10 Best Survival Watch 2017

Want to get the ultimate survival tool for the most demanding outdoor activities? You won’t believe how useful a survival watch can be…

These helpful items can offer an incredible performance for all types of activities, making your outdoor experience feel a lot safer and comfortable. And you won’t have to depend on different tools, as you will have everything in just one watch easily. However, not all these watches come with everything needed for a real survival watch – so it is essential to identify which ones work and which don’t.

Here you have a list of the most recommended products on the market, so you can check and see which ones you feel are the ones you need for your adventures.

10 Best Survival Watch Review 2017

CakCity Digital Army Sports

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The CakCity Digital watch for military activities and sports is a perfect choice for those who like a modern and stylish look with an additional water resistant feature and proper durability. It is effortless to use and offers a great Lamp for increased visibility even under the hardest conditions and a shock-resistant construction for more durability.

The watch resists up to 50m of underwater performance, comes with an Alarm, a LED Display and also offers a perfect design to be used in outdoor sports and activities easily. It features a Stop Watch and a cool silicone strap with a reliable design.

  • Really Cheap
  • Good Quality
  • Waterproof and Shock-Resistant

  • Not as Durable as Expected

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Fanmis Military Multifunctional Wristwatch

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Doesn’t feature the latest and most useful tools but can still offer a good performance due to a Dual Time feature, an Auto Date performance, an Alarm, an Hourly Chime, a LED Display and a Back Light. It is a really complete model despite its low price.

The construction is made of plastic with a resin strap. It supports up to 30m of underwater performance and can be used in many different types of activities without any problem. It looks military with a sporty finish and can offer a fantastic performance in hard conditions thanks to a compact and well-made resistant built.

  • Really Useful Multifunctional Design
  • Excellent Quality for the Price
  • Looks Good and Reliable

  • Not Long-Lasting

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Seiko SND253 Tachymeter Watch

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Seiko has always delivered some of the highest-quality watches since it was funded, and there’s no doubt this watch also has that same quality they’ve been delivering over the years. Yet, as a military and survival product, it is made with a different construction to not only offer an increased and better performance but a more reliable built and superior quality overall.

This Seiko SND253 comes with a Japanese Quartz Movement and a Hardlex Crystal for increased durability and reliability. The case is made of stainless steel, making it really resistant to all types of environments, and thanks to its compact built, it can resist up to 100m underwater without a problem. Also, it comes with a Chronograph and a Tachymeter.

  • Professional Quality Construction
  • Increased Durability and Performance
  • Much More Resistant Built

  • Uncomfortable Band for Demanding Activities

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Luminox Men’s LM8822.MI Recon Point Black Watch

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Resistant to water up to 200m, this Recon Point Luminox’s watch is a perfect choice for those who want superior comfort, reliable construction, and an incredible performance even in the hardest of conditions. With a stainless steel case with anti-reflective sapphire and a molded rubber band with buckle closure, the overall quality of this watch is just excellent.

It works practically anywhere at any time, has a longevity of up to 100 years and comes with a compass for increased convenience in survival experiences. Features Arabic numeral hour markers and a rotating bezel that works incredibly useful alongside the Quartz movement analog display.

  • Excellent Waterproof Feature
  • Really Convenient Compass
  • More Durable and Resistant Than Others

  • Not Bright Enough

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Garmin Fenix 3 HR

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Garmin comes with a very good option for those who love technology. This smartwatch, despite not being too long-lasting regarding its battery, it can do everything and even more than most survival watches. This makes it really useful in most situations, and thanks to its 100m waterproof feature – you can be assured it won’t get broken when using it.

It is mainly made to be a sport or city watch, with Wi-Fi features, Bluetooth and so on. However, this great watch comes with other skills like a Heart Rate monitor, an EXO GPS Antenna with GLONASS, a 3-axis compass, an altimeter, a barometer, and much more useful features. It is made of steel with a glass bezel and a silicone band for comfort.

  • Powerful Performance and Quality
  • Incredibly Effective Additional Features
  • Resistant and Long-Lasting

  • Battery Is Not Efficient

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Citizen Nighthawk Eco-Drive

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A watch made of stainless steel entirely for more reliability and a superior design for incredible comfort – the Nighthawk Eco-Drive also lasts longer and offers perfect resistant to all types of environments without any problem. This robust watch is analog with a Japanese Quartz movement. It features with great features like a Dual-time display and a pilot’s slide runner.

The waterproof performance of this watch makes it really suitable for marine or water activities, as it can support up to 200m underwater without a problem. It offers good luminosity to be used in hard conditions and will warn the user whenever it has a little charge. Thanks to its Eco-Drive feature, it recharges itself with sunlight for a more survival-oriented performance.

  • Convenient Eco-Drive Rechargeable Feature
  • Overall Wonderful Quality
  • Durable, Resistant and Good-Looking

  • Uncomfortable for Demanding Activities

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Suunto Traverse

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As well as any other smartwatch, the Suunto Traverse looks like it’s not the most recommended product for outdoor activities. However, this great watch offers an incredible performance, quality, resistance, durability and fantastic functions that make it not only reliable in hard conditions but extremely useful as well.

