10 Best Hiking Shoes 2019 really comfortable and durable in the world

Interested in going hiking this next summer? Do it using the right shoes and you won’t have any problem at all…

When hiking, it is normal to feel a little pain in your feet after some time, start getting your legs tired and sometimes even feeling a certain sore in your back. But you can avoid this exponentially if you start using the right shoes. Hiking shoes, for example, will make your experience a lot more comfortable, less painful and of course, much more entertaining and joyful.

These shoes will help you a lot, in many ways, yet you will have to buy the right ones if you really want to get that experience. For that, we have the perfect guide to help you choose correctly…

10 Best Hiking Shoes Review 2019

Northside Burke II Sandal

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Not entirely a shoe but more a sandal, it will still make a great option for any woman who wants to go hiking and at the same time get a comfortable, breathable and incredibly efficient performance. These sandals will, in every way, offer exactly what any person could expect from any hiking shoes, but in a much more comfortable and lightweight model than any other.

The footbed of the sandal is really good, cushioned for more comfort and protection against shocks. The sole is synthetic, making it really efficient and anti-slippery for the hardest of environments and comes with a mesh lining in the top alongside an opened design for more ventilation for the feet.

  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Wonderful Breathability
  • Really Affordable

  • Not Waterproof

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Adidas Outdoor AX2 Shoe

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A more sporty yet incredibly efficient hiking shoe, the AX2 from Adidas Outdoors is a perfect choice for those women who desire a good-looking model with great comfort but without sacrificing any performance or protection. It comes with a rubber sole for more protection and grip on wet conditions, offers an EVA midsole for better cushioning and a great overall fit for better balance.

The shoe is made of textile and synthetic, making not both resistant against water but also really comfortable. You won’t experience any problem with this shoe, even in the hardest of environments, it is practically one of the most effective out there.

  • Looks Really Good in all 3 Different Models
  • Wonderfully Water Resistant
  • Comfortable and Protective Design

  • Doesn’t Fit as Expected

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Oboz Sawtooth Low

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This is a lower version of a hiking shoe, doesn’t have a big soft sole but on the other hand will offer a much more grip-effective and performance-oriented experience. Made of rubber, the sole is really good, working alongside a leather and textile construction that makes it much more resistant and durable. The heel is really good as well, working well with the sole to give a better performance and much more comfortable feeling.

With a BFit Deluxe insole, the shoe is much more stable and supportive on every step, offers great EVA Nylon Shank midsoles for increased flexibility and a wonderful comfort as well. And what’s even better, the shoe is lighter than any other out there.

  • Performance-Oriented Shoe with Great Grip
  • Really Supportive & Comfortable
  • Wonderfully Lightweight Shoe

  • Expensive

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Salomon Speedcross Trail Runner

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Offered in 17 different good-looking designs, the Speedcross Trail Runner is a perfect addition to any woman’s hiking gear, both for its incredible grip in the hardest of environments thanks to a rubber special design sole, and a perfect Speedcross lug pattern for more balance, stability and quality experience.

The shoe is made of synthetic and part textile, making it really durable, water resistant and good-looking too. However, its best feature is the Sensifit technology, that offers great comfort alongside the Quicklace for a perfect feeling and the endoFit, making it flexible, shape-effective and really performance-oriented.

  • Great Innovative And Effective Design
  • Incredible Quality all Around
  • Much More Grip-Effective Than Others

  • Can Feel a Little Too Tight

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Ahnu Sugarpine Air Mesh

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Looks a little classier than any other, yet its design is incredibly effective, both for its performance and its beautiful construction. Made of leather and fabric, it is not a low-quality product that will last a few uses, it actually offers an incredible long-lasting performance for years – making it a perfect choice for those women who love beautiful designs and quality products at the same time.

The shoe is made of breathable fabric with mesh alongside nubuck leather, an adjustable heel strap for more balance and an EVA midsole for a soft and protected shock resistant feature. Additionally, the footbed is wrapped with cork and the rubber outsole offers a carbon design for greater grip.

  • Looks Beautiful
  • Offers Great Comfort and Stability
  • Incredibly Long-Lasting

  • Not Recommended for Wet Environments

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Tesla All-Terrain T320

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Specifically made to offer the highest-quality performance on the harshest trails, this T320 shoe from Tesla is, without a doubt, a perfect choice for practically anyone. Thanks to a great nylon and synthetic leather construction alongside a mesh design, this wonderful product will last a long time, offer great performance, and of course, be much more comfortable that you can think of.

The sole of this shoe is what makes it really good. Thanks to a shock-absorbent highly effective synthetic sole working alongside a perfect heel cup, it offers much more protection than many other options, making it a perfect choice for any man out there.

  • Incredible Low Price
  • Really Comfortable and Stable
  • Great Grip and Performance

  • Low-Quality Materials

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Columbia North Plains II

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Do you prefer a harshly-looking design with a better performance-oriented construction for more durability and great protection? Without a doubt, this Columbia North Plains II will make you feel totally satisfied, both for its performance and for how good it looks as a hiking shoe.

The shoe is made of leather with nylon webbing and fabric upper, offering a great rubber sole for better grip, incredible performance on wet environments and an Omni-grip technology that makes it much more effective. The toe cap is made of rubber, making it more protective and waterproof, with a wonderful construction throughout the rest of the shoe.

