10 Best Travel Shoes 2017

Wouldn’t you prefer to travel comfortably and more efficiently than doing it all messy? Well, here we have the perfect answer for you…

If you are traveling soon and decide you want some really comfortable shoes, there won’t be a better option than travel shoes. These shoes are not only travel-efficient, they are also good-looking and extremely useful according to the type of activity you prefer doing. So, why don’t take a look and find more about them?

Here we have everything you need to know and more in order to help you choose better when it comes to shoes for your travels. Keep reading and find out!

10 Best Travel Shoes Review 2017

Propet Women’s Travelactiv Fashion Sneaker

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Even though they are marketed as fashion sneaker, these sporty, casual and comfortable lightweight shoes are extremely travel-efficient for many reasons. First, the material is completely synthetic with a rubber sole that makes them more durable and resistant. Secondly, they are flexible and offer a lightweight construction so you can store them and carry them in your bag or travel case easily.

But what really makes these shoes awesome is their support when it comes to walking or even running. These Travelactiv series is not only for women’s either, so everyone can actually use them and have a wonderful experience.

  • Comfortable, Lightweight and Sporty
  • Flexible and Durable Construction
  • Great Sole Support for Running and Walking

  • Not Recommended for Demanding Activities

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iLoveSIA Men’s Comfort Walking Slip-on Casual Loafer

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The casual loafers are wonderful options for those men who prefer a comfortable and good-looking design for their travels. This one, for example, is a really lightweight and totally comfortable shoe that made with synthetic materials like a rubber sole, mesh in the upper construction and fabric lining for a more comfortable feeling, it is totally breathable and maintains your feet in their place.

They are slip-on so you won’t have trouble when putting it them on. Yet, they are known for not being as durable as others. But they are extremely recommended for being travel-efficient and really easy to carry.

  • Great Resistant Synthetic Materials
  • Comfortable Construction
  • Good-Looking and Easy-to-Use Design

  • Not Too Durable

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Sperry Top-Sider Men’s A/O Boat Shoe

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Here we start with the not so casual styles yet extremely recommended for traveling and many other related activities, like going sailing. These boat-oriented shoes are not only really beautiful but offer a highly protective construction against salt water as well as a perfect design on the sole for more traction when on wet surfaces.

It is made from leather in the upper with a rubber sole. The design is a little moccasin-like with eyelets and a slotted collar. They are shock resistant, lightweight and thanks to a dry traction, you won’t have a trouble if you going sea sailing in your travels.

  • Really Good-Looking Leather Design
  • Comfortable and Incredibly Lightweight
  • Recommended Traction for Wet Surfaces

  • Not Too Comfortable for Casual Use

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Rockport Men’s RocSports Lite 2 Chukka Boot

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Made from leather and with a great rubber sole, the Rockport RocSports Chukka Boot is a great option for those who like a more rusty experience. These ones look really good, offer more traction and the ability to use them both in casual environments as well as hiking and the like due to a more protective and sporty construction.

And of course, these boots are really lightweight. They are simply the most comfortable boots out there, so you won’t be unsatisfied in any way with these boots. Additionally, they offer a better shock absorption that makes them be gentler on your feet.

  • Comfortable and Lightweight Boots
  • Good-Looking Sporty Leather Design
  • Can Be Used for Casual and Sporty Activities

  • A Little Expensive

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Johnston & Murphy Men’s Shuler Bicycle Toe Oxford

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Another great option for those who more than traveling need to do some business or more dressy meetings – the Johnston & Murphy Shuler Bicycle Oxford shoes would exactly what they’re looking for. Made with leather and with a leather sole, these shoes are unexpectedly lightweight and comfortable as well. If you need to travel and need this type of shoes, they would be the perfect option without a doubt.

Additionally, they offer a Lace-up design plus bicycle seams and a contrast stitching to make them better-looking. They come with a padded collar and sheepskin insole.  They also offer a Bondwelt construction and are very supportive of the feet with durable and resistant as well.

  • Perfect Bondwelt and Leather Construction
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • Casual and Dressy Good-Looking Design

  • A Little Uncomfortable At First

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Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Slip On

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Flexible, comfortable, good looking and even a little sporty looking for more versatility – these leather made moccasin type of slip-on shoes are perfect for anyone who wants to travel. As a specifically designed-for-women shoe, they are incredibly lightweight and supportive as well.

The upper part is made of leather and the sole is made from rubber. Yet, they are more comfortable and simple-looking than many others, offering a plus that would be loved by women who like a generic design and still receive the benefits of well-made and durable construction.

  • Comfortable Leather Design
  • Supportive and Good Traction Rubber Sole
  • Good Simple Looks

  • May Only Work for Casual Occasions

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Nike Men’s Roshe One Running Shoes

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Now we come with the sportier and athletic shoes, like the Nike Roshe One which is a wonderful option for those who are thinking of traveling but without forgetting about their fitness schedules. With these shoes, you will be able to take your running wherever you go and do not occupy much space or increase weight.

These shoes are incredibly comfortable but most importantly lightweight and not too big. They offer cushioned phylon soles for more support, mesh upper for comfortability, laces and tonal piping for security and a good-looking design that makes them really good for almost all types of uses that are not dressy.

