10 Best Hiking Boots For Women 2019 (Make Your Hiking More Easier)

Would you rather an uncomfortable hiking experience than a wonderful one? Here we are going to help you choose the most wonderful hiking boots for women for a unique hiking adventure…

When you go on an adventure to the mountains, trails, and most difficult paths, you will for sure need help from good gear; and there’s nothing better than a good pair of hiking boots.

With a good pair of these, you won’t find any surface or difficult impossible to pass. They offer everything you need for an activity like hiking, from protection to comfort and even the most wonderful looks that will make feel just perfect for it. Here’s a list of the highest-quality boots out there:

10 Best Hiking Boots For Women Review 2019

Clorts Hiker Leather GTX

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Made of leather and mesh, it is one of the highest-quality hiking gear out there without a doubt. They are incredibly comfortable and good-looking as well. They look really sturdy and support almost all types of environment. They cover your ankles really good as well, making them protective enough for all types of activities.

They are easy to put in and won’t ever get off by mistake if you tighten them correctly. They are easy to walk in and offer a rubber outsole for a better cushioning and walking experience. These boots also keep your feet dry and can be used on any type of surface without any problem.

  • Sturdy and Long Lasting
  • Look Good Enough
  • Lightweight and Comfortable

  • Improper Sizing

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Coshare Hiking Military Boots

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Are you looking for a more harsh and extreme type of boots? These ones are perfect for you. They are incredibly resistant and durable thanks to a synthetic construction entirely, from the sole to the upper part; everything is made of the highest quality materials that are also PU coated for waterproofing.

They are comfortable to walk with, a little stylish but simple looking. Come with comfortable lace-up design and a fur lining to maintain your feet more comfortable. Also, they offer more cushioning due to a manmade sole that makes them more protective.

  • A Little More Durable than Others
  • Greatly Supportive to Your Feet
  • Come in 8 Different Designs

  • A Little Uncomfortable

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Northside Pioneer II

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The Pioneer II is a perfect choice for those women who desire a more sporty and comfortable look, yet they still want great protection and a wonderful performance when hiking or doing any other similar activity. They are made of the best synthetic materials, especially the sole that offers much more cushioning and perfect support when walking on the hardest surfaces.

The lacing system is made of nylon, making them not only easier to use but a lot more protective and efficient. On the other hand, the EVA insole and TPR midsole make the shoe incredibly comfortable. The outsole has more traction as well and comes with a PVC mudguard on the front for better protection.

  • Well-Made Durable Construction
  • Supportive and Comfortable
  • Look More Sporty Than Others

  • Not waterproof

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Hi-Tec Skamania Mid-Rise

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Want a higher type of shoe for your hiking adventures? The Hi-Tec Skamania is perfect for you. They are not the highest shoes out there, yet they are mid-rise that makes them protective enough to work on all types of adventures without any problem. They are made of suede and fabric, as well as rubber in the sole for better protection, comfort, and overall performance.

Additionally, they are waterproof and come with EVA footbed and midsole for an incredible protection against the harshest of surfaces. The traction is also incredibly good, making the boots feel perfect no matter what you do.

  • Reliable and Waterproof
  • Look Really Good
  • Sporty But Protective Enough

  • A Little Expensive

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Ahnu Sugarpine Boot

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The Sugarpine boots for women from Ahnu are great for any woman who wants to have the most wonderful design as well as a perfect protection and an incredible comfortability throughout their adventures when hiking. This perfect option comes with a leather and textile construction, as well as a rubber sole for more cushioning and traction, making the boot a lot more efficient.

Yet, the interesting thing about this boot is the waterproof feature, thanks to almost all materials from the lacing to the interior being incredibly breathable and dry with a perfect coating of any type of humidity that could harm the experience.

  • Comes in 12 Different Designs
  • Perfect Resistance and Durability
  • Vibram Sole Adds more Traction and Cushioning

  • Look A Little Weird

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Timberland White Ledge Boot

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The White Ledge from Timberland is a performance-oriented pair of boots with a leather construction that makes them much more durable, efficient and increasingly comfortable for all types of hiking. They offer the best experience for those women who are totally badass when it comes to adventures in the wilderness, helping them get through the hardest surfaces without any problem.

The rubber sole is incredibly good thanks to an incredible traction and wonderful cushioning. The ankle protection will maintain your feet well-protected at all times and the lacing won’t get damaged no matter the type of use you give it, whether it is too much sun or water.

  • Perfect for Highly-Active Hiking
  • More Cushioning and Comfort
  • Incredible Protection and Support

  • Look Simple

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Columbia Newton Ridge Plus

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Columbia is a wonderful brand for hiking and outdoor adventures that now comes with one of the most wonderful products – the Newton Ridge Plus. This pair of boots specially designed for women, offers an incredible leather construction with a perfect synthetic protection, making the boot work for all types of environments and uses, still offering a good-looking gear as well.

The outsole offers an OmniGrip technology that makes have a higher traction than others, and will also protect you against water and other weather conditions without any problem. They also look really good, sturdy and badass without a doubt.

  • Well-Priced for The Quality
  • Incredibly Supportive and Protective
  • Durable and Resistant Construction

  • Not Too Waterproof

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DailyShoes Military Combat Bootie

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Here we have a more fashionable design for women who prefer looking good than having protection. Yet, they are incredibly comfortable and will work for almost all types of adventures without any problem. They come with an additional side pocket where you can store your keys or any other small object for more convenience.

