10 Best Hiking Backpack 2019 (Durable with High Quality)

Looking to make a perfect hike next summer? Don’t let yourself go anywhere without having the proper backpack for each one of your adventures…

Something that most people tend to forget about hiking and camping, is that the number of items they bring and how useful they are, is what eventually tells how good an adventure can be. Yet, when you have a low-quality, small, useless and uncomfortable backpack – your experience will, of course, get a lot worse. That’s why you need a good hiking backpack, so you can make your experience a lot better.

But all these hiking carriers are different from each other; this means you will have to know which one is better in the market. And you’re lucky; here we have exactly what you need…

10 Best Hiking Backpack Review 2019

ARMYCAMOUSA Expandable Military

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An army style backpack for those who like the camouflage design from the military, this one also offers great comfort and a spacious design. It is made of polyester 600D, it is durable, resistant and expandable, offering up to 10 more inches to fit more items and offer more convenience.

This wonderful backpack also comes with great pockets, 2 for electronics and many more inside for more organization. The zippers are well-made and durable as well, the backpack also comes with a waist belt to add more balance when using it on long hikes or difficult ones. What’s more, it is incredibly cheap.

  • Really Affordable
  • 15 Different Designs To Choose
  • Well-Made Spacious Design

  • Low-Quality Shoulder Straps

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REEBOW GEAR Molle Tactical Assault Backpack

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Offering a capacity of 34L, the Reebow Gear Molle backpack with a tactical assault army design is a great choice for those who like a little more serious yet still incredibly helpful option for their hiking adventures. Made of great polyester in high density, it resists all types of uses, it is really durable and waterproof.

The zippers of this backpack are also really good, as well as all the cords use to tighten it up. Additionally, the padding area is really comfortable as well as the mesh shoulder straps. You can also add a hydration bladder is you desire up to 2.5L without any problem.

  • Wonderfully Spacious
  • Comfortable To Use
  • Durable And Resistant

  • Waterproof Feature not Reliable

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Mountaintop Backpack

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With 6 adjustable straps to make it tight and firm enough to your body, this Mountaintop backpack for hiking is one of the most recommended out there, for its quality, really big design and the durable and resistant construction. Additionally, it comes with a big compartment where you can fit a big laptop without any problem.

It is made to carry mostly electronic devices, but you can use it for hiking and bring any type of items you want, as it is both protective and really comfortable with your items. Also, it looks really good in all of its 8 different designs, so you don’t have a problem in any way.

  • Spacious and Efficient
  • 8 Different Good-Looking Designs To Choose
  • Wonderfully Comfortable Straps

  • Zippers Can Get Stuck

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ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Daypack


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Want a more colorful yet still really efficient backpack for your hiking adventures? The ZOKAME Ultra lightweight is perfect for you without any doubt. It will offer the perfect storage space you need for short and medium length hiking, a great interior organization and a wonderful design to keep your things much more protected.

The quality of the nylon used on the construction is one of the most recommended out there, being both really durable and water resistant. The zippers are also really effective and durable, while the overall design of the backpack makes it incredibly comfortable and convenient.

  • Convenient and Spacious Interior Design
  • Comfortable and Resistant
  • Looks Really Good in All Colors

  • Not Enough Exterior Pockets

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OutdoorMaster Weekend BackPack

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OutdoorMaster has done one of the highest-quality jobs when it comes to backpacks with this wonderful design. There’s no doubt about how good, resistant, durable and incredibly spacious this backpack is, helping anyone to carry as much as they want thanks to the 50L storage capacity it offers – as well as a great interior design for more organization.

It is also waterproof thanks to the materials, yet it comes with its own rain dry to protect it even more against any type of water. It is big enough to fit a 20’’ laptop inside without a problem. You won’t have any problem when carrying it as the shoulder straps are really comfortable. It also comes with many different pockets for more convenience.

  • Utterly Waterproof
  • Wonderfully Spacious and Performance-Oriented
  • Comfortable Construction

  • Bad Weight Balance

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Outdoor 5.11 RUSH24

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If you’re looking for a much more quality-oriented backpack with everything you need to go hiking and bring your items, be comfortable, look good and be sure that all times the backpack will offer exactly what you need – the RUSH24 is the one you’re looking for without any doubt.

This wonderful MOLLE design backpack made of the highest-quality 1050D nylon and a tactical design for more resistance and durability – it will make a wonderful addition to a professional hiker or a great enthusiast gear. It offers up to 37L of storage capacity, a great waterproof feature and incredibly effective zippers.

  • Durable, Resistant and Effective
  • Comfortable and Efficient To Use
  • Best Quality Materials

  • Expensive

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TETON Sports Scout 3400

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There’s always an option for those hikers who like to bring almost their entire house for their adventures, or at least enough items to last a few more days than normal – a big, spacious, comfortable and well-made backpack like the Scout 3400 from Teton Sports.

This wonderful option offers everything a bring-it-all hiker would love not only a really spacious 55L storage space, but a great comfort and quality for any type of hike. For those who are thinking of going for at least 3 days – this backpack will be perfect, as well as being durable and resistant.

