10 Best Travel Backpack 2017

Are you someone who loves traveling but hates packing up? Here we have the perfect solutions to make your packaging a lot more fun and less annoying…

We all love traveling, is like one of the most practiced hobbies in the world. Yet, it is an activity that demands packing up and being able to organize your items correctly inside your backpack. And this can take a lot of time and effort. But if you have the perfect backpacks for traveling, you will for sure find this task less annoying than normal.

So, consider the following travel backpacks for your next adventure and avoid making a disaster when packing up…

10 Best Travel Backpack Review 2017

ZOMAKE Ultra lightweight Travel Backpack

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Lightweight, good-looking and incredibly resistant, the ZOMAKE Ultra is a great option for kids and young people. It comes with a great amusing orange color and with a great waterproofing coating. It can be used for practically anything and offers more than 20L of storage space with a really organized interior design.

The construction is from nylon and offers SBS metal zippers for more reliability and security when opening and closing. When it is not being used, it can be simply folded and taken inside a suitcase or any other backpack. The best of it is that it works good enough to be used on airports to avoid making big travel bags and take the heavier things with you.

  • Really Good And Fun Design
  • Comfortable and Spacious
  • High-Quality Nylon Construction

  • Not Recommended for Heavier Packing

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Outlander 20L/33L Travel

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If you eventually prefer a more compact but even more spacious backpack, the Outlander is a wonderful option for you. There are two designs, the 20L and 33L of storage, yet both are pretty good and offer the same lightweight experience and wonderful durability all along.

The design is simply perfect, with multi compartments for more space and really well-made zippers for more reliability and overall performance. Actually, it comes with an internal security zipper pocket that offers the opportunity to store your most valuable items without a problem. And it is made with the highest-quality nylon fabric out there.

  • Compact but Spacious Design
  • Additional Security Zippered Pocket
  • More Reliable and Travel-Efficient Than Others

  • Not As Durable

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OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L

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Among the biggest backpacks out there, the OutdoorMaster is a wonderful option, especially for people who prefer hiking and long travels with a more comfortable and easy-to-carry bag. And thanks to a 50L storage space design, this backpack is simply completely roomy no matter what type of items you want to carry.

It is also well-made, durable and resistant. It comes with a waterproof rain cover as well, so those who like camping would find it really good use on rainy days. It comes with many different pockets, both big and small. It is totally breathable and made of lightest materials out there for a better experience.

  • Specially Designed for Hiking and Camping
  • Completely Reliable and Durable
  • Extremely 50L Spacious Construction

  • Not Recommended for Tall People

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Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Backpack

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Made from Polyester and PVC, the Hynes Eagle Flight Backpack with storage space of 40L is simply a wonderful option for anyone who prefers spacious and comfortable backpacks at the same time. The polyester is water repellant, so the item is secured against any type of water. It is also well-made and durable thanks to the polyester lining.

And even though it has a 40L storage space, the backpack is really compact so you can have it with your while on a flight without any problem. It offers great internal construction with many spaces, pockets, and straps for more comfortability when carrying multiple items. And if you want, you can actually fit a medium-sized laptop inside without any problem.

  • Incredibly comfortable To Carry
  • Really Spacious for Its Compact Size
  • Well-Made Construction from High-Quality Materials

  • Straps Are Not Too Reliable

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AmazonBasics Travel Backpack

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Again, Amazon has gone rogue and has made itself be heard on more than just the online-shopping system. With this awesome travel backpack, there’s no doubt you are getting a high-quality item as well as a spacious and really comfortable one. It offers a laptop carry space, a front pocket to store things for faster retrieve and a front-top pocket where you can put things like personal documents, IDs or just anything that’s not too big but you may need while traveling.

But what really makes this backpack so good is how durable it is. Even though it is made by an amateur company in the industry, this Amazon wonderful pack is just durable, resistant and extremely reliable. Perfect for anyone no matter the use.

  • Extremely Spacious and Comfortable
  • High-Quality Construction Overall
  • Durable and Reliable

  • May Feel a Little Overpriced

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Kopack Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

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If you are in search of a more secure option, the Kopack Anti-Theft is the one you want without a doubt. This wonderful backpack offers a highly fashionable style that looks simple but actually offers an additional feature for more security with the use of hidden zippers. You can store any types of items including laptops and other electronic devices thanks to a wonderfully spacious and well-made design.

The materials are also really high-quality, as well as a resistant feature against water and normal tearing. Even though it looks modern and more casual, it can be used for hiking and other demanding activities as well due to its multi purpose construction.

  • High-Quality Multi-Activity Construction
  • Superior Security for Items
  • Very Good Looking

  • Water Resistant Feature not Reliable

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KAUKKO Outdoor Backpack

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Nylon lining construction made into a wonderful backpack, the outdoor KAUKKO is a perfect option for anyone who desires to travel with more style as well as having great comfortability. But what really makes this backpack stand out is the wonderful vintage design that offers more than 10 different models for the same product. This way anyone can actually make this backpack without having to worry about originality.

The entire construction is specially made to maintain the backpack well-secured at all times as well as being able to offer a precious look. The style is casual yet it can be used for almost any type of use without any problem. Additionally, it comes with a mini bag to store your smaller items.