This excellent watch features a GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation, as well as a Barometer, Altimeter, speed and distance tracking, a digital compass, and a 100m waterproof resistance. Easily, this can be the perfect watch for survival activities despite having a fast-consuming battery. It is made with stainless steel entirely.

  • Powerful Quality and Performance
  • Resistant and Durable Stainless Steel Built
  • Really Convenient GPS Function

  • Battery Is Not as Durable as Others

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Timex Expedition Shock

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The Timex Expedition Shock is a watch that was designed with the sole purpose of delivering a lasting and resistant performance in the most demanding outdoor activities without a problem. It complies with the most demanding I.S.O shock resistance standards and can be used in up to 200m underwater.

The watch comes with a digital compass, features a light-up Indiglo dial and a bunch of other useful functions. The case is made of resin as well as the strap, making it much more reliable even in the hardest conditions.

  • Incredible Quality Construction
  • Impressive Performance in Hard Conditions
  • Really Convenient Additional Features

  • Strap is Not As Reliable as Expected

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LIV Watches Genesis X1

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LIV Watches is a brand that is not as recognizable as others, making it a real gift for those who really know how good their watches are. The Genesis X1, for example, is a masterful construction and great design watch with a premium quality overall, offering exceptional durability and resistance, as well as being totally good-looking without a doubt.

It is made of stainless steel in the case, features a 3-dimensional multilayered dial, a date function, and a Swiss Jewel Gold Quartz movement. The bezel is made of an anti-reflective and anti-scratch sapphire crystal and offers a luminous performance. What’s even better, it can resist up to 300m underwater easily.

  • Outstanding Premium Construction
  • Offers Excellent Durability and Resistance
  • Looks Incredibly Good

  • Doesn’t Offer Many Survival Features

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Casio Pathfinder Triple-Sensor

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The Pathfinder Triple-Sensor watch with a solar-powered battery, is the perfect and most recommended survival watch anyone could have. It offers every important survival feature like an altimeter, a thermometer, a barometer, a compass and even a world time feature that can be paired with 31 different time zones from 48 different cities. It features an alarm, a second stopwatch and an incredible power-saving function for increased reliability.

The case is made of stainless steel and a mineral window bezel. The analog display features a Quartz movement points and comes with a titanium bracelet with a double-locking system. It resists up to 100m underwater without any problem.

  • Incredibly Convenient Solar Power Function
  • Extreme Resistance And Durability
  • Potent Survival Features

  • Lack a Little Luminosity in the Digital Display



When looking for a survival watch, you need to consider a few important things. This way you can make sure you’re selecting the right watch for you, according to what you need and what you want. Here we have a guide explaining which these features you need to consider are and why – take a look:

  • Types

There are three kinds of watches out there: Mechanical watches, Digital watches, and Quartz watches. These three are different from each other, and offer different uses, reliability, performance and overall usefulness.

Mechanical watches, for example, are often reliable and performance-oriented. However, they don’t generally offer too many survival features and won’t resist as much underwater use or hard conditions resistance as others. Mechanical watches can get broken with hard shocks, or just misconfigured. They are not too recommended for survival performances.

Digital watches do offer excellent performance and durability but don’t provide too much battery power due to the more demanding system. Yet, they are often much more useful providing superior survival features and a reliable construction overall. The display is digital, of course, and is much easier to read than other types.

Quartz watches tend to be good enough, sometimes offering good survival features and incredible durability and resistance. They are typically uncomfortable for survival uses but can be good enough in most cases, especially in the premium-quality products. The quartz movement is the most reliable out there and the most durable as well.

  • Construction

Most survival watches need to be made with highly resistant materials like resin or stainless steel when it comes to the case. The straps, on the other hand, need to be versatile and flexible, with a material like leather, silicone, flexible resin, rubber or even metal in cases when it is well-made. And the bezel or display needs to be really resistant as well, maybe made with glass, crystal and, in the most expensive options, with sapphire crystal or something alike.

  • Survival Features

Tons of features can be incredibly useful in the wilderness, like a compass, an altimeter, a barometer, a thermometer, a GPS, and other additional tracking systems. However, in most cases, a compass is the only necessary option, and often, more than enough to make a good survival watch. The most expensive options may offer a digital GPS, and tracking systems like distance and so on. Other options may provide an altimeter and a barometer to measure wind and altitude. And of course, a thermometer may be handy when you want to measure temperature, in cases when you need to protect yourself. Simply, survival features are beneficial and are almost essential to have, especially in the most expensive products. They are useful but not necessary, especially if you are trying to go into the wilderness for more than one week.

So, do you need to have the most powerful or the most useful survival watch? Here we have both of these options and much more to choose from. Make sure you choose the right one by taking our recommendations and tips into account, so you don’t get disappointed later on when trying the watch.

Allow yourself to have the perfect survival partner and don’t ever find yourself in stressful wild situations – never with the right watch!

Want to know why survival watches are so good and useful for outdoor activities? Here you have an idea and some of the most recommended choices out there. Come and see to find out!

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