10 Best Winter Boots For Men 2019 (Warm and Comfort in Cold Weather)

Trying to go outside in winter but your feet get too cold and sore? Choose one of the following boots and avoid an uncomfortable experience no matter how cold outside is…

You can now make sure your winters are always comfortable and highly enjoyable without any problem. Using a winter boot will help you immensely walk throughout the coldest and iciest environments without any problem. Yet, a good pair of boots is not always the one that looks better or sturdier. So, you will need to know exactly what you need to look for.

Here we are going to show you everything you need to know, from the highest-quality winter footwear to all the necessary features you need to consider when making a purchase. Take a look and find out!

10 Best Winter Boots For Men Review 2019

Northside Back Country

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A stylish approach to men, the Northside Back Country is a wonderful option for those who want quality, as well as a good-looking boot to use in the winter. It is made with suede, nubuck leather and rubber in the sole, yet it is one of the most resistant and durable out there, thanks to a waterproof feature and a D-ring lacing system for more security.

You can also enjoy from a Thermolite insulation that will make your feel warmer and a suede upper part for more comfort and better looks. The bottom is well-cushioned as well, offering enough protection in each step and comfort to walk for miles without any problem.

  • Good-Looking Boots
  • Well-Made and Resistant
  • Great insulation and Protection

  • Not Too Durable

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Timberland Schazzberg

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Timberland is a wonderful brand that has made many people happy throughout the years. And there’s no doubt about the Schazzberg boots being one of the highest-quality products from them, an utterly professionally made pair of boots that offers durability, resistant and great looks all at the same time without problems.

These boots are mainly made of leather entirely, with a sturdy and rusty construction that offers a long-lasting great experience. The laces come with a D-Ring technology and the entire boot offers PrimaLoft insulation for a warmer experience as well. The sole is Vibram, offering more traction and a better cushioning too.

  • Awesome Leather Durable Construction
  • Resistant and Comfortable to Use
  • Incredibly Protective and Insulated

  • Sizing Is Uncomfortable to Choose

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Helly Hansen Garibaldi

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Men always want the sturdier and rustier option out there, yet, sometimes it is necessary to look good and stylish – just what the Garibaldi winter boots from Helly Hansen offer. They are resistant and durable, of course, but what makes these boots wonderful is how good they look thanks to a leather and synthetic materials construction.

The outsole is made of rubber, offering more traction and protection. The entire boot is also waterproof and thanks to a great lacing system, you will have a wonderful stability at all times. Additionally, the padded tongue and boot collar offer a great sense of style, making it look perfect.

  • Incredibly Good-Looking Pair
  • Well-Made and Durable
  • 6 Wonderful Designs to Choose From

  • Waterproof Feature Not Reliable

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GLOBALWIN Winter Chukka Boot

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Nobody said winter footwear can’t look as manly as these Chukka boots do, so you can have a wonderful option that offers an incredibly military-combat type of boot for anyone who desires a much badass choice. Yet, they are made with high-quality materials that make them look good as well, like suede and fur lining that also offers a better insulation for a warmer experience.

The footbed along with the wonderful sole, make the boot be a lot more comfortable and protective. You will also enjoy from a greatly performance-oriented leather construction that will last longer than any other type of boot out there.

  • Great Military-Manly Looks
  • Wonderfully Protective and Comfortable
  • Durable Leather Construction for Cheap

  • Not Waterproof

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KINGSHOW Men’s M0705

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One of the cheapest options in this list, the Kingshow M0705 are also a wonderfully protective, comfortable and resistant choice for those who do not possess a higher budget. The boots are made from leather, offering a good-looking design as well. They are waterproof and offer an anti-slippery technology against water and even oil.

The lacing system is traditional yet very resistant. The rubber sole is wonderfully effective and offers great cushioning and protection. The entire pair of boots is made specifically to offer a better quality for a really low price.



  • Incredibly Cheaper than Others
  • Resistant for Its Price
  • Offers More than 8 Good-Looking Options

  • Not Durable

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ARCTIV8 160448-M

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Mainly marketed as a hiking boot, the Arctiv8 160448 model is a wonderful choice for those winter lovers who want to have the greatest experience in adventures and long walks. It is incredibly cold resistant, water resistant and reliable for all types of uses. The footbed offers increased comfort and support and the insulation is incredibly good as well.

The entire boot is made to offer a performance-oriented experience, making sure you can use it whenever you want without any problems. And what’s even better, it looks really good, serious and resistant entirely; making sure everyone is more than satisfied with it.

  • They Look Good Enough
  • Incredibly Resistant and Reliable Construction
  • Great insulation and Protection

  • A Little Uncomfortable

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Merrell Moab Polar

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A more resistant and durable construction, the Moab Polar boots from Merrell are exactly what every winter lover desires. Made with a combination of leather, fabric and other synthetic materials like rubber, it offers a wonderful waterproof and ice proof resistance alongside a really good-looking design as well.

It is made specifically to suit the needs of winter hikers, making sure that no matter the use you give to it – it will resist everything without any problem. The footbed and sole are incredibly traction-oriented, comfortable and supportive. Additionally, they will maintain your feet dry at all times.