They come in more than 20 different styles and colors, offer a rubber sole for more traction and, without a doubt, are the most stylish option in the list. They won’t be as protective as others options for your hiking activities, yet they will provide the perfect looks to use them everywhere else.

  • Incredibly Good-Looking with More than 20 Designs
  • Well-Made Durable Construction
  • Utterly Comfortable

  • Not Protective as Others

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Merrell Moab Ventilator

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Even though they look more like shoes than boots, they can, without any problem, enter the categorization and be used the same wonderfully. They are incredibly good-looking, comfortable and supportive of your feet as any other boot. Additionally, they are waterproof and offer a superior traction so you don’t have any problem when using them in the harshest surfaces.

The Vibram sole also comes with superior cushioning for more protection. The fresh upper construction offers more breathability and will maintain your feet protected at all times no matter where you use them. And of course, they are incredibly comfortable.

  • Really Comfortable
  • Incredibly High-Quality Construction
  • Look Good For Hiking

  • Feel a Little Expensive

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KEEN Targhee II Mid WP

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Even though this pair of boots is a little more expensive than any other on the list, they are incredibly more resistant, long-lasting, good-looking, supportive and offer much more comfortable as well. Simply, they are one of the most recommended boots for any women who are thinking of doing a little hike.

These boots are made from the highest-quality leather out there, with a rubber sole for incredible traction and a mid-height protection for your ankles and overall walking comfort. The footbed and midsole are made from EVA for better cushioning as well, making them greatly supportive too.

  • Incredibly Comfortable and Supportive
  • More Cushioning and Protection
  • Will Last Longer Than Any Other Option

  • Expensive


We know hiking is not a common activity everyone performs, that’s why we want to help you choose the product that best fits your needs and desires. Here we are going to show you everything you need to consider when buying hiking boots, from the type of boots you want to some great recommendations to make your final purchase:

  • Types of Boot

There are three main types of hiking boots available, and all of them work differently, offer different uses and have a different cost. For example, the most common are the hiking shoes, which are much smaller and versatile, with a low-cut design and excellent comfort. Yet, they are not as protective and are mostly recommended for low-action hiking.

Another type of boot is the normal boots, with a mid-level cut that is not too tall or small to be incredibly comfortable and very protective as well. These models tend to be flexible yet not as comfortable as the hiking shoes.

Finally, the backpacking boots are the highest and a little more uncomfortable type of boots. They are designed to help hikers to do all types of activities without a problem, they tend to be a lot more durable and resistant to all weathers as well as being more sturdy and offering better support. They also tend to be pricier and heavier.

  • Materials

Depending on how good the materials of a boot are, you will obtain better or worse breathability, durability, water resistance, weight and even comfort. The most common types of materials are:

  • Synthetic Leather: synthetics like polyester and nylon are a little less durable and lighter than normal leather. Also, they offer a stiffer feeling and bad appearance. But it tends to be more breathable and offers a smoother feeling. They also tend to be easier to clean.
  • Natural leather: this type of leather offers great durability as well, more anti-wear resistance but is less water resistant. Supports the hardest of terrains and feels a little harsher than synthetic. It is a little heavier and less breathable but offers a more comfortable feeling.
  • Waterproof: waterproof coating like PU is a wonderful type of materials that can be used both in leather and synthetic to add more resistance towards the water. This makes the boots be better in performance and durability. Yet, with this type of coating, the boots tend to be less breathable and make feet smell bad.
  • Insulated: There are various materials that are used on boots that help to make a warmer feeling as well. This type of material tends to be cotton and wool, which are often the materials that make the interior of the boots. However, there are synthetic insulators that are a little more effective but much more uncomfortable.
  • EVA: This common material is used for soles and is incredibly helpful for traction and support. Also, they add a cushioning feature for more protection when hiking.
  • Polyurethane: Another type of rubber for soles, it is a little firmer and durable than EVA, yet it is a little more uncomfortable and stiffer. But it adds incredible protection and supports all types of terrains and weathers.
  • Comfort

Every woman wants the right type of shoes that not only look good but fit their feet perfectly. And the only way to do this is to find comfortable shoes according to your type of feet and desire. For this, always look for boots a little bigger than your normal size, this way you can ensure a better experience when hiking, with less sore effects and a more comfortable adventure.

There are also many other recommendations you should take into account when buying these boots for women, like:

  • Always wear good shoes. No matter the type of hiking you intend to do, using the right types of shoes will make the experience a lot better at all times. Make sure the shoes also offer a great interior protection.
  • Try to test the boots before buying them. If you can’t, ask for other people to do it or look for reviews or comments about how the size of the boot works. This way you can ensure a more comfortable experience.
  • The highest-quality boots are the ones from the highest-quality brands. If you see a pair of boots from a famous good brand you know, they may be good as well.
  • Always make sure the sole of the boots look really well-made and resistant. This is one of the most important parts.
  • All hiking shoes or boots should always be lace-up and with shoelaces, otherwise, they may not be as resistant, durable, comfortable or worse, protective.

As soon as you learn everything you need to learn about hiking boots, we are more than sure, the right choice will be closer to you. Just make sure you take into consideration all the important features and details, as well as our recommendations and reviews. This way you will make a perfect choice for your next hiking boots without a doubt.

The right choice for hiking boots is just a few clicks away, consider each one of these choices and our recommendations and you will have no doubt in which boots you need.

Don’t go hiking without first buying the right type of boots, here we have everything you need and more – come and take a look!

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