10 Best Travel Tripod 2017

Looking to take the most beautiful photos when traveling? A good tripod can be the perfect item to make them even more beautiful than what you expect…

Tripods are really helpful when you try to make more focused and static photos. These wonderful items will maintain your camera at the right angle, the right position and at the right stability in order to help you take your photos more comfortably while also increasing your possibilities. However, tripods can come in many designs and thus, offer many uses accordingly. So taking a good choice when buying one of these – can be a difficult work.

But there’s nothing a good guide can’t help you do. If you learn which are the tripods you should look for and why – there’s no doubt you will eventually make a better choice. Want to know more about these products? Check out this guide further!

10 Best Travel Tripod Review 2017

Pedco UltraPod II

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Tiny, stable, incredibly helpful and travel-efficient, this Pedcod Ultrapod II is the perfect option for those who don’t need a big tripod or just want an item that is easier to carry than any other. With a lightweight construction with fold-out legs and a tripod 1/4-20 socket – you won’t have any problem when using it, as it is both reliable and convenient.

The D-ring Velcro band is really helpful as well, making it much more secure and easy to use – offering the opportunity to attach it practically anywhere. Is mostly recommended to use with DSLR cameras of 35mm or a little larger with big lenses. It can also be used with binoculars or even camcorders. It is easily the most travel-efficient in the list and the most comfortable to use.

  • Incredibly Lightweight and Small
  • Really Sturdy, Steady and Reliable Construction
  • Can Be Used With Many Devices in Many Ways

  • Size Deficient

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AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod

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A simple yet incredibly effective and durable product, the Lightweight tripod from AmazonBasics offers up to 60-inches of height with a really good performance where you can attach cameras of all types and even smartphones, scopes and binoculars. It can support up to 3 kg without any problem, offers a 3-way head and will help you take the most wonderful landscape photos or portraits.

The mounting plate is totally easy to use, making it much more convenient and faster to transition when using. The tripod weighs only 1.5 kg and will be totally easy to travel with, especially when you use the carrying bag it comes with.

  • Entirely Well-Made
  • Really Convenient 60-inches Construction
  • Travel-Efficient and Easy to Use

  • Not Too Stable

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RetiCAM MT01 Mini Tripod

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Made of aluminum alloy and with a smaller design, the RetiCAM MT01 is extremely travel-efficient, comfortable to use, easy to install and wonderfully compatible with most DSLR cameras, camcorders, scopes, binoculars and any other device that offer a 1/4 mount.  And of course, it will always offer a really stable, durable and comfortable design to be used anywhere at any time.

The entire tripod weighs only 1.5 lbs and can support up to 6 lbs without any problem. It can go from 10-inches to 19-inches high. Offer a 3-way pan head and really easy to use a mounting plate with bubble level and extended central column. Additionally, it comes with its own carry bag for more portability.

  • Wonderfully Sturdy and Reliable Construction
  • Incredibly Lightweight and Travel-Efficient
  • Can Be Used with any 1/4 Mounting Device

  • Pan head is Not as Convenient

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Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini

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When traveling, a small and still reliable product is always a good idea. A tripod like the Manfrotto MTPIXI-B Pixi Mini is exactly what every traveler desires, especially if he doesn’t intend to take difficult photos but just simple ones. This tripod, for example, is not high or extremely flexible – yet it offers an incredible sturdy performance at all times at 8-inches height.

It will help anyone to take the most beautiful photos while also being able to enjoy a really good-looking design that makes the tripod much more desirable for anyone. Additionally, it can be attached to practically any device, supporting up to 6 lbs. It is mostly recommended for smartphones users.

  • Incredibly Reliable and Sturdy Construction
  • Totally Easy to Carry and Travel With
  • Perfect To Use With Smartphones

  • Really Small

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Mactrem PT55 Travel

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With an aluminum alloy construction, engineering plastic for the armoring and only weighing 2.6 pounds overall – this Mactrem PT55 tripod is a perfect choice for those who need reliability and great performance. This tripod is actually adjustable, so you can use it at 19-inches or up at 56-inches without a problem.

The head offers a pan 360-degree movement so you can use it conveniently wherever you want however you want. The entire design is really steady and more stable than most. The legs offer 4 different sections for 6 different sizes, and of course, it is totally easy to travel with, as it is not only lightweight but comes with a wonderful carrying case and it’s easy to disarm.

  • Really Convenient 6 Heights Feature
  • Much More Steady and Reliable
  • Utterly Effective 360-degrees Pan Head

  • Not as Stable when Extended

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ZOMEi Z669 SLR Tripod

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Offering an aluminum construction with a monopod conversion, this wonderfully stable and sturdy tripod is one of the most recommended out there. It offers the opportunity to use it the way you desire without a problem, offering a 60-inches construction that can go up to 68 in the most expensive models of the same brand.

The entire design is totally compact as well, with a length of only 14 inches when folded – offering a much more convenient design when traveling. The aluminum alloy with magnesium weighs only 3.5 pounds, so you can use it wherever you want without a problem. Additionally, it offers a 360-degrees view, for an increased performance.

  • Reliable Magnesium-Aluminum Construction
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Effective Performance with 360-Degrees Feature

  • Harder to Attach Devices

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JOBY GorillaPod

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For those who don’t need foldable or extending tripods but on the other hand need a much more effective and flexible product – this GorillaPod is the perfect choice without a doubt, as it offers the most incredible attaching method to use practically anywhere without a problem. It supports up to 6 lbs and can be used even in the hardest of landscapes without a problem.

