10 Best Tactical Watch 2017

Are you looking for a top-notch, durable, useful and utterly resistant against all weathers and uses? A military-grade tactical watch may be exactly what you’re looking for – a watch like these…

Nowadays, more and more people are opting to buy military watches because they tend to be a lot better in many ways, even though they look sporty and rough. But why? Well, it may be just because they are more durable, more accurate, full of great features, resistant to almost all types of weathers, shocks, and even underwater use. Yet, these watches are not always this good, and sometimes they may be really confusing to buy.

That’s why it is important to know what a good tactical watch is and why. If you want to learn more, keep reading and find out!

10 Best Tactical Watch Review 2017

BINZI Big Face Sports Military Watch

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Want a cheap, very affordable but durable and totally useful watch? This one may be the most suitable option for you without a doubt. A digital watch, that as any other, displays the hour and the date, yet, this one does it with more accuracy than even many other watches with a bigger price.

The best of this watch is its luminous display, which allows the user to take a good look at the hour at anytime, anywhere without a problem. It looks luxurious even though it is low-quality and cheap. Additionally, it is waterproof when it comes to rain and slightly wet environments as it can be used underwater, for swimming or taking long baths.

  • Incredibly Affordable
  • Looks Really Good for A Cheap Watch
  • Slightly Waterproof

  • Materials and Construction are Not the Best

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CakCity Military Men’s Digital Sports Watch

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A good military watch can also be cheap and affordable. Most military and tactical watches out there tend to be somehow expensive due to being harder and more resistant. Yet, with the proper construction and design, one of these watches can be incredibly affordable as well – like the CakCity Military’s Watch.

It is really good-looking, with a bright and easy to use time. It has a wonderful shock resistant feature as well as a waterproof option that allows users to go 50m underwater easily. Additionally, it comes with great features like LED black lights, Auto Date, Alarms and of course, a great durable construction.

  • Well-Made Affordable Watch
  • Good-Looking and Sporty
  • Good Waterproof and Shock Resistant Features

  • Not As Durable As Others

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Armitron Sports Men’s 408209BLK Digital Watch

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Among the low-budget tactical devices out there, the Armitron Sport is another great option for a medium-quality brand on the watches industry. This wonderful watch, made by a great brand, is really good, really durable, good-looking, and offers great features that make it just perfect for those on a low budget.

The case is made of black resin, the top ring is polished, it is incredibly shock and scratch resistant as well as waterproof for more than 100m underwater. It comes with an alarm, lap time, a clock-face military, and the perfect design that will satisfy anyone, from sportsmen to military officers. It comes with a great buckle band as well that is even more resistant than the body.

  • Great Resin Construction
  • A wonderful Resistant Band
  • Really Useful Features and Water-Shock Resistance

  • Can Be Hard To See At Bright Environments

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Seiko Men’s SNK809

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The Seiko Men’s SNK809 looks like a simple and day-to-day watch without any tactical or military grade features. Yet, this watch is more durable, resistant, high-quality and comfortable than many others. Actually, with a stainless steel bezel, a Hardlex mineral window, analog display with 21-jewel-precise movement and a wonderful luminosity for better use on difficult environments, this a wonderful option for those who are short on budget.

It is simply perfect if you think about it, with a black nylon strap it offers more comfortability but durability as well and wonderful resistance. Yu won’t have to worry about anything at any time. It also allows users to change the date from English to Spanish.

  • Incredibly Resistant and Durable for its Price
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Well-Made Hardlex and Stainless Steel Construction

  • Doesn’t Offer Many Tactical Features

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Timex Ironman Classic 30

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The Timex Ironman is a wonderful option as well, especially for people who prefer little watches and more comfortable designs. Also, being a Timex, it is a well-made, powerful and very durable watch that also offers great features like an extremely accurate time, an efficient display, and more than 3 different alarms so you can use however you desire.

It comes with a 38mm resin case, extremely resistant against shock, scratches, and water as well. But the great thing about this wonderful watch is not only its toughness but how durable it is for a wonderful price. Even though it is made by one of the most wonderful brands in the world, it is still really affordable but incredibly high-quality nonetheless.

