Ocean Kayak Prowler 13

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The Prowler 13 from Ocean Kayak is simply one of the most famous and sought after kayaks due to an exquisite quality and a wonderful design specifically oriented for fishing. If you are thinking on doing long fishing periods, the Prowler 13 is your best bet easily. It works in any type of water, from turbulent to calm and it is faster and more stable.

It comes with only 2 rod holders yet it offers a really big storage bucket and 2 cup holders for more comfortability. Additionally, it comes with 2 paddles and an oversized rear tank for even more space to store your things. It is resistant, durable, lightweight for a kayak this size and completely comfortable.

  • Handy Additional Storage Space
  • Incredible Comfortable and Durable Construction
  • Fast, Easy to Maneuver and Easy to Carry

  • Expensive

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Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2

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Even though the Sevylor Colorado 2 is another expensive option on this list, it is simply an option that everyone should take into account as it is simply perfect in almost any way. It is made of PVC that is mostly recommended for lake use, yet it can resist the most turbulent waters without any problem. It comes with a 1000D tarpaulin and 840D Nylon bottom for more resistance as well as multiple air chambers to allow the user to use it no matter the damage of the kayak.

For an inflatable kayak, the Coleman Colorado 2 is also very comfortable and offers an increased space for better fishing and movements. It is easy to store and assembly, as well as easy to inflate and deflate. Yet, for being an inflatable kayak it is more expensive than others.

  • Extremely Resistant For an Inflatable Kayak
  • Multiple Inflating Sections for More Versatility if Damaged
  • Stable, Fast and Lightweight

  • Only Offers 2 Camo Designs


If you love kayaking and fishing, there’s no doubt you would prefer a high-quality kayak than one that would not resist the use and eventually offer you an experience far from what you were expecting. But this is something you can avoid by simply knowing what makes a good fishing kayak. For this, we’ve made a list of the things you need to consider and if you do, you’ll make a wonderful decision when buying one of these for sure…

  • Inflatable Kayaks vs Rigid Kayaks

As we all know, inflatable products tend to be less durable than rigid ones, and that’s something also true for kayaks. But this doesn’t mean that an inflatable product would be less efficient, as when it comes to kayaks even an inflatable one can offer a great experience and comfortability that could be even more desirable than one of a rigid kayak. However, rigid kayaks are faster and most of the time easier to use.

  • Sit-on-Top vs Sit-Inside Kayaks

There are two main models of kayaks out there, the sit-on-top and the sit-inside. If you know about kayaks, it is easy to choose between these two, as one normally comes with seats and backrests (the sit-on-top) and the other allows you to sit comfortably without that much back support but with more stability (sit inside). Yet, it all comes down to the use you’re going to give the kayak. If it is for fishing, the sit-on-top will be a lot better due to more open space to deal with fishes and more versatility, while the sit-inside offers more stability when it comes to fast movements and the like.

  • Speed

As most kayaks are propelled by paddles, maybe the speed won’t be too much. But that’s not true, even for a fishing kayak. Some of these kayaks are so wonderfully designed that offers a great speed, even more than those which are designed to be fast. Actually, the faster the kayak, the more comfortable and easy to paddle it will be. Yet, they tend to be more unstable.

  • Maneuverability

The easy-to-maneuver kayaks are the ones that are little while the big ones are not as maneuverable it can also fall on the design. Some kayaks have shorter anglers are, of course, are slower but a lot more easy to move. Yet, it all falls down in the overall design, while there are some kayaks that are heavier, narrow and with longer anglers that will, for sure, be easy-to-direct.

  • Dimensions

As said before, the length, width, and weight too can change the maneuverability of a kayak. Yet, it also affects how fast, how easy-to-carry they are and how comfortable. However, the heavier the kayak it is, the more likely it is to be more resistant and durable. Hardshell kayaks tend to be heavier but much more resistant and long-lasting.

  • Extras

The extras of a kayak come to the storage, the rod holders and the holders for cords, ropes or just anything you can attach. There’s also the seats that vary depending on the design and the additional cooler space where you can store fishes and more. Other extras may be extra leg space and more comfortable feet positioning.

Thinking of buying a new kayak for your fishing hobby? This is your best opportunity to learn more about the most quality-oriented kayaks out there in the market. Consider each one of the previous features as well as our reviews and see for yourself how great of an option they can be.  Choose the kayak that will fit your expectations or even more!

You won’t better options in the market that’s for sure. Don’t waste any more of your time and make your decision now by considering these options and paying good attention to their features.

There’s no time to lose to go kayaking and fishing at the same time now, choose among these wonderful options and buy the perfect option for your fishing trips now!

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