It offers German TPE joints, making it a wonderful option for those who need flexibility and more possibilities when using. Additionally, it comes with a ballhead feature, so it can be used on any inclination or position. Can be used with 1/4 or 3/8 devices, and it is made of ABS plastic and stainless steel to last longer and be used even in the hardest of conditions.

  • Awesomely Flexible and Convenient
  • Incredibly Useful Ballhead Feature
  • Lightweight and Durable Construction

  • Not Extendable

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MeFOTO Classic Roadtrip

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Professionals often choose a carbon fiber tripod, a long-lasting and more reliable tripod that will help them to take the most beautiful photos or images anywhere without a problem. That’s exactly what this MeFOTO Roadtrip tripod offer, with a carbon fiber and titanium construction, supporting up to 16 lbs without any problem.

It offers a Match Q series ballhead with more flexibility and possibilities when using, also comes with an Arca-Swiss style for easier mounting and will still offer a stable and incredibly reliable performance. Also, it comes with a 5-heights extendable feature, from 15-inches to 62-inches easily.

  • Incredibly Durable and Reliable Construction
  • Really Good 5-Heights Feature
  • Flexible, Convenient and Useful Ballhead Tech

  • Really Expensive

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Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB Tripod Kit

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Want a premium-quality tripod for your travels? You may be looking at the perfect choice. The Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB is a really good option for those who need much more reliability, increased performance and a durable construction that will last longer and many more travels without any problem.

The product is made of aluminum alloy, offers a magnesium canopy and comes with an anti-shock ring so you can be sure it will help you take difficult photos without fearing for its lifespan. Also, it offers a central column which can be used at 180-degrees easily. You will also be able to enjoy a 15 pounds capacity and a 360-degrees ball head for even more convenience and compatibility when using.

  • Really Effective Premium Quality Design
  • Incredible Performance and Convenient Construction
  • More Durable and Resistant

  • A Little Too Big To Travel With

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Rangers Ultra Compact Tripod

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Convenience when traveling, smaller construction, easier to use design and a much more durable and firm performance – the Rangers’ Aluminum tripod is exactly what you need. It is the highest-quality product you will find at a decent price, offering a 360-degrees panoramic view ball head and a wonderful 4-section extendable feature for a more convenient use.

It weighs only 3 lbs when folded and can support devices of up to 10 lbs easily. It can go from 14-inches height to 56-inches in a few seconds. The entire construction is made of aluminum alloy, offer great durability and will be totally easy to travel with due to its 14-inches compact folded design.

  • Much More Compact Design
  • Really Convenient Extendable Feature
  • Durable, Strong and Lightweight

  • A Little Unstable with Heavier Devices



Tripods come in many sizes, types, and designs, making them incredibly more difficult to choose, especially when it comes to travel options. But when you know exactly what you want and what you should look for, the process of choosing gets a lot easier. Considering the following aspects of tripods will help you immensely to make the right choice.

  • Types

There are two main types of tripods, the extendable and the fixed ones. Both are good, yet they offer different possibilities and uses. Where extendable are often much more convenient as they can be used at different heights with just adjusting them. Fixed ones, on the other hand, can be small, medium or tall, but can’t be adjusted as they come with a fixed height. For traveling, extendable are often more useful, especially when they can be compactly folded. Yet, small fixed tripods can also be really good, as they are often foldable at a smaller size.

  • Sizes

The size, as said before, will tell you about how convenient the tripod may be. For traveling we will always get the best from those which are smaller, yet a really good medium or larger-sized tripod with a compact foldable feature can be even better. However, it is important for the tripod to offer at least 8-inches at the lowest height and up to 60-inches at the highest. It is important to note that the higher the tripod, the more unstable it is – so choose accordingly.

  • Construction

Most tripods are made of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy or carbon fiber. The most stable are the carbon fiber ones but are also the most expensive. The lighter are aluminum, but of course, they are also the less reliable. And magnesium alloy tends to be really good as well, with a proper weight and a good stability too, at a medium price. For a lighter experience, always go for aluminum, for a more stable one, choose carbon fiber, and for a mixed experience, go for magnesium.

  • Heads

The head of the tripod tells the user how versatile and compatible the tripod is. Most heads offer a 1/4 mounting compatibility, while others offer a 3/8 but are less common. Most devices will comply with the 1/4 mounting. However, what matters the most about these heads is the mobility, where there are three types – the fixed heads, the 3-way heads and the ballheads that offer a 360-degrees performance. Fixed heads offer no mobility at all for the device, the 3-way heads are often less effective but offer enough movement for good performance and the ball heads will be incredibly more convenient and versatile. Some variations of ballheads allow devices to be used horizontally with different inclinations for a more effective performance.

Most people choose the tripod that goes better with their needs, and that’s exactly what you should do. Considering our previous advice and the important features of tripods will help you make the right choice, but it all comes down to knowing exactly what you want and what you need.

Here’s everything you need to know and more – so you choose with care and make your next traveling photos look beautiful!

With a proper tripod you can make wonderful photos, but choosing the right one can be a little harder than expected. But don’t worry, here we have everything you need to know and much more!

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