  • Entirely Good-Looking Vintage Design
  • Casual Style but Available for all Types of Uses
  • More than 10 Different Models Available

  • Not Too Resistant

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Mancro Business Backpack

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Even though this backpack is less expensive than other options in the list, there’s no mistake when it comes to evaluating its quality and overall great performance. Made with the highest-quality materials out there and the best construction available, the Mancro Business backpack is a wonderful option for those who will only give it a casual use and less demanding ones.

Yet, it can actually work for almost any type of use without any problem. It actually comes with wonderful interior design in order to give more organization to your items, with 2 pockets on the sides as well for more comfortability and a greatly designed inside where you can store anything from your iPad to your Laptop. Additionally, it offers an external USB cable to charge your devices.

  • Extremely Affordable for its Price
  • Well-Made and Highly Comfortable
  • Can Be Used for Anything

  • Water is its Only Enemy

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ibagbar Canvas Backpack

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Wonderfully made and incredibly good-looking, the ibagbar Canvas is a great option for those who prefer a vintage design with leather/cotton construction and overall high-quality reliability.

The backpack is simply wonderful. It is durable, really resistant, totally well-made and offers wonderful space to store anything you want easily. It also works for all types of uses from normal traveling to high-end activities like hiking and the like. It comes with many pockets for more versatility and it also comes with additional straps to transform the item to a backpack, rucksack or a satchel is you desire.

  • Wonderfully Looking
  • Superior Leather & Cotton Design
  • Extremely Well-Made Resistant Construction

  • Not For Everyone

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Venture Pal Lightweight Backpack

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Now, here it comes the top of the bunch, the Venture Pal travel backpack with the most wonderful design and durability no other backpack out there offers. It is incredibly resistant, durable, reliable, lightweight, and overall expertly made. If you want a professional quality, the Venture Pal is your best option without a doubt.

The backpack is also very comfortable, offers a breathable mesh to maintain your items fresh and yourself less sweaty. It offers a 35L spacious construction, yet it can be pushed up to 40 or even more with the proper organization. And if you’re not using it, you can fold it in half and put it inside any other bag or backpack.

  • The Cheapest Option Out There
  • Really High Quality even For Its Price
  • Can Be Used For Anything Without a Problem

  • Can Feel a Little Loose


The perfect backpack for your travels can be within this list. Yet, you may not know exactly what you’re looking for or what to consider when buying a backpack. And this can incredibly affect how good your final decision is. That’s why we’ve decided to help you take a better purchasing decision when buying by giving you the best advice and features to choose a backpack for:

  • Types

There are thousands of models and designs for backpacks. The most useful ones for travel would be the ones that offer the possibility to carry the backpack the way you desire and at the same time are utterly comfortable. But if it comes to hiking, for example, there are also great options for that with better storage space and much more resistant materials. At the end, it all comes down to what you need.

  • Size

The size of a backpack also changes entirely how good your decision may be. Most people always look for bigger backpacks thinking that they will offer more space, be more comfortable and eventually help them in their travels a lot more. Yet, a big backpack can eventually offer an experience all the way opposed to that. A bigger backpack means more weight, as well as more space and less comfortability if your travel doesn’t demand many items at hand.

Additionally, it is remembering to mention that the overall room design of a backpack falls on the design. Most big backpacks offer a lot of pockets and compartments to help you store your things with more order, but sometimes this can end up being less comfortable and decreasing the number of items you can carry.

  • Straps

The straps of a travel backpack need to be reliable and comfortable. But a normal travel pack comes with at least 3 straps, the padded hip strap, and the two shoulder straps. Other options come with carrying straps to carry as a purse and even chest straps for even more security when traveling or demanding activities like hiking.

  • Compartments

Multiple compartments will always be the best option here. However, backpacks with too many compartments may eventually be counter-productive and eventually harming your experience. That’s why we recommend always looking for a minimum of 5 different compartments and avoiding those backpacks with more than 8 pockets. This way, you will ensure a more comfortable and useful backpack.

  • Material

The most common materials for travel backpacks are leather, nylon, and polyester. These are the most common and the best. Other types of material may not be as good or reliable. Yet, these materials vary a lot, where leather is mostly the most comfortable, good-looking and durable, and nylon and polyester tend to be less durable but much more flexible and versatile. Other materials like cotton canvas are also common, but less efficient.

  • Access

The access of a backpack means how easy it is to look for things when needed. This is why we always recommend fewer compartments when choosing, so you won’t lose your items. But sometimes the access comes down to the type of design of the backpack and how good the zippers are.

The worst options for access are the backpacks that only offer two top-storing zippers, while the most comfortable offer two top zippers and at least 1 front or side pockets for more comfortability and versatility when traveling.

But don’t stress yourself looking for a great backpack anymore, here we have exactly what you need as you should have figured out by now. So, don’t make a mistake by choosing without considering our recommendations so you can eventually make the best purchase option for your travel.

There won’t better help out there for the time you look for a great travel backpack. You’re your purchase taking into consideration our recommendations and see for yourself how great they are.

There’s no doubt how important it is to learn about backpacks before buying – take into consideration each detail and tip we talk about here and make the best purchase now!

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