10 Best Snorkel Gear 2019 (Make You an Incredible Experience)

Why snorkeling like an amateur where you can do it with the most efficient gear? Here we will tell you all the best gear for those times you want to adventure at the sea…

Taking a good look at ocean soil and wonders is an incredible experience, especially when you do it at a really good-looking place. But you won’t be able to do it if you don’t use a proper snorkel, no matter how beautiful it is the place you are at.

That’s why we’ve made sure to offer you a list of the highest-quality snorkel gear out there so you can choose accordingly and avoid making a bad decision. Take a look!

10 Best Snorkel Gear Review 2019

Speedo Recreation Set

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Made with the most resistant and durable silicone, Speedo brings one of the most wonderful snorkeling sets everyone could hope for. Simply being efficient and entirely comfortable, the Speedo Recreation set is a perfect option for anyone who’s short on budget and wants incredible performance and quality.

The lenses are anti-fogging, anti-scratch and extremely durable. You won’t have any problem with the breather either, as it is really efficient and utterly comfortable in almost every way. Additionally, you will obtain them at an incredible price.

  • Simple Looking
  • Durable and Resistant
  • Great Comfortability and Efficiency

  • A Little Smaller Than Normal

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U.S. Divers Cozumel Set

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Want one of the most efficient sets out there? The US Divers Cozumel is simply perfect for whatever type of use you intend to give it. This wonderful set piece for snorkeling will help you have the most wonderful experiences when diving without any problem. Thanks to great fins, wonderful mask, and perfect breather, your snorkeling will be a lot better, efficient and enjoyable entirely.

Apart from this, this set offers much more comfortability than any other, thanks to a great construction with great silicone materials that are just perfect to make them good in almost every way.

  • Wonderfully Convenient Complete Snorkeling Set
  • Much Better Quality and Efficiency Than Others
  • Comes in 5 Different Colors to Choose

  • Not As Durable as Others

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Seavenger Diving Set

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Coming in 10 different models and colors, the Seavenger Diving Set for men and junior users, is a wonderful option for those who need quality and convenience at the same time. This wonderful set of fins, mask and breather alongside their own bag to carry, will help you have the most wonderful experience at the sea without a doubt.

The lens is anti-scratch, the breather is extremely comfortable and the fins will help you achieve the higher speed while diving or simply swimming, this way your entire experience will be a lot better. It is also durable and resistant to wearing and scratches.

  • Great Performance and Efficiency
  • Well-Made Construction and Durability
  • Convenient Fins, Breather and Mask Set

  • Mask Need To Be Well Attached

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Phantom Aquatics Adult Set

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Want a set that offers everything at the perfect quality? From fins to your breather and a great visor, the Phantom Aquatics is simply a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy sea landscapes without any restraints. This wonderful piece is perfect for everything, offering the quality and performance you need when swimming for a much more comfortable experience.

You won’t have anything to complain about this set, as it is both cheap, high-quality and entirely efficient for snorkeling. Additionally, it is made to last when using it correctly, so there’s almost no bad thing to say about it.

  • Offers Wonderful Performance In Water
  • Great Durability With Proper Use
  • Wonderful Complete Set with Fins, Mask and Breather

  • Water Can Get Into The Goggles If Not Properly Attached

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Kraken Aquatics Dry Snorkel

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Even though this piece only offers the breather, you can be sure that it will one of the highest quality options, if not the most recommended among this bunch. If you have a pair of goggles apart, buying this one will be the best option for sure. This breather is simply awesome, it is larger, more comfortable and much more efficient due to a high-quality construction entirely.

It is also made of the best materials out there so your breather will last longer and helps you use it wherever you go at any time without any problem. Want to experiences the most wonderful undersea landscapes? Choose this breather and you won’t get disappointed in any way.

  • Incredibly comfortable to Use
  • Highest-Quality Out There
  • Wonderfully Effective Performance

  • Only comes The Breather

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MIDRY Pro Snorkeling PACK

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Want to have the most wonderful adventures when at the sea? You won’t find any better gear than the MIDRY pro snorkeling for sure. This wonderful piece of snorkeling that comes with a built-in breather is a perfect solution for your travels at the sea, so you can take a good look at what lies on the water like a pro and eventually enjoy from the most wonderful environments.

It comes with its own carry bag and offers an incredible quality entirely, both in construction and in efficiency. The breather is perfectly effective and the visor will always offer the best of experiences without any doubt. Just put your mask on and enjoy the best the sea can offer.

  • Incredibly Great Quality Materials
  • High-Quality Visor Entirely
  • Really Efficient Breather

  • Does Not Offer Anti-Fogging

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WSTOO Full Face Panoramic

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A full-face panoramic view from WSTOO, this snorkeling mask is simply perfect for all types of scuba diving in the sea. You won’t have any trouble when using it, thanks to its wonderful design and reliability, you can be sure that it will be entirely perfect at all times no matter the use. It comes at a perfect size, offers the perfect breathability and won’t ever get fogged or scratch easily.

Additionally, the materials are incredibly hard and durable, so your snorkel will last longer and be more efficient entirely. And even if you desire, you can attach a GoPro as well as record all your adventures like a pro.