  • Small and Comfortable Design
  • Great Features and Completely Resistant
  • More Durable and Long-Lasting than Others

  • Looks Simpler Than Other Models

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 Suunto Core All Black Tactical Watch

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The Suunto Core is a military-grade, powerful and full-of-features watch that makes it a wonderful option for those who are looking for the top of the bunch. It is pricier than other options but offers features like a broader and easier-to-read display as well as a built-in altimeter, a barometer and a digital compass as well.

This watch is simply perfect for those who tend to go doing outdoor activities more often, as it offers a 400-location time setting, as well as a trend graph plus a storm alarm. Yet, the waterproof feature only allows users to go as deep as 15m. But still, it offers more than enough, including normal features like alarms and date display.

  • Easy-To-Read and Broader Display
  • Great Altimeter, Barometer, and Digital Compass Features
  • Wonderful Weather and Storm Alert Features

  • Band and Waterproof Are Less Reliable

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Marathon Swiss Military-Grade GSAR Watch

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The Marathon GSAR, as it name says, is a Swiss-made military grade watch that is better, more durable, wonderfully looking, exceptionally accurate, incredibly well-made and more resistant than any other watch out there. But all of this is translated into a higher and much more expensive cost.

Yet, the Marathon 194006 GSAR offers one of the best experiences when it comes to watches. If you can afford it, you will be able to use it underwater as deep as 300m, use it for more than 30 years, able to have great features as well plus a really good-looking style that will attract the looks of everyone. Simply, an almost perfect option if it wasn’t for a really expensive cost.

  • Easy-To-Read Analog Display
  • Really Good Looking For All Uses
  • Swiss Military Quality Construction

  • More Expensive Than Others

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Luminox Men’s 3051 EVO Navy SEAL

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The Luminox EVO Navy Seal is another top-notch watch, yet it is more expensive than previous options. This one, being more expensive is also of a higher quality. It is made of the most wonderful mineral crystal on top, as well as a superb quality polyurethane case that supports all types of shocks, scratches and underwater use for up to 200m.

The watch is entirely well-made, with almost no cons when it comes to design and construction, as it is durable, good-looking and utterly resistant. It also offers great features as Alarm and night lights for better vision, plus an analog-type of time with numbers around the bezel with embedding the minutes. This is a wonderful option for anyone who can afford it.

  • Wonderful Crystal Mineral Glass and Polyurethane Case
  • Incredibly Helpful 200M Waterproof
  • Easy-to-Use Analog Watch with Embedded Minutes

  • Strap is Shorter and Less Quality Than Most

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G-SHOCK GA 100 Military Series

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A medium-budget military-grade watch that is both durable and good but tough-looking, the G-SHOCK GA 100 Series is incredibly helpful for all types of uses and feature-rich watch everyone would love. Even though it looks manlier than other options, it can still be worn by everyone and look perfect. Additionally, it comes with great features like a LED light, alarms, magnetic resistant, water resistant for up to 200m and scratch and shock resistant as well.

What’s even better about this watch is that you won’t have to pay a fortune. For even half or less than half of other watches, you will be receiving a high-quality performance as well, plus an incredibly durable and long-lasting life. Simply, this is a wonderful option for anyone.

  • Incredible High-Quality Construction
  • Extremely Resistant and Durable
  • Really Affordable for Its Quality

  • Looks Too Sporty-Tactical

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Casio Men’s PAG240-1CR Pathfinder

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When it comes to tactical watches, those that will offer a better performance when it comes to using them in extreme situations and outdoor activities, there won’t be a better option out there than the Casio Pathfinder. This wonderful watch is simply a masterpiece in construction, quality, durability and overall engineering design.

But this is simply short when we talk about its solar-powered watch. Yes, it doesn’t only deliver high-quality features like an altimeter, weather graphs, barometer and even a digital compass. In addition, you will be able to enjoy from an easy to see quartz display, a well-constructed black resin case and a durable and versatile strap. When it comes to great options, the Casio Pathfinder is simply one to not overlook in any way.