  • Comfortable and Protective
  • Entirely Durable and Resistant
  • Great Performance Oriented Construction

  • Hybrid Materials Construction Might Be Not Durable

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Kamik Greenbay

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For a wonderful price, you can obtain the Greenbay boots for winter from Kamik, a good pair of boots that will make your winter experience a lot more comfortable, protected and incredibly resistant for years. Made of nylon entirely with a rubber sole, the boots are incredibly well-made to offer a better duration throughout the years, making sure you are protected against all weathers and natural conditions.

It doesn’t come with a lacing system, but the Velcro strap offers enough security and a firm experience at all times. Additionally, it looks good enough to be used at any time without problems.

  • Taller and More Protective than Others
  • Comfortable and Resistant Nylon Construction
  • Incredibly Good Waterproof Feature

  • Sizes Are Hard To Choose

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Sorel Conquest

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Specially made to protect your feet against the coldest of weathers and make you look really good as well, the Sorel Conquest Boot is a wonderful option for anyone who wants both performance and quality at the same time. It is made entirely of leather and fabric, alongside a rubber sole for more traction and comfort when walking.

The boots support up to -40F degrees, making sure your feet are protected no matter the type of weather, in part thanks to a barrel snow collar to fit your suit even better and add even more protection from the inside offering a much better insulation.

  • Incredibly Powerful Insulation
  • Really Good-Looking
  • Durable, Resistant and Reliable

  • Expensive

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Columbia Bugaboot Plus III

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Want superior resistance against a powerful cold weather? The leather and textile construction of the Columbia Bugaboot Plus III is exactly what you need then. You won’t find a boot more protective and resistant than this one, offering a leather/textile construction that offers a really sturdy, reliable and firm experience no matter the type of use you give to the boots.

Additionally, you will be able to enjoy from a high-quality waterproof feature as well as a superior ankle protection no matter how cold the weather is. The insulation is simply perfect and comes with a Techlite sole for a much more comfortable and protective construction. The Omni-Grip sole offers much more traction as well.

  • Incredibly Resistant and Durable Boots
  • Wonderfully Protective, Firm and Reliable
  • Greatly Insulated for a Warmer Experience

  • A Little Expensive


When winter comes, there’s a necessity to protect all your body from that awful cold that could make your body sore and sometimes even harm your health. Including your feet, you must protect your body at all times if you want to avoid that. One of the most recommended products to do this are the winter boots, powerful, performance-oriented products that will allow you to live or experience great adventures in the harshest and coldest of weather no matter the type of activity you do. Yet, not all of them offer exactly what you need, so it is important to know what you should look for before buying. Here we have a list of things you should always consider:

  • Insulation

There’s no doubt that insulation may be the most important feature of every winter boot. There are many different technologies out there for boots that increase the insulation and warmer experience when using them. Also, depending on the materials the insulation can also change, so it is mostly about the design and construction of the boot that will tell you how warm and protective it is against the coldest of weathers.

Make sure the boots are well-made and offers a reviewed and proved good insulation if you need more protection against cold, especially if you desire to do outdoor activities in winter. Otherwise, a simple and traditional insulation may be good enough.

  • Breathability

As well as insulation, a boot being breathable offers more protection against cold weathers. When you sweat behind the boot, your feet tend to get wet and thus create a colder surface on your skin. With enough breathability, the feet won’t be harmed by the colder sweat and will immediately get dryer in order to avoid any damage. So, when you look for boots, make sure they also offer a better breathability. Leather, cotton, lining and other natural materials are always better than synthetic ones.

  • Comfort

No doubt comfort will always be an important factor when choosing footwear, no matter the type, including boots for winter. Yet, it is important to know that winter boots are mainly made to be used for hours at a time, especially those who want to perform highly demanding activities. For this, it is always important to look for boots which offer a better sole and interior construction. The firmer and softer the material, the more comfortable the boot will be. Yet, the sole will tell you how protective and cushioned the boots are, making sure you don’t harm your feet when walking or doing demanding activities outdoors.

  • Traction

Want a boot to be reliable and never make you fall? Look for a product that offers increased traction. This way you will always make sure you are well-protected against the coldest surfaces and floors, making sure you don’t fall in ice and eventually end up in a bad damage to your body. Some boots come with a heel brake, an additional feature to offer much more traction when walking. However, a rubber sole is good enough to help you avoid this type of damage in winter.

  • Protective Features

Another additional feature everyone should take into account is a waterproof design. This way you can avoid your boot getting leaked while walking in the coldest of environments with tons of ice everywhere you step. Additionally, look for those boots which are armored constructed, making sure even the slightest and smaller of external factors can’t harm your performance when walking.

  • Support

The support for ankles, heels and even toes are a great feature most boots offer. This way you can ensure an incredibly more protected experience, making sure no matter the type of activity you perform, you will always be safe. Make sure the boots are taller for better ankle support, the sole should be higher and more cushioned to help your heels stay safe and a wonderful front boot construction to protect your toes at all times.

Yet, choosing the right type of boot may be an incredibly hard choice still. But we’re sure that as long as you study well your option and choose with a clear mind about what you need and what you want, you will make a great decision.

Choosing a pair of boots can be incredibly hard, but take into consideration all of our reviews and recommendations and you won’t make a mistake, for sure.

Here we have everything you need to know about winter boots for men, come and see to delight yourself with the most wonderful pair of boots and the features you need to consider.

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