10 Best Ski Jackets 2019 (Make You More Fun in Extreme Cold)

Expecting to have the most wonderful winter vacation? Don’t let extreme cold harm your comfort, choose the highest-quality ski jackets out there and make yourself secure against anything.

While doing some snow sports, it is normally to get really wet and sometimes even dirty, but there’s no problem unless you are not protected when your body starts feeling the hash of this kind of environment. That’s why you need a ski jacket, an action clothing item that will help you maintain your body secure, comfortable and protected against any weather condition – no matter the activity you’re practicing.

But there are thousands of jackets out there, some of them being really bad quality – and you don’t want to choose one of those for sure. So, what better to take a look at some of the highest-quality jackets out there? Here we have exactly what you need…

10 Best Ski Jackets Review 2019

Vcansion Mountain Jacket

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Coming in military colors and more glowing ones as well, the Vcansion Mountain Jacket is a perfect action item you will be able to use wherever you want without any problem. Offers high-end zippers, 100% high-quality polyester, a wonderfully effective waterproof fabric, a breathable nylon fiber, a 2-layer construction for better insulation, and a removable hood to make it much more convenient for winter use – this jacket is almost perfect.

Additionally, the jacket is really quick to dry after use; you won’t have any problem with it getting too humid or condense on the inside. And if you like a good-looking design, there’s no doubt this jacket offers that and much more.

  • Incredible Water Resistant & Quick-Dry Features
  • High-End Military Zippers
  • Wonderfully Good-Looking Designs

  • Not As Comfortable as Others

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Arctix Tundra Performance

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The Tundra Performance jacket from Arctix is a perfect addition to anyone’s winter items due to its wonderful good-looking design, effective insulation, greatly protective construction and immensely useful pocketed design. It comes with YKK zippers, a microfleece removable hood, a reflective webbing to make it better at night and great ThermaTech insulation for a warmer feeling.

The many different pockets it has makes it really convenient, the entire fabric is well-insulated, comes at a wonderful price and it is protected by a lining coating of 210T taffeta, one of the most recommended coatings out there.

  • Incredibly Comfortable and Warmer Feeling
  • 7 Different Interior and Exterior Pockets
  • Really Good-Looking and Convenient Design

  • Not Recommended for Demanding Activities

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Lega Ski Jacket

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Wonderful for mountaineering, skiing, hiking, fishing and even just going for a walk in winter, this perfect jacket will offer the highest-quality experience you could expect. There’s no doubt about its quality thanks to the polyester construction that offers not only a waterproof ability but a soft and warmer feeling as well. It comes with a front zipper design, easy to use and really effective.

The entire material construction is breathable and really durable, offers a great protection against the coldest of weathers and it is waterproof, windproof and really fast to dry for a more convenient design. Additionally, it offers 2 interior pockets, 3 on the outside and a wonderful tight feeling for a more comfortable action performance.

  • Good-Looking Design
  • Protective, Waterproof and Windproof
  • Tight, Comfortable and Effective

  • Not As Warm Effective as Others

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Diamond Candy Softshell Sportswear

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An incredibly effective ski jacket for women, the Diamond Candy with a soft-shell construction will be really good for any type of use, as it is mainly recommended for action sports and the like. However, it can be used for practically everything, from skiing or snowboarding to a simple hike or anti-rain jacket.

The product is of nylon, super comfortable and really high-quality. The fabric has an Omni-tech technology for a warmer and breathable feeling. The fabric is also anti-microbial and offers a waterproof, windproof and an anti-wearing protection for more durability.

  • Really Affordable
  • Greatly Comfortable and Efficient Design
  • Fully Insulated & Protective

  • Less Durable Than Others

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Mountain Warehouse Dawn Snowproof Jacket

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Another specifically designed jacket for women, yet a lot more quality-oriented, efficient and incredibly more durable and resistant – the Mountain Warehouse Dawn jacket is a perfect addition to any women’s winter dresser, as it will offer exactly what any woman could need.

It is incredibly resistant to water, warmer with a better insulation, snowproof with a perfect fabric construction and a snowskirt to make it incredibly more fashionable for whatever purpose you desire. It comes with its own hoodie, offers a great tight performance and will be adjustable entirely from the hem to the cuffs, making it comfortable and well-fit.

  • Wonderful Waterproof Performance
  • Good-Looking and Effective Design
  • Incredibly Thick, Warm and Protective

  • Zippers Are Harder to Use

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Frogg Toggs Men’s Classic Pro Action Jacket with Pockets

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Known for making the most affordable high-quality products out there, Frogg Toggs came with one of the most recommended ski jackets you can think of. This wonderful cheap model is incredibly warm, protective and comfortable for a better performance wherever you are without having to pay half of what you need to pay for others.

It is ultra-lightweight for more comfort, greatly insulated for a warmer feeling, better design for more mobility, perfectly zippered and wonderfully waterproof. You won’t find a better price for a jacket this good, offering its own hoodie and a perfect design specifically made for a better action performance.

  • Really Warm and Protective
  • More Performance-Oriented
  • Incredible Price for the Quality

  • Not As Durable

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Wantdo Mountain Jacket

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Wantdo always makes great quality products for snowy environments and extreme conditions, and with this mountain jacket, there’s no doubt they keep doing a great job. With a professionally made warm fabric that maintains a better insulation with a 1200g cotton padding and a wonderfully effective waterproof feature that resists much more water pressure – this greatly performance-oriented jacket is perfect for anyone.

It is also windproof and protective. It offers a really comfortable tight feeling, a warmer performance and a greatly good-looking design all in just one well-made jacket for snow environments. Also comes with 2 hand pockets, 1 chest pocket and an internal security pocket for valuable items.

