5 Cool Water Sports To Play in the Summer 2019


Are you looking for cool water sport in this Summer?

So you’re soon to get into summer, and you don’t have any idea what to do. Well, in this article we’re going to show you five of the most entertaining sports you can play in the water for the best summer possible.

Whether you like summer or not, the following sports will give you an excellent excuse to get out and enjoy life. You’ll have several options to have a fantastic time at the river, lake or sea. Just find the right place, bring the proper gear, invite a few friends and then you’ll be ready for an amazing wet time!

5 Cool Water Sports To Play in the Summer

1.     Swimming

Swimming is the simplest yet most nurturing sport you can play in the water. It is therapeutic, gives exceptional physical benefits, and still manages to keep you fresh in hot days.

By swimming, you will use muscles around your body that no other sport uses. You will train your back as no other game does. And it will help you improve your cardiopulmonary system entirely. Let’s not forget it also helps with fat burning and keeping a healthy semblance.

But you don’t have to do it for its benefits, as it is also a fun and delightful activity for almost anyone. With half an hour of swimming every day you can enjoy all of its benefits while getting all of its joy. You can even bring your own snorkel and enjoy swimming even more.

2.     Kayaking

Kayaking is an extreme sport, and for that, it takes a good place on this list because not everyone will be disposed to do it. However, we can still say that it is one of the most entertaining and adrenaline-inducing activities you can do this summer. You’ll only need a kayak and a river with rapids.

We recommend kayaking for everyone. It is fun, but it also offers several physical advantages including upper-body exercise and body balance. Trying to not fall from the kayak and having to move around to get the most balance possible while falling in rapids is an excellent physical activity that ends up with several benefits.

But it can also be relaxing and enjoyable entirely. You won’t only have to do it in rapids or in moving waters – you can also do it at the beach or in the calmest lakes as a relaxing activity. So for that and for much more, kayaking can become a go-to sport for your summer.

3.     Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

While not many people consider paddle boarding a sport in its entirety, it is still one of the most entertaining and relaxing activities you can do at almost any type of water body. From the calm waters of the sea to a huge lake, to even serene rivers – paddle boarding gives a relaxing yet beneficial activity to enjoy.

You can enjoy the sun that comes down directly onto your body while strengthening all your core muscles trying not to fall. The balance you develop and the superb concentration gives another excellent reason to enjoy paddle boarding as a sport.

The best of all is that you can do it in places with lots of animals & natural wonders. Thanks to the ability to reach areas where you can’t and give you visibility over the surface but close enough to it, you can enjoy every that’s underwater without problems. And only for that, paddle boarding is a sport not to overlook.

4.     Water Skiing

This is probably the hardest sport on the whole list, as well as the more dangerous. It is not easy to stand on two skis in the water and let the force of speed make you glide on the surface. This requires a lot of practice, balance, and desires for extreme action.

Still, water skiing is one of the most entertaining activities you can do in the water. And of course, it gives excellent physical benefits including core strength and balance without leaving behind concentration and quick decision-making.

But skiing can also be dangerous if not practiced correctly. Especially free-style skiing can be linked to tricks & obstacles which could eventfully put the person in danger. Precisely because of that danger is why water skiing is also a fantastic sport to try. It will give an excellent experience to enjoy in summer not other sport offers.

5.     Surfing

Surfing has no opponent when it comes to fun, adrenaline, and exercise. It has it all, making it one of the most complete and exciting options in the list.

You’ll need to find the right place with waves, and that’s it. Learning doesn’t take more than a few hours of practice, and you can do it on a low beginner level and still enjoy everything this sport offers.

Once you start swimming back and forth looking for high waves, getting up and down the board, and having to battle the waves after getting smashed will be a fantastic experience entirely. But even better than that, it will give a wide array of physical benefits that you’ll enjoy later.

Safety Tips to Consider When Playing Water Sports

While playing water sports can be amazingly fun and physically beneficial, they can also be dangerous if you don’t take the right precautions. Here we will explain a few tips to consider before getting into water sports:

Swimming is Critical

While some sports like skiing and kayaking may require the use of lifesaving jacket to float if anything happens, the rest will not. So instead of expecting a body-wearable to save your life, you’ll have to swim out of difficult situations if you want to keep breathing.

It is not difficult at all to learn swimming, but many people don’t know how. If you are someone who struggles to float or swim normally, it is better to learn first before taking on any of these sports. Otherwise, stay away from them.

Wear a Life Jacket

Even if you are the best swimmer you know, it is still a great idea to bring a life jacket along to prevent any accident. Whether it is kayaking, paddle boarding, water skiing, or even surfing – having a life jacket can keep you afloat in difficult situations.

Sometimes even while surfing one of these life-saving accessories can give you the help you need not drown.

Check Weather & Climate

Before taking on any of these sports, it’s always an excellent idea to check any possible weather factor that could make your experience uncomfortable. There’s nothing worse than heading to the sea and having to live through a storm, or heading to the river and putting your life in danger with growing rapids.

Use Sunscreen

In summer everyone wants to look good and boast their summer bodies, but this also means wearing as little clothing as possible, even while playing the most adrenaline-inducing sports. And this can be pretty dangerous when you consider that the sun also loves being hot this season.

That’s why it is always recommended to wear sunscreen at all times. It doesn’t matter if the sun looks dim or mild, wear sunscreen because even the slightest sun ray can harm your skin and produce cancerous cells. Otherwise, wear protective clothing to keep your skin safe.

Don’t Be Alone

Going alone to the sea, river or lake can be fun. Especially when you just want to relax for a few hours and get away from your family or friends – it is an excellent choice to go and practice your surfing. But doing it alone can be pretty dangerous in many ways.

That’s why we recommend always bringing someone alone, or at least practice these sports where there are at least ten more people around. And if you can, let people close to you know where you are going and why. Don’t head without informing people that you are playing a dangerous water sport.

Call for Help if Needed

There are many actions you can take to call for help, such as bringing your phone along inside a waterproof case or bag. You may also come with a whistle to alarm people whenever you can’t get out of a difficult situation by yourself. Lastly, you can think of any clothing item or object that could give away your position.

Whatever you can think of that works as a call for help will be useful to bring along when you are playing a water sport. Remember to always bring it with you, especially if you are playing one of the most difficult or dangerous ones.

Respect the Habitats

It often happens that people go to the sea, lake or river and start seeing how other animals also like these places. This means you should be careful and respectful of them. It doesn’t mean that you should get close to them, try to play with them, treat them badly or even feed them. Instead, get away and leave animals alone.

Being respectful of habitats is always the best idea. Not only this help to prevents accidents from animal attacks, but it also keeps nature protected and prevents any harm to the environment. Especially with big animals or fragile life, try to stay as far away as possible.

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Don’t be Afraid to get Wet!

Playing water sports can be a hugely entertaining and enjoyable physical activity for anyone who wants to be active in summer. But as well as they are helpful to keep your mind & body busy, have a fantastic time with friends or family, and enjoy your summer time – they can also be dangerous.

So don’t hesitate and find your best water sport to practice. But always remember to be careful when doing them. As long as you do this, you’ll enjoy everything these sports have to offer.

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