  • Really Comfortable Sport-Oriented
  • Supportive and Good-Looking Construction
  • Extremely Travel Efficient

  • Only Recommended for Sport Use

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CLARKS Women’s Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat

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The Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat shoes are a pretty good option for women who prefer comfortable but simple designs from a great brand like Clarks. There’s no doubt about the quality of these shoes, made from rubber sole and a stretch fabric upper for more comfortable and versatile use. Also, they are breathable and really supportive for your feet.

These will be a great option for women who prefer long walks on the beach, on wet environments or simply on a street without any problem. They can actually be used as a dressy option as well as they can easily pass as dressy flats. Yet, they are specifically designed for a lightweight and comfortable use – perfect for traveling.

  • Extremely Comfortable and Travel-Efficient
  • Good-Looking for Almost All Types of Uses
  • Well-Made Durable Design and Construction

  • May Feel A Little Expensive

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Onitsuka Tiger Colorado Eighty-Five Fashion Sneaker

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Even though these shoes look more sporty than casual, these ones would be a perfect choice for those who need to walk long distances or be on their feet long as well. These are made of synthetic materials, both in the upper design and the sole. Yet, they are durable, breathable and extremely soft that makes them incredibly comfortable.

Additionally, you will be getting unisex use, so everyone from kids to women and older men can use it without feeling inappropriate. They are lightweight also, so they are really travel-efficient and very comfortable to carry.

  • Come In Different Colors and Designs
  • Durable and Supportive Construction
  • Great Performance and Travel Efficiency

  • Some Options Are Really Expensive

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Birkenstock Unisex Arizona EVA Sandals

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Now, to finish our list with a top-notch product – we come with the Unisex EVA sandals from Birkenstock. Yes, if you want the perfect travel shoes, these sandals would be practically perfect without any doubt. Especially if you are going on a leisure trip, you can be sure that these ones would be more than enough.

They are made from synthetic material, a rubber sole and a lightweight EVA construction on the rest of the sandals. They are mostly oriented for wet environments yet they can also work for long walks and casual use in a city, town or even trips around touristic places. They are comfortable and extremely lightweight to carry without any problem.

  • Comfortable and Wonderfully Useful
  • Lightweight and Incredibly Travel Efficient
  • Perfect for Anyone Anywhere Anytime

  • They May Be A Little Uncomfortable After a Really Long Use


The task of buying new shoes is always a little stressful, especially when you want shoes for a specific activity. And this holds a lot of true even more when it comes to travel shoes. You won’t ever find the perfect type of shoe if you don’t know what you want and even less when you don’t know which shoes are better for travel. But you won’t have to worry, here we have the perfect guide to help you choose according to your needs, desires and what’s better depending on your travel nature.

  • Easy to Put On and Off

There’s no doubt that if you want good travel shoes you also want comfortability and ease of use. When it comes to how they are put on and off, shoes should be fast, reliable and don’t get stuck by any chance. And in case you are visiting religious or culturally different places where taking your shoes off is important – this will always be appreciated.

  • Comfortable For Long Times

An important characteristic of travel shoes is that they should be extremely comfortable, especially when it comes to using them for long times. Starting from long flights, your travel shoes should offer good support and make your feet feel rested no matter what. Also, good sole and heel cushioning are heavily recommended as well as a good upper design for more flexibility and versatility.

  • Versatility

Most shoes for travel should be casual, yet it all depends on the type of use you are going to give them. If you are looking for a specific type of shoe, it is important to know that they may not be the best option for other activities, so choose with care.

  • Easy to Store

A good pair of shoes for traveling should be easy to save on your travel bag. Some of these shoes are not as small and lightweight to bring with you on the travel bag, but most of them will the perfect option unless you want to wear them until you get to your destination.

  • Activities

IF you want specific shoes, it is important that you look for them. Shoes for hiking won’t be as comfortable and reliable for dressy occasions. And this happens also when it comes to shoes for traveling. Just remember to choose according to what you plan to do, and the purchase would for sure be better.

  • Durability

Durable materials, well-made constructions, and a totally good sole are the musts for a durable and high-quality product. Some shoes that are for travel only could last up to 1 year or even more, but a tight type of shoe is sometimes always annoying and better to avoid. Just stick to lightweight but well-designed shoes that look durable with materials like leather, rubber and so on.

  • Good Brand

The brand is extremely important for shoes purchasing. When you buy from a less-known brand, it is much more possible to receive bad quality than actually going for an overpriced product that will for sure better in almost every way. Sometimes these are much more durable and good-looking.

  • Additional Features

Some shoes come with additional socks, others offer an additional sole and others come with multiple designs so you can choose accordingly pretty easily. Additional features are not too many when it comes to travel shoes, yet they can change the mind of anyone pretty easily.

But all of these features shouldn’t make the decision easier. That’s why we’ve made this wonderful article, so you can eventually know more about shoes and how the highest quality may not be the more accurate for you but the more athletic.

So take our recommendations and reviews into consideration and see for yourself how great these options can be for you.

Start making your purchase today and avoid choosing the wrong type of shoes for your travel. Here you have everything you need to know and more about these!

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