10 Best Rain Jacket 2019 (Really Comfortable and Sturdy)

Trying to avoid rain in your next travel to the jungle? A great rain jacket will help you stay dry at all times no matter how hard the rain – here’s how…

There’s no doubt rain can be really annoying and sometimes even dangerous, that’s why we must avoid it most of the time if we don’t want to get sick or else. But avoiding rain can be incredibly difficult, as water is one of the hardest things to stop once they get to start pouring from the sky.  The only way to do it is using a wonderful rain jacket like the following ones…

10 Best Rain Jacket Review 2019

Baleaf Outdoor

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Entirely black, made of high-quality nylon and with a wonderful price, the Baleaf Outdoor rain jacket is a great choice for anyone who’s not looking for a wonderful jacket yet still want enough quality to perform wonderfully at all times. Its waterproof construction will help you maintain water away from your body at all times, comes with its own hoodie and the nylon construction is incredibly comfortable too.

When choosing this jacket, you won’t have to worry about anything, as simple as that. It will maintain your body dry and offer a great and comfortable experience without having to pay too much.

  • Cheaper Than Others
  • Really High-Quality For Its Price
  • Comfortable and Good-Looking

  • Not Too Durable

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Zeagoo Rainwear

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Want a more durable yet still really effective rain coat? This rainwear from Zeagoo is simply one of your best choices without any doubt. The jacket is really good-looking, easy to use and can be packed so you can carry it with you everywhere you go without having to have it on. And of course, it comes with its own hoodie too.

It will maintain your body totally dry at all times, no matter how hard the rain is. It can be used for any type of activities and will always offer the same performance. And the zippers on the hoodie and the middle of the jacket are really well-made too.

  • Comes in Many Different Colors and +15 Designs
  • Durable and Good-Looking
  • Really Comfortable and Resistant

  • Sizes Are Not Accurate

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Frogg Toggs Ultra Lite

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Made to be used in occasional situations, the Frogg Toggs Ultra Lite rain jacket is a perfect choice for those who are not going to use it too much or else, who want a much more comfortable design that is both really lightweight, easy to pack if needed and wonderfully waterproof for more protection against rain.

It is made of polyethylene, so it is a lot lighter than any other out there. This way you can be sure you don’t have an incredibly durable jacket, yet a really effective one that can be used for any type of situation without problems.

  • Really Easy to Carry when Not Using
  • The Cheapest Rain Jacket
  • Really Comfortable and Lightweight

  • Not Too Resistant Against Wear

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ANGVNS Anorak with Detachable Hood

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This Anorak design from ANGVNS is a great choice especially designed for women who like to look good while being protected against the hardest of rains wonderfully. IT is made of polyester and spandex. This makes it not only high-quality for its durability, but also for its flexibility and ease of use. Additionally, it comes with a really convenient hoodie and long sleeves for much more protection.

The entire jacket is really breathable and comfortable. Can be easily carried and in order to wash it, you won’t have to do much more than just a little water.

  • Perfectly Comfortable and Well-made
  • Comes In 8 Different Colors
  • Looks Really Good for a Rain Jacket

  • Not Recommended for Hot Environments

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White Sierra Trabagon Jacket

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The Trabagon model from White Sierra is a wonderful addition to anyone’s travel gear as it is comfortable, resistant, durable and wonderfully protective. The polyester construction makes it really comfortable despite how protective for water it is, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet or anything.

The jacket is also breathable and well-vented thanks to specially designed vents that promote air flow internally to perfection. And if you like a much more comfortable design, you will have it, as well as a great pair of jacket pockets and a pouch.

  • Many Different Colors To Choose
  • Great Price for Its Awesome Quality
  • Resistant and Durable

  • Not Good-Looking

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Carhartt Rockford

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if you are a man who’s looking for a more attractive and good-looking version, the Carhartt Rockford is the premium choice for this. Made of nylon the jacket is incredibly waterproof, much more protective and without a doubt, wonderfully comfortable, more than any other on this list.

The jacket comes with its own hoodie, of course. It also offers great performance against all types of weathers and it will help you protect your valuable items as well thanks to a left chest pocket in case you need it.

  • Premium Quality Overall
  • Wonderful Performance and Durability
  • Really Good-Looking and Stylish

  • Tight on the Waist

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Gioberti for Men

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if you are short on budget but want a good option so you won’t have to get wet when it is raining outside, the Gioberti for men is a great choice, for sure. It is made of polyester, so you won’t have to worry about its performance or about its quality and durability. Additionally, it will help you maintain a much dryer body while using, without any problem.

The zipper it comes with is also one of the most quality-oriented in the market, alongside a great design that looks good enough and will help you maintain your body dry as well as ventilated at all times.