  • Many Different Pockets for More Convenience
  • Quality-Oriented and Durable
  • Wonderfully Spacious and Comfortable

  • A Little Expensive

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Outlander Lightweight Daypack

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If you don’t mind using a little less quality-oriented but incredibly more affordable backpack, the Outlander Lightweight daypack will be your perfect choice. Even though it will work perfectly for those under a really short budget, it will also bring a great quality entirely, both on the straps and the entire construction to make it waterproof and protective for your items.

It is also spacious despite its price, offering 35L of storage space and multiple compartments both in the interior and on the exterior, making it really convenient as well. This one, also, comes with additional items like a whistle, a carabiner, a reflector and great quality zippers too.

  • 10 Different Good-Looking Designs
  • Incredibly Durable and Resistant for the Price
  • Spacious and Convenient Enough

  • Not Recommended for Heavy Use

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Venture Pal Packable Backpack

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Another great option for those who are not willing to pay too much for a backpack, the Venture Pal packable backpack offers not only a great spacious design for more items, but it is also lightweight, good-looking, comfortable, durable and easy to organize. You won’t find any problems with this one, no matter the type of use you give to it.

If you are thinking about how durable it is, you can be sure that it will maintain water outside thanks to a great waterproof feature, a really high-quality material construction with an anti-tear protection and much better organization with more compartments and easy to fill design.

  • Wonderfully Cheap
  • Colorful and Good-Looking
  • Really Well-Made For Its Price

  • Zippers Are Not Too Durable

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North Coyote Cooler Bag

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Good-looking, comfortable to use, resistant, durable, wonderfully convenient design, incredibly well-made cooler feature and overall a perfect choice for any hiker – the North Coyote Cooler Backpack is almost the perfect one for anyone without any doubt, being not only of the highest-quality and really good-looking but really affordable as well.

It offers up to 42L of storage capacity, with a 25L storage space for any type of items and a 17L cooler storage to travel with your food or any other type of items that needs a fresh space. It is made with 600D polyester so it is durable and resistant as well as it is great to use for any type of purpose, a perfect choice for anyone.

  • Spacious And Comfortable to Use
  • Affordable and Effective Quality Backpack
  • Incredibly Convenient Cooler Bag

  • Straps Could Be More Reliable



Choosing the right hiking backpack for your adventures is not as easy as it seems. You won’t simply find the right backpack for you by considering capacity and comfort, you will have to look for much more than that. While shopping for these products, take into consideration these features:

  • Capacity

As said before, capacity alone won’t do it – yet it is an extremely important part of your backpack, especially when you are trying to use it for hiking and long-length adventures. In this case, there are three different types of backpacks you can choose, the Weekend models, the Multiday models and the Weekplus models.

The Weekend models offer around 15 and 40 liters of storage space, mostly used for hikes that take around 1 to 3 or even 4 days max. Of course, they tend to be less spacious but much more comfortable. People who use these tend to be more experienced and discipline with their items or just aware of how short their hike’s going to be.

The multi-day backpacks, the ones that offer enough space for 3 to 6 days or a little more, offer up to 60 to 80 liters of storage space. These ones are fantastic for those who want to bring more items for short trips or just want to bring enough for longer ones. They are spacious, comfortable and really convenient.

The Weekplus backpacks, on the other hand, tend to offer up to 100 liters in the biggest models, can be used to bring extra equipment, and often offer an additional feature like coolers, extra pockets, extra straps and so on. These are mostly recommended for people who need to hike with important extra equipment or just need to stay for more days than normal.

  • Ventilation

Not as important as other features, yet really convenient in some cases. The ventilation of the backpack, the straps, and the overall construction offers a much more comfortable experience in most cases. This one will not only maintain your items fresher but your body much more comfortable as well.

  • Access

Most backpacks offer a top-loading zipper, yet there are some which are opened from the front of the product while others from a side. This is normally not important, yet it can affect the organization of the interior really hard.

  • Pockets

There are many different pockets that a backpack can offer, from the mesh-elastic pockets where you can fit little items or even water bottles and the like, to the hip belt pockets that mostly come in the straps you tight up on your hips for easy-access items. Other pockets like the shovel are not zippered yet offer easy access to bigger items like shovels, as it was originally designed for. And the front pocket, the most common and useful among the exterior ones.

  • Compartments

On the inside, pockets are mostly called compartments. Some of these backpacks offer enough space to bring laptops or other items like sleeping bags and the like. Most of the time, they are designed to offer more protection and padding for your items, but it all comes down to the type of backpack it is.

  • Additional Items

There are other additional items most backpacks come with, like rain covers, which are a plastic sort-of bag that helps the backpack to stay more protected from water and rain. There are also the padding points, which are straps or padding points in the backpack that not only help the items to stay protected but offer great comfort when using the backpack. Some of these backpacks also offer a hydration storage space, so you can keep a hydration bladder while traveling for easy dipping.

But of course, all of these features are pretty different on each option, all of them offering different types of performances and qualities and every one of them coming with different prices and overall construction. So, it all comes down to analyzing each opportunity, making sure you choose the right one according to your needs, desires and overall quality of the product.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you have to choose, make sure you learn everything you can about hiking backpacks and choose accordingly.

Choose the perfect hiking backpack for you, take our advice into consideration and make the right choice for your next future travels.

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