  • Solar-Powered Watch
  • Overall Incredibly Well-Made
  • Great Features Like Barometer, Altimeter, and Compass

  • Alarms Are Not Too Good


Now that you’ve seen the highest-quality watches out there for tactical and military uses, it is the time to know exactly why these are the best and how you should choose the next time you go buying one of these. This guide will help you learn everything you need to know:

  • Digital vs Analog

The only two types of watches are Analog watches and Digital watches. As you should know already, analog watches show the time with the old pointer method with the larger pointer for minutes and the tiniest for the hours. Some analog watches offer more than one that can mean different things, from the date to compass or even more. Analog watches tend to look a lot better and be more fashionable and durable.

On the other hand, digital watches can be a little better when it comes to feature, as they allow designers to add even more thanks to a digital display where there are immense possibilities to add just anything additionally. Yet, they are often less durable and will need the user to change the battery every now and then. But they tend to be easier to use and often offer better visibility and more features.

  • Accuracy

The accuracy of a military watch is all about how good it tells the time, without losing the tempo and always being accurate no matter where you are. Most of the watches rely on the battery for their accuracy, especially digital ones. However, there are mercury and atomic calibrations for watches that makes them much more accurate and sometimes more durable. The most common accuracy method is Quartz, as it tends to last longer as well and it’s much more affordable.

  • Durability

Durability, as well as resistance to all types of environments and external factors, is a must for tactical watches. A good tactical watch should be shock resistant, waterproof for at least 15 meters underwater, anti-scratch and incredibly long-lasting. Some watches are made with high-quality crystals while others offer a high-quality band or case construction, but it all comes down the type of materials used. For the crystal, it is recommended for those which offer Sapphire glass or other types of resistant glasses. For the case, resin and stainless steel, while for the strap resin is the most comfortable and long-lasting.

  • Design

Most tactical watches are simply made. They don’t offer an utterly stylish design but still look good, sporty and sometimes really military-like. They tend to be low-profile, as they don’t attract much attention with dark colors. However, the design falls mostly in the type of buttons, visibility, and easiness of use. Make sure the watch you choose can be easily set up and modifiable, incredibly easy to read and lightweight.

  • Band

The band is not something most people look for. Yet, it can be extremely useful for many people to know what types of bands are better. A band for a tactical device should be as tough as the case itself. Silicone rubber and resin straps are better for bands, as they last longer and are much more flexible and resistant for all types of weather and environments. Paracord is also very good for durability, yet it is less common. Metal or leather bands are not recommended for these watches, but only if you don’t intend to use them in extreme or hardcore conditions and don’t expect much flexibility either.

  • Battery Life

A digital watch, for example, should last at least a year without changing the battery. An analog watch should last at least 6 months more than that. But it all comes down to the type of use of the tactical device. Watches with more features tend to have a less durable battery life due to the constant use of their battery. However, most batteries are rechargeable themselves, whether it is with solar power or else. Almost all of these watches are solar-powered, but not all offer enough power to last more than a year without changing the batteries. Yet, some watches have difficult-to-find batteries that are not too common. So just stick to those watches that recharge themselves or are easy to change when it comes to batteries.

  • Tactical Features

A tactical-type watch should offer normal time, alarm and date without a fault. But a really good military-grade watch should offer features like altimeter, barometer, compass and a wonderful waterproof option. Other military watches are equipped with weather alarms, worldwide times, calendars by the moon and other advanced features that can make them stand out. However, we recommend those which come with a compass and alarms – with these two features everything else is just additional.

So, what are you waiting for? We assure you there aren’t much greater and high-quality watches for tactical uses than these. If you are looking for a good-quality, durable and efficient watch, our guide will for sure help you choose the one that goes according to your expectations. Just remember to take our reviews and buyer guide into account, and you will for sure make a good purchase.

Don’t hesitate to choose one of these tactical watches for you, they are the best you will find without a doubt. Make sure your choice is worth it.

Among quality tactical watches, only a few offer what you are looking for. This means that you’ll need to know more about each option like the ones we offer here.

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