  • Durable and Resistant Materials
  • Wonderful 180º Panoramic View
  • Comes in Various Designs

  • Can Feel a Little Too Tightened

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Dowellife Panoramic Mask

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This wonderful mask with built-in tube offers one of the most wonderful experiences for snorkeling. Thanks to its convenient design, this mask helps users to use the mask and nothing else. This way you can breathe and enjoy from undersea environments as easily and comfortably as watching television. Additionally, it offers a panoramic view so you can have the best experience without any problem.

The design is also one of the best qualities out there, offering an anti-fog feature as well as an anti-scratch for more durability and reliability. And even if you desire, you can attach a GoPro as well and record all your views.

  • Highest-Quality Visor and Materials
  • Really Convenient Built-In Breather Tube
  • GoPro Compatibility

  • A Little Expensive

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ProDive Dry Snorkel Set

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If you are looking for an extremely efficient piece of gear for your water adventures, the ProDive set is a wonderful option without a doubt. Here you will obtain both the visor and the breather, making sure you have a complete experience alongside their own carrying bag so you can take it with you wherever you go without a problem.

The highly-tech design offers a free-water experience, as well as an anti-fog feature that maintains their visor clear at all times. Additionally, the entire set is made of tempered glass and silicone, so it won’t get damaged easily and will improve your experience entirely.

  • Visors are Anti-Fog and Incredibly Reliable
  • Incredibly Resistant and Durable
  • Wonderful Price for Its Quality

  • Can Get Scratched

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Cressi Freediving Mask

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Available in 9 different wonderful colors, the Cressi Freediving Mask is a great option both for its quality and performance. This wonderful design offers everything you could want, from a really wide field of view to a comfortable and lightweight design for a much better experience when snorkeling.

The mask is specially designed to work with photographers and hunters, thanks to a much better view and the opportunity to fold it and save it in your BC pocket when swimming. It won’t ever let any water enter your face camera and it is made with highly resistant and protective materials.

  • Highly Protective and Resistant
  • Wonderfully Efficient and Helpful
  • Made With the Highest-Quality Silicone

  • Can Fog a Little


Choosing snorkel gear is not as easy as it seems. Most people think that having a breather and a mask is more than enough, but sometimes it is necessary to actually learn everything you can in order to make a better choice when buying. And this all fall on really knowing the most important factors of snorkeling, from the materials that offer more durability to the type of construction for more efficiency. Keep reading and find out more about it…

  • Materials

When it comes to snorkeling, the materials that are most recommended are silicone and plastic. But if you want to have a higher performance and quality throughout your swimming and diving, silicone is the material you should always look for. Silicone is simply better in almost every way, from comfortability and ease of use to durability and resistant against shocks, scratches and even saltwater.

When you go choosing snorkeling gear, just make sure every piece is made of 100% silicone so you can receive the benefits from this wonderful material.

  • Breathers

Breathers are the piece for snorkeling everyone uses to breather underwater. But not all breathers are the same. Some of these come built-in into the mask, offering a more convenient use for your mask without having to attach an additional breather to your mouth, offering a more comfortable experience and sometimes a lot more efficient. Yet, these breathers tend to be less performance-oriented, as they do not allow users to go too deep and sometimes harm the position of the head, as the breather is not as versatile.

On the other hand, individual breathers can be incredibly efficient, especially when they are really long. Some of these are so long that will allow users to go as deep as 1 meter underwater and still offer great breathability without any problem.

  • Masks

Want your mask to be efficient and offer you great experiences? Make sure it is wider and much more comfortable. Yet, the most important factor is to make sure that it doesn’t filter any water inside and that it offers an anti-fog feature. Masks that are not too efficient, will allow water to go inside or fog all your visor and restrain you to see underwater landscape correctly. Also, it is important to choose an anti-scratch option, this way your visor will last longer and be much better and clearer to use.

  • Fins

Snorkeling doesn’t necessarily demand fins to swim or to dive, yet a lot of people like them because they add speed and make the experience a little more comfortable. And if you choose to buy one of these as well, remember that the most important factor is that they are not uncomfortable and that they are versatile enough to offer durability and resistance. Make sure they are not made with low-quality plastic as well, as they may just not last as long as you want.

Here you also have a few more tips to choose the proper snorkel gear:

  • Before purchasing, make sure the fins are always the perfect size for you. Sometimes people buy fins and forget about sizing. They are like shoes.
  • Masks that are clearer are much better both in performance and when it comes to cleaning them. Some dark masks may eventually offer less vision and be harder to clean.
  • Be aware of not flexible options, as they can be a lot less durable and resistant. That’s why it is important to ensure a silicone construction for more flexibility and durability.
  • If you like scuba diving, try to choose a set of Instead, if you prefer just snorkeling from the surface, choose only the mask and the breather.

As you see, the way for a perfect option for snorkeling gear is not as hard but still demands a little effort on your part. You just need to make sure you know what you need and what you want, and then you will for sure make a better decision. But don’t forget to take into consideration our advice; you won’t regret paying attention to those who know about it.

The most wonderful snorkeling gear is just a few clicks away, come and see what they offer and make your choice for the highest-quality option for your next sea travels.

Do not lose the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful underwater landscapes, choose one of these wonderful options for your snorkeling adventures and have the best experiences ever.

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