10 Best Fishing Sunglasses 2017

Fishing is a wonderful activity with the proper gear; would you do it without the proper sunglasses? Of course not, that’s why we have the perfect fishing sunglasses for you…

As an activity that is mostly practiced on sunny and bright days, sunglasses for fishing are almost a must. Most people prefer to avoid damage in their eyes coming from sun rays and the line, as well as being able to see anything totally comfortably without having to frown.

Exactly that is what sunglasses help to do, protect your eyes from the sun and help you have a more efficient fishing catch no matter how bright or strong the sun is that day. Here we have the most useful and high-quality sunglasses out there – have a look!

10 Best Fishing Sunglasses Review 2017

Tsafrer Polarized Sports Sunglasses

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Tsafrer is a cheap brand for glasses in the world, yet it is one of the most well-known due to a great quality in their products despite their great price. With these glasses, for example, you can enjoy at a really cheap price and a wonderful quality overall, from the construction of the sunglasses to the quality of vision they offer.

They are ultra-lightweight, versatile, and really protective to your eyes against UV rays. However, they come with 5 different lenses, each one for different activities including daylight and bright scenarios. They are also incredibly flexible, scratch resistant and specially designed for outdoor activities, from fishing to hiking and more.

  • Incredibly Affordable
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Many Different Models and Lenses Available

  • Not Too Durable

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Flying Fisherman Maverick

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Flying Fisherman is a great brand that has been on the top of the bunch for years, both for their quality and great prices. And this is all translated into the Maverick Sunglasses model, where the quality of design is incredibly superior and the polarized lenses both reduce glare and eliminate eye fatigue. Additionally, they’re made with the best material that makes them durable and lightweight.

But what really makes them good is the AcuTint lens, a new coloring system from Flying Fisherman where the color of the lenses doesn’t affect in any way how good you see other colors and environments, making them perfect for those who like the truest colors.

  • High-Quality Materials and Design
  • Good Durability and Comfortable
  • Wonderful AcuTint Feature

  • They Look Simple

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Duduma Polarized Sunglasses

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Another great warrior among the cheapest sunglasses, the Duduma Polarized is a wonderful option for those who desire a good affordable and high-quality gear at the same time. They are totally lightweight and made of polycarbonate for more durability and resistance against scratches. Yet, the best of them is their UV400 protection in the lenses, so you won’t get damaged in any way.

They are completely HD so that you can see the truest colors without any problem at all times. When buying you also get two additional lenses for better versatility and more options to wear.

  • HD Color Lenses
  • Incredibly Protective Against UV Rays
  • Good-Looking and Durable

  • May Feel A Little Small

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BNUS Classic Sunglasses

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Even though they are a classic sunglasses model, the BNUS is a great brand that makes sunglasses in Italy, so these glasses are extremely quality-oriented, no matter the activity, even fishing. They offer a screw-free design made of nylon plus a UV400 glass lens that offers more protection and better performance overall.

Their construction is awesome, as they can take every type of use and still offer a great performance without scratches or anything. Additionally, they are long-lasting and offer HD vision better than all cheap and most medium-cost sunglasses.

  • Incredibly Well-Made Design
  • Great Materials and Durability
  • Better Performance and Many Designs to Choose

  • Can Feel a Little Expensive

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Wiley X Men Ops

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These Wiley Glasses are wonderful compared to the previous options. They are a little more stylish while also offering more sporty look. Their half-frame style offers better performance and increased quality overall. They’re also well-made and more durable.

The design of these glasses meets with the Military ballistic protection requirements so you won’t have to fear for your eyes. They come with a case, a cloth to clean and microfiber. Additionally, they look really sleek and fashionable so you will be getting a new piece that will make you look better and at the same time allow you to catch the biggest fish easily.

  • Great UV Protection Recommended by OSHA and ANSI Z87.1
  • Sleek, Fashionable and Stylish Design
  • Comes with Additional Gear

  • A Little Expensive

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Suncloud Zephyr

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The Zephyr sunglasses are a wonderful option for those who want a great-quality product for their fishing activities but they only count with a limited medium budget. Yet, they are incredibly protective against UV rays, offer an HD vision with the best colors and a much better style and design.

The construction is also perfect. They last even longer than the more expensive options and offer a high-quality performance as well without any problem. They are incredibly comfortable with megol nose pads. And if you are looking for additional gear, they come with a microfiber cloth and a storage bag as well.

  • They Fit Practically Anyone
  • Well-Made and Durable Construction
  • High-Quality Vision and Protection

  • Glare Is Not Diminished Much

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Maui Jim World Cup

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Now we enter the top-ranking of sunglasses for fishing with a world champion – the Maui Jim World Cup. This wonderful product is of exceptional value for perfect quality construction, great performance, incredibly durable materials and a good-looking design that makes them a perfect option for those who can afford it.

They are flexible, easy to use, comfortable, and offer the highest-quality lenses out there. The PolarizedPlus2 technology lenses make them more protective against glare and UV rays, as well as making them much more color-oriented and clear. If you can afford them, they would be the perfect partners for any type of fishing activity, for long or short periods.

