10 Best Polarized Sunglasses 2017

Need to protect your eyes from the sun while traveling? You may find the perfect protection in one of these excellent polarized sunglasses…

Sunglasses are helpful in many ways, but their first and most important feature is protecting your eyes against the sun. When these are polarized, the protection is better, so you can use the glasses for longer without feeling tired or hurt in any way. But there are different types of lenses, various types of polarization, and of course, different models that could tell not only how good they look but how effective and useful they are. And this is what you will have to take into consideration at all times.

To help you have a better idea of what you should look for – here’s a list of the most recommended products out there!

10 Best Polarized Sunglasses Review 2017

Carfia CA5100

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With a TR90 frame and polycarbonate lens, the Carfia CA5100 is an ultra-light and very protective design for those women who are looking for exceptional reliability and comfortable performance. They look good as well so you won’t have to worry about the style. And of course, they look modern enough so you can use them for whatever purpose without a problem.

The UVA, UVC and UVB protection of the polarized lenses makes it really useful if you are planning to travel to a sunny place. The polycarbonate lenses are also incredibly durable and will keep your vision clear and free of any distortion. These are perfect for traveling, and for any other use as well.

  • High-Quality Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Ultra-Light and Comfortable Design
  • Bright and Distortion-Free Vision

  • Unreliable Anti-Reflection Coating

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AKASO Sports Unisex

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The Sports Unisex sunglasses from Akaso are an attractive choice for anyone. They are really resistant, shock-absorbent, colorful, quality-oriented, and good-looking. They are also lightweight and comfortable to use, and of course, thanks to the polarized built, they offer increased protection against UV rays – also providing true-color restoration performance.

You can use these sunglasses for any type of activity, from traveling outdoors, hiking, golfing, snowboarding, cycling or just whatever without a problem. They look really good with a sporty and modern design and will offer, thanks to the quality built – less eye fatigue, glare-free vision, and perfect contrast.

  • Perfect for Demanding Activities
  • Sporty and Modern Look
  • Resistant and Durable Built

  • Not as Comfortable as Expected

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Torege TR002 Sport

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For people who want an improvement in vision clarity, performance and overall quality of design – the Torege TR002 is what they need. This perfect product offers an excellent quality construction made of polycarbonate and a rimless jacket design, you will obtain a great combination of performance, looks, and quality without any doubt.

They are also really comfortable to use, with a durable built and an entirely light design for easier use and portability. The UVA and UVB protected lenses make the sunglasses a lot better than others, as they protect a lot more than the majority. Additionally, they come with a soft nosepad, a cleaning cloth and a pouch for easier carrying.

  • Really Cool Rimless Jacket Design
  • Light But Durable Polycarbonate Built
  • Offer Great UVA and UVB Protection

  • Lenses Are Not Scratch Protected

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J+S Premium Military Aviator

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The J+S Premium Military Aviator sunglasses look good, offer excellent performance, protect your eyes completely, and will of course, last longer than many other options you can find on the market. They are resistant and easy to carry wherever you go. They are scratch resistant, offer a really clear vision and a distortion-free performance for a higher quality overall.

The frame is made of metallic alloy, providing increased durability while also being lighter and more reliable. The 400UV polarization makes these glasses more reliable for demanding activities as well, and of course, you can use them for practically anything, anywhere at any time without feeling tired eyes or sun damage.

  • Wonderfully Looking Glasses
  • Superior Quality Metallic Alloy Construction
  • Really Cheap for The Performance

  • Lenses Are Too Dark

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LUENX Aviator Sunglasses

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A unisex choice for people who like a military-grade performance and built – the LUENX aviator design sunglasses are simply the most desired option for many people. They offer increased protection against sun rays and will provide excellent performance in demanding activities as well. The arms are comfortable, and the entire frame is durable and resistant too.

They cost half of what others of the same quality cost, while also delivering the same quality or even more in many ways. These sunglasses feature an additional pouch, a case, and a really convenient cleaning cloth.

  • Superb Quality for the Price
  • Excellent Visibility and Durability
  • Good Protection and Performance

  • Weak Construction

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ATTCL Hot Retro Driving Wayfarer

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An ultra-light construction with a retro wayfarer design can’t simply get better than this. If you are someone who appreciates a perfect layout, an excellent quality built, and an increased performance lenses construction – these are the perfect sunglasses for you without a doubt.

The frame is made of metallic and magnesium alloy, the lenses are composite with a polycarbonate built. They are durable, reliable and resistant, while also being protective, efficient, good-looking, and of course, good enough to offer increased clarity, definition, and an entire distortion and glare-free performance at all times.

  • Incredibly Good-Looking Design
  • Superior Quality Frame Built
  • Protective and Efficient Lenses Design

  • A Little Smaller Than Expected

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Eye Love Yoga Glasses

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Eye Love is a brand that creates sunglasses with the purpose of helping those in need. However, the products, made by professionals in craftsmanship with the aid of sight health professionals, offering outstanding performance and quality overall so you can be totally assured you are buying perfect glasses for a good price.

The lenses are totally free of glare and distortion. They are protective and utterly resistant as well. The frame, on the other hand, is made of polycarbonate, with a solid coating for increased durability. Finally, the design is easily one of the most beautiful, especially for women.