  • High-Quality Affordable Option
  • Resistant, Durable and Really Comfortable
  • Looks Really Good for Its Price

  • Hoodie Can Be Uncomfortable

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Portwest Classic

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For those who are not looking for a good-looking or else wonderful option to buy for a rain jacket, this Portwest Classic type will be an incredible addition to your outdoor items without a doubt. You won’t get wet for sure, and it is made of great nylon and PVC fabric in order to make it much more protective and incredibly soft as well for more comfort.

All zips perform well enough and it’s utterly ventilated for much better performance at all times. Simply, the Portwest is a wonderful option for those who don’t need much more than just a rain jacket to avoid getting wet when raining hard.

  • Incredibly Cheap
  • Quality-Oriented and Well-Made
  • Wonderfully Resistant and Durable Construction

  • Mostly Recommended for Occasional Use

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Charles River New Englander

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Looks good, offers great protection, can be used at all times and will make you feel totally comfortable and well-ventilated at all times – the New Englander from Charles River is a great choice for those women who are not looking for much more than just a great choice for when it’s raining outside that looks both good and sturdy.

Charles River Apparel made a great jacket this time, offering much more protection against water and great performance for all types of uses. Any woman will feel really good using one of these, without any doubt.

  • Looks Really Good for Women
  • Comes Really Well-Made And Resistant
  • Utterly Comfortable At All Times

  • Frontal Zip is Not Too Reliable

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Columbia Watertight II

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Columbia always delivers high-quality products for outdoor use, like the Watertight II, a wonderful option for those who need a higher-quality product that is both resistant and durable but won’t get behind in its looks or performance against water and rain.

The shell is made of pure nylon and the interior is polyester, protective and comfortable at the same time. Additionally, it comes with an Omni-tech feature for more ventilation and fresh feeling inside. And if you want to feel like you’re wearing a good-looking jacket, this one is the one for you without any doubt.

  • Will Last Longer Than Any Other
  • Much More Protective and Comfortable To Use
  • Wonderfully Performance-Oriented

  • A Little Pricey



Raincoats or rain jackets as they are normally known, are wonderful products that you will be glad to have when it’s raining hard outside or when you go traveling to rainy environments. That’s why it is important to make sure it is the jacket you prefer, that fits your needs and that offers great protection. But you won’t know to choose the right one if you don’t know what makes them be good, that’s why you need to follow this guide:

  • Material

The most common materials for rain jackets are Gore-Tex, eVent and all the PU combinations and mixes like Polyester, Polyethylene, Polyurethane and so on. Yet, nylon is also very common as well, all of these being really protection and comfortable almost at the same level. Yet, only the first two, Gore-Tex and eVent are mostly encountered in the premium options, as they are a little more protective and feel a lot better on the skin.

  • Waterproof

There’s no doubt the main feature a rain jacket must comply for, is being waterproof. That’s why you need to make sure it is good enough for this, so you won’t get any water inside your jacket at any time, no matter how hard the rain is. But how do you find if the jacket is protective or not? Well, look for the jackets that offer at least a 2-layer construction, the 3-layer being the most protective of them all. There’s also a 2.5-layer type of jacket, which is both protective and waterproof too. However, it all comes down to what you really need, as 3-layer are often much less ventilated and thus, much hotter and sometimes even uncomfortable.

  • Sizes

Rain jackets may seem easy to choose and to fit in a body, but that’s entirely untrue. These coats are often the most difficult to use within the many different items you can use to keep water off your body. These sizes will depend immensely on many different details, from the arms to the upper body and your core, just take into account all these factors and you will make a better decision. However, they always come in the same sizes as other shirts or jackets, they are just a little inaccurate most of the time.

  • Type of Use

It may not seem important, but depending on the type of use you’re going to give the jacket, you will have to choose accordingly. This way you won’t choose a really insulated and warm jacket to go to the jungle in a rainy yet hotter environment. The same happens when choosing one to go, let’s say, to a rainy forest or a cold environment in Canada. As said before, a 2-layer coat tends to be better for its ventilation and comfort, yet it is not recommended for cold weathers. The other way around when it comes to the 3-layer models, which are often much warmer so they won’t make a good choice for hot conditions.

The right rain jacket is waiting for you, do not hesitate to make your choice, go ahead and try to choose the one that will fit your needs easily. This way you won’t feel like you made a bad decision, so consider our recommendations at all times so you can buy yourself a great raincoat today and avoid having to get wet when it rains outside.

Stop getting wet when going camping or to a rainy environment, use a rain jacket and feel like you are the driest person on earth when it rains.

Come and see for yourself the many great options you have for rain jackets, you won’t believe how good some of them are.

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