  • Great Durable Quality Construction
  • Wonderful Good-Looking Design
  • Perfect Vision with PolarizedPlus2 Lenses

  • A Little Heavy and Uncomfortable

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Costa Del Mar Fantail Blue-Mirror

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Handmade sunglasses by one of the greatest brands out there, the Fantail Blue Mirror are a wonderful option that even though they cost more than other models, they offer an incredibly superior and more comfortable performance. Yet, this version of blue mirror is better for deep sea fishing while there’s also a green version for off-shore and less Deep Ocean.

Both lenses make the Costa Del Mar Fantail a wonderful option, yet the blue version is slightly better due to the overall design and construction that offers more durability and quality resistance. Simply buy them if you can do it, they’re the most performance-oriented glasses out there but for a higher price.

  • Overall Incredible Construction and Design
  • Extreme Comfortability
  • Protective and Performance-oriented

  • Expensive

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Oakley Men’s Holbrook Polarized

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Oakley has a fame of being great on almost everything this brand does, from clothes to all types of gear. And this is not an exception. The Holbrook polarized glasses are a wonderful option for those practical and not-demanding users due to being expensive than other options yet they offer an immense better quality in almost every way.

The materials are wonderful, from a silicon frame to metal bolts that are often overlooked but give a better design. The plutonic polycarbonate lenses are incredibly protective and come in many different styles that make them versatile and useful for any occasion. They are also known for being more durable than any other brand out there.

  • High-Quality, Durable and Comfortable Design
  • Incredibly Protection and Performance-Oriented Plutonite Lenses
  • 100% Synthetic Material and Shock Resistant

  • Can Feel Too Big Sometimes

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Smith Backdrop Sunglasses

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There’s no mistake when it comes to the king of sunglasses, Smith Backdrop is simply a great option that for a higher price you will be getting the most performance and quality-oriented sunglasses out there. They work perfectly for fishing due to a higher quality in lenses that protect against sun rays, as well as a more durable and quality design that makes them very good-looking as well.

They are non-reflective, anti-glare and scratch-resistant. They are made of stainless steel and polycarbonate. They will work for any type of outdoor activities and still give their best performance, yet it is for fishing that you will able to get the best from them.

  • Incredibly Protection ChromaPop Lenses
  • Better Non-Reflective, Hydrophilic and Quality Vision
  • Incredibly Long-Lasting

  • More Expensive Than Other Options


Polarized sunglasses are famous all around the world, yet most of them are not good enough to be used to fishing and other outdoor activities. This means that if you don’t know why exactly is a sunglass good enough to use in this type of activity, you won’t be able to choose the right option for you. For this, we have the perfect guide so you can make a better decision when making your purchase:

  • Lenses

There are thousands of options when it comes to lenses. There are the photochromic lenses that are standardly polarized and protective and offer a more versatile and changing performance throughout the day. These are much recommended.

Yet there are others like hydrophilic lenses that offer a better resistance against water and other external factors. Other types of lenses are less efficient when it comes to fishing but will still offer a great performance if used correctly.

  • Materials

The best materials for the body of sunglasses would be polyurethane or silicone. And when it comes to lenses, the best materials are polycarbonate and NXT. Yet, the materials heavily depend on the price, where the more expensive sunglasses are made of NXT and the cheaper options are made of NXT. Yet, there are other materials out there, but always each one of them is not as durable, resistant and performance-oriented as these two.

  • Color

The color of the lenses also has a big impact on how good the sunglasses are. Depending on the color, you will be able to see in the water, or maybe not. Some colors provide improvements against sun rays for better clarity, while others make the environment look darker but a lot more protection is received. The ideal color would be green or blue for fishing, as they are incredibly protective and yet they offer wonderful vision with better colors and more visibility in water.

  • Coatings

The coatings of the lenses heavily change how protective and durable the lenses are. Some coatings make the lenses be resistant to water while others protect the eyes better against sun rays. Hydrophobic coatings are the most recommended, as they offer both great protection against water and salt water while also being more protective for your eyes, especially in humid environments.

  • Design

The design of fishing sunglasses falls on the shape and style of the frame. Most high-quality sunglasses are simple and comfortable, yet they are often less colorful when it comes to the frame. Cheapest options tend to be less comfortable but can offer many more styles and designs, both in color and shapes and still make great performances.

Yet the materials and the construction are also important – we recommend polyurethane and silicone frames better, and construction with the help of stainless steel or overall metal screws. This way they will last longer and be more resistant to shocks and hits.

These are great factors to take into account but still, you won’t be able to choose perfectly without these tips:

  • The more expensive the sunglasses are, the better they will be in almost every way.
  • The cheapest options are often not as durable and offer less performance. If you constantly fishing, it is recommended to choose more expensive options and avoid problems.
  • It is extremely important that the sunglasses fit your head correctly. This way you can avoid your head getting tired and your eyes hurting.
  • The pads in your nose shouldn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable. Actually, the less you feel there are pads, the better.

The art of choosing a good product when buying falls completely on knowing how a product is made and what it offers – as simple as that. If you want to make a better decision when buying your next sunglasses, these options will be perfect for you and this advice will for sure help you as well. Consider them and ensure a better purchase.

Wonderful sunglasses for your fishing activities you shouldn’t overlook the next time you go buying – try and see for yourself.

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