  • Lovely Stylish Design
  • Superior Protection and Performance
  • Durable Built

  • Less Resistant Construction

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4est Shades Bamboo Wood

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The Wayfarer design of the Bamboo Wood 4est Shades sunglasses is one of the most recommended out there, both for their incredible quality and excellent performance. The frame is made with bamboo wood, the polarized lenses offer a polycarbonate built for increased protection and performance. And of course, they are made to last longer and be more resistant than others.

This option is easily the one you shouldn’t miss. These sunglasses not only offer increased quality overall but a really convenient set of a cloth pouch, a microfiber cloth for cleaning and a bamboo case you won’t believe.

  • Superior Quality Handcrafted Bamboo Wood Built
  • Durable, Resistant and Good-Looking
  • Really Protective and Clear Lenses

  • Not As Comfortable

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Duduma Du645 Sports Sunglasses

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Sporty sunglasses designs always attract those who like traveling, and with a proper durability and resistance, as well as a beautiful layout – there’s no doubt these sunglasses can be the perfect choice for many people. And that’s entirely understandable due to the unique sporty design with a versatile built, an unbreakable DU645 frame, superior-quality Duduma HD lenses and a totally ultra-light construction that simply makes them comfortable and reliable in every way.

Want to have a unique experience when traveling? These sunglasses can be your best option without any problem. They are simply better in almost every way.

  • Much Higher Quality For the Price
  • Unique Stylish Design
  • Superior HD Performance

  • Slightly Small

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PRIVÉ REVAUX The Commando Aviator Glasses

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Everyone likes premium-quality products for a perfect price, products that will last longer, offer excellent performance and be reliable at all times. That’s exactly what The Commando sunglasses from PRIVÉ REVAUX offer, a superior quality in their entirety for a really affordable price.

These feature a metal frame with mirrored polarized lenses. They are made to be used even in the hardest of conditions without any problem, and will, of course, offer an excellent performance nonetheless. They are incredibly protective as well, and will not, in any way, be uncomfortable or awkward to travel with.

  • Superior Quality Construction and Performance
  • Entirely Better Vision and Protection
  • Increased Durability and Resistance

  • Not Comfortable for Demanding Activities



Sunglasses come in various models and designs, offering different uses and qualities according to the type of endeavor you expect to do with them. Additionally, some of them may be more protective than others, have a clearer or darker vision, be more durable or more flexible and so on. To help you choose the one that goes better with your needs and desires – here you have the perfect guide with everything you need to know about polarized glasses:

  • Types

There are three main types or designs for polarized sunglasses. These are the military or aviator, offering a really well-made design recommended for semi-demanding activities as they are comfortable and resistant but not as much as sports sunglasses. These, on the other hand, offer much more reliability, and often much better construction and comfort so they can be used in demanding activities without a problem, while also being really protective and shock-resistant. Finally, the casual models, they offer superior comfort and good looks, but they are often not recommended for demanding activities and will not be as protective or resistant.

This means, if you are planning to go hiking, for example, a military or aviator product will be your best idea. If you plan to do outdoor sports, a sporty model will for sure be better. And if you, on the other hand, are just going to do simple traveling activities – go for a more casual design.

  • Colors

The color of the lenses affects the way you see everything. Darker lenses tend to offer a darker vision but much more protection, and clearer lenses provide a much brighter performance but less eye protection. This is really important to consider when buying, depending on the type of activity you plan on doing. If you are going to a sunny place, going for darker colors is always a better idea. Otherwise, choose clearer lenses for a much brighter experience.

  • Construction

The construction of polarized sunglasses is essential, both in the frame and the lenses. Most lenses are made of polycarbonate, polyurethane, glass, and acrylic with different coatings according to the quality of the design. There are anti-fog coatings, anti-glare coatings, anti-distortion coatings and more. These increase the performance exponentially and help to make the glasses much more useful. It is always recommended to choose glass if you are not planning on doing demanding activities. Else, go for plastics like PC or PU. Acrylic is much less durable, resistant and doesn’t offer good vision, but often much cheaper.

In the frame, standard materials are polycarbonate, metal alloys, magnesium, and less familiar but still really good – wood, acetate, and nylon. If you want a more durable product, go for metal alloys, aluminum or stainless steel. If you want more comfort and lightweight design, go for polycarbonate, nylon or acetate. And if you just want to try something different, wood is good enough. For demanding activities, try to go for plastic construction. For other types of less demanding activities, metal can be good enough.

Here you have a few additional tips to consider when choosing polarized sunglasses:

  • Try the sunglasses before buying if you can. Make sure they fit properly in the ears and nose. Tight products can be tiring, and loose ones may not be reliable.
  • Make sure you are choosing according to the type of activity you want to do when traveling.
  • Additional items like pouches, cleaning cloths, interchangeable lenses or frames, and even nose and ear pads, tend to increase the convenience and quality of the product. Consider options with these.

Most people would just go to the glasses store, choose the first option they think looks better and buy that. This can be a real mistake, especially when they are going to do a certain activity that demands a particular model they didn’t choose, getting an unreliable product, putting their eyes in danger, and sometimes just wasting their money. But you can avoid doing this if you consider each one of our recommendations and advice, making sure your next polarized sunglasses are perfect for you.

There are hundreds of sunglasses out there to choose, that’s why you need to take into account each one of our recommendations and advice. You won’t regret it in any way!

Allow yourself to have a much better experience with the right polarized sunglasses when traveling. One of these excellent options can be the perfect one for your next trip!

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