  • Really Grip Effective and Comfortable
  • Greatly Performance-Oriented
  • Perfect Rugged Design

  • A Little Too Heavy

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KEEN Targhee II

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With a name like the Targhee II, you can be sure you won’t find a shoe more interesting than this. Not only it offers a rough yet beautiful design, it will also allow you to use for years before giving a signal of wear or before it stops offering a great performance in all types of environments.

It is really comfortable, offers a great heel pull for more convenience when using it and a great padded tongue that works perfectly with a collar for even more comfort. The outsole is really good, offering great grip yet still being protective and supportive. In short, this shoe is almost perfect, thanks to a great leather and fabric construction that is practically the highest quality out there.

  • Look Awesomely Good and Rough
  • Great Material Construction
  • Long-Lasting, Protective and Comfortable

  • Expensive

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Merrell Moab Ventilator

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As it name implies, this shoe is designed to offer much more breathability and comfort than any other. But of course, it doesn’t leave any performance or durability behind, looking really rugged and more hiking-oriented, it will be good enough for any other type of activity without any problem.

The shoe is made of leather with a little synthetic material, offering a great waterproof feature yet being greatly clouded by its meshed upper for incredible ventilation. The rubber bumper on the front and the heel counter make the shoe more protective, and working alongside a Multi-Sport TC5+ sole, it is both comfortable and incredibly shock-resistant.

  • Offers Incredible Ventilation
  • Wonderfully Comfortable and Protective
  • Really Effective Sole

  • Unreliable Sizing

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ASICS GEL Venture 5

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ASICS is normally among the highest-quality shoes out there, and there’s no doubt that with the Venture 5 GEL hiking shoe they made another practically perfect product of the most wonderful quality imaginable. The shoe looks like a running shoe, offering great performance in harsh environments yet being incredibly flexible and wonderfully supportive too.

The shoe is constructed with mesh and synthetic materials, offers a great rubber sole for increased grip and a wonderful GEL cushioning to protect the feet against the hardest of shocks. It can be used for practically anything without any problem. Additionally, it can be used with medical orthotics.

  • Look Wonderful for Its Quality-Oriented Designs
  • Incredibly Comfortable and Supportive
  • Last Longer and Offer Effective Performance

  • A Little Less Effective In Wet Surfaces



There a few key points everyone should know about hiking shoes. First, not all hiking shoes are the same, not only the way they look but entirely – from the sole to the comfort – making it harder to find the right every time. But don’t worry, it is all about what you want and at the same time, knowing what these shoes offer. Here’s a guide to help you make the right choice:

  • Sole

The sole of a shoe is made of three parts, the insole, the midsole and the outsole. The insole is where you put your feet on, making it important as it will tell how comfortable and protective it can be. However, the midsole and the outsole tend to be a lot more important when it comes to supporting. For example, the midsole is the part between the insole and the bottom sole, normally made of a much harder and sturdy composition in order to make the shoes durable and resistant. On the other hand, the outsole is normally made of rubber or any other similar material, mainly made to offer better grip and traction, while also being responsible for half of the shock-resistant performance. Always look for a harder insole and midsole, while making sure the outsole is softer and more comfortable.

  • Waterproof

Not a doubt about one of the most important parts of a hiking shoe. It is normal to find streams, rivers, ponds, rain or even mud when hiking, that’s why it is important for the shoe to be water resistant. And it all comes down to the materials, where leather, nylon, and other synthetic options are really effective, while fabric or other more textile choices are less resistant in this way. A good coating can make a fabric be much better against water.

  • Fit

A hiking shoe needs to fit perfectly. If you use a shoe that is not tight enough, you can risk your health while hiking due to many possible dangers, while having a shoe that fits too tight can harm your feet, damage your performance and even be dangerous if you suffer an accident and can’t get it off on time. However, if you choose a hiking shoe that can be both really tight and still not harm your performance and be easy to get off – you may have found the perfect one. Try to make sure the shoe is at least half a size larger than yours but no more than one.

  • Weight

There’s no doubt how a lightweight shoe can be much better for hiking than a heavy one. Yet, sometimes using a lightweight shoe may not be as effective as needed, mainly because lightweight products tend to offer less protection and support, while heavier options are normally made to offer a lot more protection. It all comes down to the type of use you’re going to give it. For example, in really harsh environments, a heavier shoe will always be better, while in less demanding hikes, a light shoe will always be much more effective. Normally, a lightweight option is always better, unless you want to keep your feet more protected, even when it is unnecessary.

Here a few extra tips to consider when you are choosing a hiking shoe:

  • Hiking can be very demanding, so use a special insole if you need to and make sure your shoe is perfectly tightened and comfortable.
  • A good shoe will allow you to use it for 2 hours without rest and still feel comfortable and sore-free.
  • Toe protection, heel support, and ankle protection are additional features for those who want more protection. They come really handy on many occasions.
  • Ventilation and insulation may not seem really important, yet they can make your experience a lot different. Make sure the shoes are well-ventilated and insulated against unexpected weathers.

While choosing any other type of shoe may easily fall on just making sure it looks good – a hiking shoe needs to be chosen according to your needs 100% of the time. But that may not be too easy, that’s why you need to take into consideration every useful tip you can before making your choice, so the right shoe for you is not overlooked.

Always remember to choose your hiking shoe by first learning everything you can about each one of them – choose the one that will make your experience better and that’s it.

The right shoes for your hiking adventures can be the simplest one, but there’s no doubt it will make your experience more enjoyable.  Learn every other important tip here.

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