  • Greatly Protective and Durable Construction
  • Convenient and Warmer Design
  • Wonderful Good-Looking Design in 6 Different Colors

  • A Little Less Comfortable Than Expected

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APTRO GSOU Snow Colorful

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Not everyone likes a simple-looking jacket, many people actually prefer a more colorful and happy design for their snow items – and that’s exactly what this APTRO Gsou Snow jacket offers – the perfect design to keep a fashionable feeling while also getting the perfect performance you are hoping for.

This women jacket is anti-static thanks to a coated fabric that makes it hydrophobic and hydrophilic, waterproof, windproof, softer and much warmer. It last longer than any other jacket, offers great temperature insulation and breathability. Additionally, you will be getting a really comfortable design with better protection.

  • Good-Looking and Innovative Designs
  • Much More Weatherproof
  • Greatly Comfortable & Protective

  • Expensive

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The North Face Resolve

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Want a more effective, warmer, comfortable and good-looking jacket for your winter activities? The North Face Resolve will be exactly that and much more. This wonderfully made 100% nylon fabric jacket is perfect for any type of use, offering a great waterproof and windproof protection, as well as a perfect insulation for a warmer feeling wherever you are.

The jacket comes with two additional interior pockets, a hood, great comfortable collar with added insulation and soft feeling, a lightweight construction and an entirely well-made outer protection.

  • More than 40 Colors to Choose From
  • Comfortable, Warm and Effective
  • Incredibly Well-Made Durable and Resistant Construction

  • A Little Expensive

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Columbia Alpine Action Jacket

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With a 100% polyester construction and an Omni-tech technology for more insulation, the Columbia Alpine jacket for action performance offers a perfect experience for anyone who’s planning on doing any type of activity in a snowy environment. Additionally, the microtemp XF II coating makes it much more protective and insulated. The hem is well-made, adjustable and comfortable as well.

The waterproof fabric alongside a perfect windproof protection makes the jacket much more convenient and useful. It is also really breathable, offers great comfort, fits for practically everyone and will be more long-lasting than any other you can find. Columbia is a brand known for their superb-quality products, and this one is not an exception.

  • Incredible Performance and Quality Overall
  • Much More Protective, Long-Lasting and Comfortable
  • Greatly Effective and Good-Looking Designs

  • Expensive



If you are planning to go doing some snow sports soon, you will need a really good jacket. And choosing jackets may seem like it is easy, but that’s entirely wrong. Choosing a jacket can be a really hard job, whether it is about the quality and durability, or about the type of performance the jacket offers – you will need to choose accordingly. But don’t worry, here we have everything you need to learn about jackets and much more:

  • Materials

Most common materials for these jackets are nylon and polyester. Some models have a 100% polyester or nylon, while others may offer cotton or even leather in the interior construction. These types tend to be a lot warmer, softer and more comfortable, while the ones that are made of polyester tend to be less effective yet more durable and performance-oriented. The perfect jacket will offer the perfect materials for better performance and more protection; this would be polyester exterior and cotton inside. Others are not bad, but this would be a lot more effective.

  • Ventilation

Maybe the less important part of a jacket, yet still useful most of the time – the ventilation of a jacket, its breathability, makes it more apt to be used in certain scenarios. For example, a well-ventilated jacket will be much more effective in highly windy environments, as they maintain the exterior more protected but also the interior. This also avoids condensation in the inside and humid feeling.

  • Pockets

Most jackets come with pockets, they are not entirely necessary but these pockets can be really useful too. The perfect number of pockets depends on the design of the jackets. The majority comes with 2 or 3 different pockets, other designs may offer up to 5 or more and some may not even offer more than 1 or 2. If you want to choose correctly, make sure yours has at least 2. The more pockets, the more space you will have to store your items, especially the interior pockets that allow you to store valuable items like IDs, keys, cards, and the sort.

  • Hoodies

Hoodies are important, you won’t like to get your ears, neck or even your head to get too cold when in the snow. This way you can perform any type of activity, feel more secure, and still be able to have a wonderful experience. A good hoodie will be made of a resistant exterior like polyester or nylon, and offer a great fur or leather interior for better insulation.

  • Protection

This is all about the shell of the jacket. Protection means being waterproof, windproof and snowproof. A good shell will offer enough protection to keep you warm, dry, comfortable and tight enough. The more protection a jacket offers, the abler you are to have a better experience.

  • Lining

The lining is the part of the jacket that goes inside, the one that offers the insulation. As said before, leather, cotton, and fur are common linings, yet others like nylon taffeta are pretty good too, offering a more breathable feeling and a mesh design for a good performance. The most recommended lining, however, is satin, offering enough insulation, a long-lasting experience but higher price.

  • Fit

The final important feature of a jacket is the fit. How good a jacket will fit on your body, how comfortable, tight and performance-oriented it can be according to how it fits. Normally, a well-fitted jacket will also look good, yet it is much more important how it improves your protection and your athleticism. The more high-quality construction a jacket is, the better it will fit and thus, the better it will be for sports and different types of environments. However, it all comes down to the size and what fits you better.

But don’t worry. Choosing the right jacket will not be hard for you if you take into account each and every one of our recommendations, both for the products that best offer what you desire, and the different features you should look for. Choosing according to this will help you make a much better choice, just make sure you learn everything you can.

The right choice for your next winter hike or skiing adventure jacket is just a few clicks away, learn everything you can before making a choice and you won’t be disappointed.

Buying a ski jacket for your next winter activities? Here we have everything you need to know, from accurate advice on how to choose the highest-quality options you have – come and see!

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